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Version 2.13.1
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Updated Sep 18, 2022 (1 week ago)
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It is always necessary for social media users to switch between their accounts. Android devices allow us to register only one account, however. This cannot be very pleasant if you have more than one account.


Many people use the App Cloner Premium to deal with this problem, software for Android that allows its users to have multiple accounts on a single device. Also, you can duplicate the app and put its information into a parallel folder.


With that said, App Cloner Premium is the best premium application cloner. Check out our review to learn more about this app.




MOD Info

  • Pro / Paid Features Unlocked


What does it do?

With the app, you can clone and run multiple accounts in parallel on your Android devices. It's beneficial if you need to switch between various social media accounts, game accounts, and the like without logging out of the others.





Your devices should have the hardware capability to run two apps simultaneously since you'll be running two apps simultaneously. You'll likely run into problems cloning and using multiple accounts if that's not the case.


Your devices should be equipped with a decent RAM capacity (usually over 3GB) and a powerful multi-core processor to process the doubled data.


Amazing features

Many people are using the app, so we need to understand how it works. What are the benefits of having the app downloaded on your devices? We think the following features will be a big hit with you:


Create a clone of the app and log in with different credentials

Essentially, the app allows users to clone their favorite apps and use them in a different environment, completely independent of the primary operating system. By using two separate accounts, you can experience both the original app and the cloned one.


Moreover, each device will be recognized as being logged into a separate account. Multi-account social media or game websites can significantly benefit from this feature. 




Use incognito login to protect your privacy

With an incognito login, no action you take inside your cloned app can be tracked by online trackers. Therefore, the snooping neighbors or supervisors cannot see you. Privacy-conscious users can also use the app to connect to their online accounts. In this way, your information is always protected.




Multiple accounts switching in a flash

Because Facebook requires you to sign out before entering your new username and password, most people prefer using App Cloner rather than switching accounts on authentic websites. This also applies to social media apps and online games, so people increasingly choose cloned apps. 


To switch accounts, all you'll need to do is open the App Cloner Premium app and locate the cloned app. Your other account will stay logged in, so the whole process will go much faster.




No conflict between parallel spaces

Most App Cloner apps create parallel spaces in which the cloned app acts as the main application. However, your original app can still be accessed by another account in the main OS.


However, the App Cloner Premium can create zero conflicts parallel spaces more quickly than most other apps do. Users do not have to be concerned about crashes and conflicts when they use their accounts this way.




A powerful, stable system

Furthermore, App Cloner Premium is highly stable and performs well, another feature that makes it very useful. Almost any device can be installed without much effort.




Free to use

Though the app has fantastic features, it's nice that there are no costs associated with it. Android users can quickly get the app by visiting the Google Play Store, downloading and installing it. Be aware, however, that since it's a free version, there will be ads and in-app purchases. Hence, if you dislike ads, you should look at this aspect.


Upgrade to the premium version for full access to the app's features with our mod

The free version has already proven quite helpful, but you can still unlock its full potential with the premium version. You can download App Cloner Premium APK from our website by visiting it. Installation and setup will only take a few minutes.


After that, you can enjoy advanced features, including cloning premium apps that aren't allowed on the free version, creating multiple clones instead of just two, having multi-window support, etc. Most importantly, you can download our APK file for free.



Not compatible with old devices

It may be difficult to clone and run old devices that usually come with single-core or dual-core processors. The old hardware isn't capable of supporting multitasking. Older devices also come with lower RAM capacities than the minimum requirements. As a result, a background app would be difficult to maintain.


It is not possible to clone every app

Due to Google's policy and the different architecture of specific apps, not all apps can be cloned. Therefore, cloning some unwanted apps might result in crashes and malfunctions. It would help to ensure success if you made sure that your apps are listed on the App Cloner's support list.


Final verdicts

Thanks to the app cloning feature, Android users can now switch between different social media accounts within seconds. Moreover, you can even clone your apps multiple times and use multiple accounts with the premium version.

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