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Early Access Beta (Philippines)

UpdatedApr 19, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Following the popularity of Titanfall 1 and 2, many fans were surprised to learn that the franchise's third installment would not be released. Instead, EA has released a battle royale version of the game, which follows the same universe's storyline.


Although some fans are upset, most of them fall in love with the game right once, and it quickly becomes their favorite battle royale game aside from PUBG. However, the game has only recently become available on PC and consoles, leaving smartphone users a little disappointed.


But don't worry if you want to play Apex Legends on your smartphone; EA has recently launched the first edition of the game for Android and iOS devices. For a better mobile gaming experience, you can now play your favorite game on your smartphone devices. Our review will let you know everything about the game.




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  • Early Access Beta (Philippines)


Note: To access the beta version of the game, you must be connected to a VPN in the Philippines (ExpressVPN or Turbo VPN recommended)


What is this game about?

The battleground between the IMC and the resistive army has become a wasteland due to the events of the previous games. As a result, no one wants to take possession of those territories, and the battle ends. Those who survive, on the other hand, must locate a new home for their relatives.


And fate has reunited our legends on the Frontier planets, where they will meet once again in the Outlands. Both sides dispatch scout squads to investigate and explore the region in search of valuables. As a result, confrontation is unavoidable.


Form a team of three legends to battle it out in this strategic Battle Royale game to discover who will be the last team remaining.





Apex Legends has its components of excitement, despite being based on the world-famous game PUBG. Here are some of the fantastic features that you will undoubtedly enjoy:


Diverse sets of skills for different legends

Unlike PUBG, where you can rely solely on yourself, Apex Legends requires people to play in groups because the mechanics do not allow single games. As a result, each squad will have three separate players, each with their features and roles in the combat.


You'll have the doctor repair and resurrect your friends, the trapper to lure foes into their graves, the tanker to take damage, the scout to acquire information and vision, and many other legends with various responsibilities.


Since each legend has a distinct combination of abilities and skills, you and your colleagues must make good use of their combined power to get the benefits. Investigate the many metagames and techniques to find the ideal squad composition for you and your friends.




Battle Royale gameplay with a strategic twist

In Apex Legends, quick thinking is necessary to secure an early edge and conquer key capture spots for your team. Furthermore, it would be best if you mastered the talents and abilities of specific legends to execute various plans in various situations.


Most essential, players must learn to collaborate with their teammates and maintain communication throughout a fight. With up to 60 people on a single map, things might quickly get out of hand.


System for innovative battles

Apex Legends introduces several new elements not found in any other battle royale game thanks to its innovative battle system. This substantially alters the gameplay, making each match both more difficult and exciting at the same time.


You will, however, be able to resurrect your deceased spouse using specific equipment and goods. This makes a significant impact because you can immediately level the playing field with your approaching enemy teams. Furthermore, communication has constantly been improved because of Smart Comms, which allows you to speak with your teammates without saying anything.


For those anxious to enter combat or seeking to support their colleagues from a distance, you can use the Jumpmaster deploys to send you to the conflict instantly. Furthermore, you can use your extensive collection of various things and weapons to alter the battlefield.




Seasonal updates on a regular basis

With regular season updates, gamers can count on the developer's constant assistance to improve their overall experience. The gameplay and mechanics, however, will be enhanced in the future. You'll also receive access to new features and legends regularly to keep the game fresh. Most significantly, you will be able to find new maps with unique aspects.


It's completely free to play

The best part about Apex Legends mobile is that it will be free to play. As a result, players from all over the world will be able to play the game as long as they have an Android smartphone capable of doing so.




Graphics and audio quality



The game has stunning visual effects and realistic graphics. Weapons, characters, and outfits have all been meticulously made with great attention to detail. In addition, you'll have access to large maps with a variety of realistic interactions. In general, you will be hard-pressed to find a game with better visuals than this one.


On older devices, though, this makes the game a little more demanding. To play the game smoothly, you'll most likely have to lower the image quality.



Dynamic sound effects are used to depict gunfights, weapon accidents, and explosions. Within seconds of starting the game, you'll feel engulfed in the violent battlefield of Apex Legends. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, make sure you're adequately prepared.


Furthermore, the voiced characters bring realism and intrigue to every dialogue in the game. It's as though you're a genuine participant in their story.


Final thoughts

Apex Legends will provide you with unforgettable experiences because of its excellent gameplay, realistic physics, and mechanics. Let's take up arms and fight alongside your friends in this epic Battle Royale game.

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