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If you want to make use of the most of viewing PDF files, you'll need a reader app that provides practical and convenient features so that you can work with the documents however you like. Among the top PDF reader apps, Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best, as it comes with intuitive designs and various useful features.


You can read PDF files from your mobile devices using the powerful app. You can work on these files just as you would with physical documents by viewing and changing them. You can add notes, highlight text, make changes to texts, and freely share your files with others. These features make the app extremely useful.


With our complete reviews, learn more about this excellent mobile app from Adobe. 




What does it do?

PDF is now seen as one of the best formats to share text content since it doesn't vary across platforms like Docs and other formats do. You'll have the same feeling of reading a book or other hard copy document when reading PDF files. This is why so many people choose PDF files for their digital text contents. To view or edit a PDF, you must now use a PDF reader app.


There is no question that Adobe Acrobat Reader ranks among the best PDF reader apps. Adobe created the file format and has improved its apps over the years and because of its impressive features and functions. As with a physical document, you can view and edit your files in full here. This will result in a better experience in-app.


It's OK to view whichever PDF files are on your system. You can further enhance your viewing experiences by utilizing the provided options, or you can opt to work with others conveniently to improve teamwork. Also, online drives let you share and store files, thereby ensuring that they cannot be lost. The list goes on and on.





To use the app, you need an Android device running firmware version 5.0 or higher. With this, your devices will be compatible with the latest versions of the app, and all its features will be available. Furthermore, if you plan to use the app with multiple files, you should consider getting a decent computer to handle many large PDF files. Moreover, to ensure the app's most comfortable and enjoyable experience, a stable Internet connection is required.


You can easily take advantage of the app's main features without paying anything since it is currently free on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download the app and have it installed on your mobile device. Additionally, to unlock the fully unlocked version of the app, you will need to make certain in-app purchases.


Amazing features

The app has the following features:


View your PDFs the way you want

With Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android, Android users will be able to view PDF files on their mobile devices quickly and effectively. Feel free to scan and open any PDF files you have in your storage. You can access them and use the excellent tools to navigate through the documents quickly. You can also easily search for specific texts, view documents on single or double pages, and scroll and zoom in and out of the documents however you want. These features will allow you to utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader fully.


An engaging and realistic reading experience with annotations

As well as viewing PDF files, users can also make direct annotations on their PDFs using the provided tools and features. By doing this, you can easily take note of essential points in the document and enjoy the file to the fullest extent. Comments on PDFs can include sticky notes and drawings which highlight the texts. Mark up texts so you can quickly locate the points you've noted. Reading actual physical documents on your digital device is possible here.




Adobe Acrobat Reader makes teamwork easy

Adobe Acrobat Reader now provides teamwork experiences that are convenient and effective for those who are interested. The intuitive, user-friendly UI makes it easy to work with others and share your PDFs. Files can be viewed, edited, and sent between users quickly. Share files with other users in your team so you can efficiently and effectively do your work together.


Moreover, changes and comments made on the files are instantly reflected in other collaborators' replies. All the provided tools allow you to make changes to your PDF files. Stay informed about other users' edits by reviewing activity notifications. Track pending actions that require your approval. You can also create online links or share files to distribute to your collaborators.




Work with scanned files efficiently

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the app of choice when it comes to quickly loading scanned documents onto the digital platform, as this powerful and capable app allows users to view their files with little trouble quickly. Changing the content of scanned documents is possible when they have been correctly scanned. Publish your papers online so that others can freely download, view, and review them.


Easy to fill and sign

You can also view and edit your digital documents through the app if you're interested. Add simple e-signatures to any of your selected papers and further edit your content with texts. Fill out and sign just like a regular physical document.




Easily store and print documents

Android users can now take advantage of the simple storing and printing options within the Adobe Acrobat Reader app to further improve their in-app experiences. With Adobe Document Cloud, you can upload and access files on any device via Adobe Acrobat Reader using your free Adobe Document Cloud account.


With helpful organizing tools, you can easily manage your online document library and stay on top of essential files. Access your files stored on Dropbox or Google Drive by connecting your accounts. You can download and print files directly from your smartphone or tablet.




Google Drive integration with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Users of Adobe Acrobat Reader can also use Google Drive to make use of its online storage features. This will enhance their overall experience with the application. In this app, you can access PDF files on your drive and change their properties while still inside the app. It's easy to share and edit your selected files with others who use Google Drive.


Don't let ads bother you

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an ad-free PDF reader app, so users won't be bothered when reviewing their files. You'll still be able to browse your files on the free version and use the available features without encountering ads. Users of Adobe Acrobat Reader on Android can therefore experience a completely satisfying in-app experience.


Get the app unlocked on our website

You can still get the free version of the app on the Google Play Store, but it will have limited features. Hence, you'll need to make in-app purchases to utilize the mobile app fully. But if you don't want to pay, you can always download a modified version of the app from our website, which offers all the exciting features of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. All you have to do is download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go.


You can now enjoy more editing and organizing features with the app. Select any digital content you wish to convert to PDF format. For further applications, export your files into a Microsoft Office platform. With the full-featured app, you can protect your PDF files and improve the in-app experience.


Final verdicts

If you're interested, Adobe Acrobat Reader's PDF reader app will satisfy you completely. Feel free to view and edit your files however you like. And of course, you can get the app for free whenever you want on our website.

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