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Version 2.18.1
Mod info Reduced Zoom
Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Miniclip.com
Category Logic ,
Installs 61+

A tiring working day with a lot of pressure at work, and what you need most right now is light entertainment. Among a series of entertaining games, Agar.io will be an exciting name worth experiencing. With hundreds of hits and downloads every day, this is an exciting game that is a top choice for many people. Agar.io brings a beautiful colourful world, helping players have more rewarding and exciting tables than ever before. The game has rich gameplay with many new and impressive things, promising to be an excellent game for everyone.
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Discover about Agar.io

Based on today's current interests and trends of young people, the Agar.io game was launched. This is a fun game, and anyone can easily install it right on their mobile phone. Agar.io is available on most operating system platforms, and this is a delight for all fans of this game. This game is considered one of the most popular and famous web browser games in the past. And now you can feel it more perfectly with the mobile version.
Coming to Agar.io, players will discover an extremely fancy design, with circle images set up and many different themes. This gives players a new experience throughout the discovery process. Agar.io allows you to control and move circles of a blob and can advance to cannibalize other larger objects. But be careful because you can also be approached and eaten by others at any time.


Gameplay and Attractive features

Free to play, free to explore

Agar.io offers players a lot of exciting ways to play, and these ways are diverse. This helps players have a specific orientation on playing, but if you do not like it, you can still play freely according to your preferences. You don't need to worry about anything when starting the game, there will be specific and easy-to-understand instructions, helping you get a clear view and grasp the gameplay of Agar.io right away. Although it is a straightforward arcade game, but it has a strange charm and makes thousands of players addicted. To control the character, you need to manage and move your fingers.
With interesting support features, you can easily control your small circles and progress to eat larger tiles. Note moving very cleverly so that other objects cannot eat your circle. If you are slow and careless, your circle will become someone else's meal. Some problematic situations will arise when too many other circles surround you, and you may be eaten by them. But do not give up because of that, because this is just a challenge for the game to be more thrilling.


Outstanding Features

Owning a series of outstanding features gives players the best experience. But Agar.io always tries to update and offer more perfect experiences. A simple game with colourful circles has created curiosity and an impression on players. Flexible control features developed for touch screens will be a highlight of this game. If you used to love this gameplay on PC devices, now with the phone version, it will be even more attractive.
Agar.io owns a unique, sharp graphic interface with positive and fun sound effects, giving players a more exciting feeling than ever. With online players, you can freely explore tactics, and it is free for actions and tasks to narrow down or dodge opponents. There are also secret and unique skins for players to choose from. When going through many levels, players will feel a diverse aspect of Agar.io. The higher the story, the more complex and thrilling it will be.


Join the challenge with your friends

In addition to particular features, the game also offers many different game modes. If you don't want to play alone, joining, entertaining, and challenging your friends is a good idea. Let's join together and relax after tiring working moments. Not only that, but players can also form groups and participate in online play with their teammates. Everything will be more exciting and exciting than ever with the participation of friends. Try to win a chance to enter the prestigious rankings in the world of Agar.io.
If you have been addicted to this game on the PC platform, now you need your touch phone to open and discover Agar.io immediately. The amazingly addictive gameplay, now Agar.io mobile, includes that, and it's even better. This is a game with entertaining, light, and fun gameplay, suitable for many different ages, including children and adults. It's great to have a game that is suitable for all ages.


Agar.io is rated by many players as a great and fun game as many loved ones can participate in the entertainment of this game. Make sure you have the most relaxing moments with your family and friends. Colourful circles will dispel your stress problems and bring more exciting levels than ever.
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