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Updated Apr 17, 2022 (5 months ago)
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1945 Air Force is a classic shooter in which you pilot the fighter bomber to eliminate opponents on the ground , and shoot down enemy aircraft from the air. OneSolf creator of stunning games such as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter or Metal Squad, has just released a brand-new classic shooting game dubbed 1945 Air Force. The game transports players to a raging air battle in which you fight adversaries on the ground as well as on the air in an air-based shooting style.

Simple in its idea and endless fun The 1945 Air Force will let you enjoy the original 90s shooting game on an iOS device. 1945 Air Force is a remake of the arcade game of old using simple controls. The game features 16 different types of iconic fighters of World War 2 and many appealing game modes to explore. It is possible to play with any iOS device that runs iOS 9 or later.

The game has stunning images. Are you feeling that lasers are no longer appealing? The 1945 Air Force screen-reading shooter has never been this thrilling. You can experience war in the skies with excitement. Pick your favorite fighter and save the country from intruders. The dogfight orchestra and the charismatic hero make for the most memorable experience.

General Information

1945 Air Force is a unique dogfight game from the warfare genre. In 1945 Air Force, players will be piloting their aircrafts to take out the enemy's military to defend the airspace of their territory. As many enemies as you take down, the greater your score. Don't forget to take fuel and blood during the battle. 1945 Air Force is a vertical plane shooting game featuring stunning graphics. It is a game about the bombardment of Tokyo in 1945. It is stunning shooting games. It has a distinct retro design. Every type of aircraft from that War of Resistance against Japan are in the game. Utilize your flexibility to take out all the enemies.

1945 Air Force is an arcade flying game with traditional gameplay. The STG entry components are old-fashioned, yet it comes with an improved screen and gameplay system. Players can upgrade their fighters and carry additional aircraft and create their own match-up effects on their skills and changes. There are a variety of fighters to choose from. possess their own unique characteristics and capabilities, and the auxiliary aircrafts is the best to match up when paired with your fighters. It's a very intense nostalgic STG arcade-style game. It also has some innovative features. Download this 1945 Air Force to start the journey.

The most popular airplane shooting game is out now. The world hangs on one tiny thread. Our beautiful planet is being attacked by unknown aliens. Big bosses and evil adversaries have come to our aid in preserving peace. We are forced to fight this ruthless conflict.

1945 Air Force is a cool airplane-based adventure game that has a variety of missions to complete. Are you bored of the old-fashioned shooting game? 1945 Air Force brings you a fresh shooting experience featuring a range of fighters as well as upgrade options. With a variety of maps, numerous characters, thrilling combat, you'll never get bored. Airplane battles are full of enthusiasm. A squadron attack, rocket army or even a pilot makes this shooting game in space highly addicting.

The touch screen allows you to be used to move the fighter plane upwards down, left, and right. Upgrade the plane with bullets, coins, rockets and different types of aircraft. Pick the cooperative multiplayer mode to join the battle with your squadron. Are you ready to fight an epic battle? Join us in our sky power and take flight to the stars today. The enemy will be afoot and eliminate them all to increase the power of your device by playing the endless game of shooting.

It's a vertical shooter game featuring anti-war as the theme. Many levels are waiting to be fought. The powerful upgrade system for weapons allows you to complete the levels without difficulty. This game lets you test your hand-eye coordination and reacting capability, deter attacks from enemies and help you destroy and blast the enemies using the weapons. Download and play it now!

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General Evaluations

1945 Air Force is a flying shooting game based on an emphasis on World War II. The game is built using a an engine for 3D physics. The graphics are gorgeous real and delicate with incredible abilities. There is a wide variety of models and weapons. It is easy to play and exciting and enjoyable. It lets players completely experience the thrill of shooting in the air. Download it now and unleash at the terrible Japanese fascism.

The long-term, classic shooting games that first came out in 1941 1942, 1943 and 1944, have been redesigned for smartphones. With its easy-to-understand idea and endless fun The Air Force of 1945 Air Force can now be played via your mobile device.

1945 Air Force is a masterpiece remake of the arcade game. The controls are easy to learn and to use that evokes the same experience of being in an arcade. There are 16 iconic World War II fighter jets available to military enthusiasts to pick from. Take part in leaderboards, achievements and leaderboards. Use a range of devices that are low-profile, such as phones and tablets.

The game makes use of the Unity3D Physics engine, as well as exquisite and delicate art designs and aims to recreate the battlefield of the war. It is based on historical facts and creates original methods of contact control as well as freeze release. It allows for a flexible killing release, including Wingmen, switching weapons levels, and attacking capabilities. Learn how to improve your combat strategy and tactical skills and take out enemies' tanks, aircrafts and toxic gas factories.

A Better Alternative Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a stunning shooting game that is based on the theme of fighting. The only chance for survival of the planet is at your fingertips. Spaceships are not for you to navigate on your own to defend against the masses of aliens while also protecting the Earth. Your mission is extremely challenging as you have to save the universe from the evil of. This game will make you you will have to face ever-growing numbers of opponents in a hazardous setting. While playing you will have the chance to upgrade your spaceship so that it can unleash its full power.

In the near future, humankind has grown and prospered across the galaxy. A few days ago, mysterious alien forces from various dimensions came to the surface and attacked the planets bordering them. The battle for survival of humans is now underway. As a veteran pilot, they ask you to defend the galaxy against the invaders.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter The game combines the experience of a classic shooter with the latest technology. It has all sorts of enemies, from common soldiers and waivers to elites and massive bosses. Each character has a distinct appearance and behaviours. There are challenges when facing different challenges while traveling. Always update your content with new information update, develop, and upgrade your spacecraft into a new shape and acquire new capabilities.

There's an enormous selection of spacecrafts, each with distinctive game mechanics and styles. In addition to being an expanded variant of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter This version features improved graphics. We also made some changes within the game's fundamental mechanics, like weapons skills, item skill parts of ships, and types of evolution.

Through various kinds of spacecraft, you are able to create an air force of a huge size and participate in the galaxy war. The shooting game of the past has been updated and features an imaginative theme. We will continue to employ old-fashioned shooting game mechanics, like waves, bullets, hell boss, and added exciting content. It's easy to feel similar to Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, a different classic shooting video game.

Final Words

The 1945 Air Force is an Android vertical version of a shooting game. Fly in a World War II plane and take out all enemies that appear that appear on screen. The game includes more than 80 authentic models and constructions that represent World War II weapons. The players can select six aircraft, three-game-tough challenges, four modes of control as well as challenging boss missions. It's a great choice for thousands of gamers who love flying and shooting. Don't miss it.

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