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Version 2.56.1
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Diamonds/EnergyBlack Pearls

Updated Jul 10, 2022 (2 months ago)
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Arcade ,
Installs 10+

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for a while. It has a beautiful, simple, exciting gameplay and is especially suitable for all different ages. After a short time, Rovio Entertainment Corporation has released a completely new version called Angry Birds 2. This will be a beautiful game because it can be played on all different platforms and on mobile devices.
Surely you already know the hit movie Angry Birds, which is also the game inspired by this movie. With a story about the exciting journey of birds with different looks and personalities, together they go to retrieve the egg that the Piggies stole. Players will discover an entirely new game with unique gameplay, improved features. Not only that, you can freely play Angry Birds 2 without an Internet connection.
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MOD V1 Info

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. Unlimited Life
  3. Score Multiplier
  4. No Added Ads

MOD V2 Info

  2. Unlimited Energy
  3. Unlimited Money

Embark on a whole new adventure

You can freely join Angry Birds 2 on any platform you love, be it a mobile phone, iPad, or computer. With beautiful but straightforward gameplay, this game has brought tremendous new inspiration. Developed based on the previous version but has added many new, unique, and many times more attractive features. Players will embark on a new journey, explore many beautiful stages, and experience various exciting biomes. Stick to the win to teach Piggies a valuable lesson. In addition, the game also has significant events that help you get beautiful and new rewards, and players can also participate in many different ways to play in Angry Birds 2. Don't forget about participating in daily challenges to discover exciting levels, large scale, and other attractive rewards.


Many attractive features

Use different types of birds to attack Piggies

A seemingly simple but highly thrilling task is to use the legendary slingshot, and the birds will be the objects to be placed in it for the Piggies attacks. As for Piggies, they will use many different materials to build walls as barriers to protect them. You need to correctly identify the weak points of the wall and start shooting at those points to destroy their barrier. The game also supports you by showing distances and flight angles to aim as accurately as possible. In particular, the unique features of each bird will bring different flying skills—specifically, the difference in their flight trajectory and destructive power. While the bird is flying towards the attack location, you can touch the screen to activate its destructive power, and then you can effectively destroy the whole herd of piglets lying below.


Collect and upgrade bird warriors

For Angry Birds fans, you certainly know that with the old version, you will not have the right to choose which bird you want to fight because the birds are all set by default, less flexible. But with Angry Birds 2, everything has changed completely new, equipped, upgraded, and even collected a series of new bird warriors on his team. Players will own more options and at the same time stimulate creativity in each player. Because you can review the map first, you will calculate and choose the best strategy for you. The birds in Angry Birds 2 are considered a card, and if you want to upgrade them, you need to collect the required number of required cards. After upgrading, many features will be more robust, and your birds will also be allowed to fly higher and farther. The game is carefully cared for to give players the most endless inspiration. You can feel through the funny costumes that the bird wears, and the fancy effects always appear.


Take part in many hit events and unique game modes

This is a game produced to bring many unique experiences and the highest entertainment features so that you will feel a completely different style in Angry Birds 2. The game is not only focused on developing attractive gameplay but also bringing unique event modes. You can collect many things at these events, such as cards, costumes, and other valuable items. The variety of this game mode offers an excellent experience for those who love to explore. Especially, Angry Birds 2 also has a player ranking system, and this will be a great place to compete for gamers. Try to complete all rounds well to be able to achieve the highest position!


Unleash your competition in Arena

Angry Birds 2 is considered a highly successful version of features, gameplay, and graphics quality. In particular, the game also adds extremely new elements for players to discover their slingshot talent, which is Arena. This will be a great place for gamers to challenge each other and participate in many exciting, friendly matches. When you come to Arena, you will participate in a new set of rules different from the game mode in the story. Specifically, here applies the turn-based mechanism. The player who destroys everything of the opponent first will be the winner of the match and will receive a series of attractive rewards.
An exceptional return of Angry Birds 2 has made the gaming community waver and busier than ever. With the stimulation of this novel gameplay, this is the perfect game for you.
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