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If you're a lover of Darkness Rises, Age of Magic is an ideal alternative when it is upgraded with gorgeous 3D graphics. It is an action-oriented role-playing application designed with Amazing Technology and released by Netmarble Games. After having been in Closed Beta as well as Open Beta, this game was made available to all players across iOS as well as Android platforms. Particularly, the Age of Magic is also accessible and being developed for players across the world. While it is in development, players are able to download the game free from the App Store as well as Google Play.

Age of Magic possesses the well-known gameplay of Darkness Rises. In this game, players take general cards. After that, you'll fight with other players in order to take on or open up more generals thanks to the diamond and gold winnings after each game. When playing the game there is an ring that will allow as many as six participants play. This is a mode that promises intense and exciting card battles.

The game has a roster of 160 characters, divided into distinct classes, such as Knight Tanker Buff and Archer. The characters are based on Norwegian mythology, and are equipped with distinct fighting skills. Particularly, the number of matches can be as high as 600 games. From the time of launch and promise to provide a never-ending satisfaction for all players.

Alongside fighting games, stunning 3D graphics are an immense positive aspect of the game's endless. The cute character design is both adorable and impressive. If you're a lover of Korean games, you will be a complete delight by the products of Amazing Technology from the first moment you see. Additionally, the effect of the moves are vivid and distinct. Each class of character has its appeal to create a stunning fighting environment.

General Information

From our viewpoints From our perspective, our perspective is that the Age of Magic belongs to the category of mobile role-playing games featuring stunning 3D graphics. The plot that is told in Age of Magic bears Nordic mythology, and allows you to play through more than 600 levels. Through the game, you will be transformed into real heroes who take on massive monsters.

Age of Magic was conceived by the company Amazing Technology and released under the skilled teams of the renowned Korean game firm, Netmarble Games. There are a few distinctions in the gameplay when compared to other games available on the market. The game on mobile provides players with a fun experience, with stunning 3D graphics that include more than 160 unique characters, forming bizarre designs.

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Age of Magic still goes as a way of gathering heroes, creating combat squads, and playing part in the storyline. The game progresses in a continuous manner. The player will strike the target every time it's their turn. In this manner the player activates the ability via the touch screen. However, they must be aware of how much mana they'll need to utilize the skill efficiently.

Age of Magic brings a quite massive character system and players are unable to equip or an item for the characters. Additionally, by being aware and combination, you will have hidden abilities. One of the best features that the game offers is the amazing talisman system. You are able to manipulate release, skill buff healing, heal, and even collaborate with heroes and the battle. This is the most important element for players at a lower level to fight high-level opponents.

Additionally being a game, Age of Magic also brings numerous other exciting options for players to discover beyond the conventional PVE system like Arena and World Boss. Additionally it is this PVP mode is built around the player's war ability to mix randomly. This will draw attention to the player enough to keep you from progressing to higher levels.

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Which is the Best Way to Play Age of Magic?

When you enter in the Story game mode in Age of Magic, you will have two campaign options of Light or Dark to test out. Whichever one you select the story is constructed and unified to allow you to better discover the story behind the world that you play in. You will be facing a variety of foes. They are often depicted as monsters in stories or legends such as goblins, demons and dragons. It separates them to six races, each with distinct characteristics and processes.

By defeating them, you can bring back your hero collection, making it more varied. The combat system is designed to be a fighting game during the Age of Magic. Two players will be competing with each other in attacks or defense attacks , based on the situation at hand and then choose. Of course, you are able to select the characters to view their current state as stunned, buffed or reduced damage. determine their attack.

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Of course, it is not possible to use bluff tactics because they require energy to be used. However, they're not huge and require lots in time for recharge. In addition, if you skillfully protect your team from being smashed by your adversaries in combat then you can reap more benefits. This is especially true when it is combined with the most well-known features such as formation-level coaching, tools, overpowering, or even guild. But, there's one thing to be noted that the experience points earned during the game won't be divided.

The dynamic zone is where you need to evaluate and weigh the pots of experience to divide between each member of the team. So, if you don't use it in a proper manner the team won't be at the same level. If you encounter a foe it's easy to lose. The well-crafted combat mechanics as well as the diversity of monsters prove that the creator has put in many hours designing the game. They give players an immersive combat experience. The game was designed to be a one-of-a-kind experience that blends basic rules of role-playing and turn-based combat, Age of Magic attracts players with its breathtaking 3D-quality graphics. The intricately designed effects on characters, skills and gameplay makes the game more smooth and more enjoyable. It also allows for the depiction of the world of magic during the Age of Magic. The game is available at no cost for iOS. iOS platform. However, for the Android operating system currently in the registration stage to test the game. You can test it by following the pages on our site.

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The Best Alternate: Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises, also known as Dark Avenger 3, is an RPG action game that was released in the year 2016 by Nexon for their Smartphone platforms. The game was initially announced in November of 2016. It was then released on Korea in Korean market during July of last year. Then, it wasn't made available to the global market until later in the summer of this year.

Following the huge great success in Dynasty Warrior: Unleashed in the market worldwide, Darkness Rises will be the next product of Nexon, the company that publishes Nexon. According to this information there was no reason Darkness Rises would be inferior in comparison to its predecessors. We think Darkness Rises is more than adequate because the essence of the Korean ARPG line is owned by the game.

Final Words

They launched Age of Magic MOD APK in a horde of monsters who are trying to destroy the last light rays to engulf the remaining parts of the world , and turn them into black, soulless rocks. There is no stopping from the Legion of the Abyss monster parade. There is still hope. It is believed that the Dragon Prophecy has announced that one of the true mages will step into the dark tower and decide the future of the universe.

Players from Age of Magic will be the ones who take part in this mission to bring peace to the world and transform the direction for the world. The main goal will be to gather and upgrade the legendary heroes , bringing them into fast-paced battles within the breathtaking arena.

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