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Updated Sep 08, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
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With Avakin Life, players can personalize the characters they like, along with millions of other users worldwide, by simulating daily life in a fascinating 3D world. Besides, Avakin Life also helps you realize your dreams in designing unique and different houses. You can even express yourself by dressing up for the characters and meeting and interacting with people. 
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Interesting life story

When participating in Avakin Life, each player has the opportunity to experience an extremely exciting virtual world where you can become who you want to be, do what you like by creating your character, which is called the Avakins.
You can create Avakins that are entirely different or identical to you in real life, at the same time helping you recreate your perfect life in the virtual world. In addition, in Avakin Life, there will be many various options for you to explore through Avakins. Determine the goals that you want to achieve so that you can easily navigate and accomplish the set goals. Work and collect money according to your needs, and can automatically adjust the characters to look unique, even helping you make many new friends when participating in Avakin Life.

Outstanding features of the game Avakin Life

Avakin Life will bring many exciting features for you to experience when participating:

Create your own characters


This is a game that transforms into the characters created by themselves so that players build the characters to match their personality from style, hairstyle to eye colour, and more. It would be best to spend enough time shaping your character to create a truly complete and compelling character.
Diverse in choosing styles for characters from personality to cute, especially choosing your favourite style and becoming the dream model you always want to purpose. This is only available at Avakin Life, helping you to express yourself most authentically.

Meet and chat with many people

Communicating with people will become more accessible in Avakin Life, spending people for love being socialized. Players will be free to chat with other players whenever they want.
There are many forms for people who come from all over the world who can play games and interact with each other through a massive online simulation; you need to log in to the internet to experiment with this interesting game. In particular, you can create your group to play with your friends and enjoy relaxing moments together in Avakin Life. Furthermore, you can choose the most fashionable clothes to wear, and catch the latest fashion trends. It will help you be more classy with famous fashion brands and more confident when meeting new friends.

Build the perfect style for you


Each player will express themselves with fabulous fashion and accessories brands in Avakin Life, accentuating your personality and style. You'll find tons of designs and even hundreds of gorgeous pieces and fill your wardrobe with stylish pieces.
Besides, you can make a better impression on your friends and surprise them with your fashion sense, by choosing the most suitable clothes and accessories for yourself. What is more, you can also perfect yourself by changing your hairstyle, or even if you want to get a tattoo on your body with Avakin Life, you can absolutely do that.

Design your own house


With Avakin Life, you can completely design the house of your dreams, and you can decorate and layout based on your preferences. Besides, you can buy luxurious and unique furniture to form a perfect home for you.
Furthermore, you can also choose the style for your home, such as classic, modern, or European style. You can even create your own custom-designed home according to your creativity, making your home stand out and reflect your style. In particular, you can invite your friends over, have a party or spend some alone time with your virtual lover, and enjoy the time together, which is what makes Avakin Life unique.

3D simulation game


With an exciting 3D virtual reality game, players can be whoever they want to be, doing everything like in the present life. Create many opportunities for all players to connect and interact with each other.
A savvy user interface simplifies communication when participating in Avakin Life, and you will have relaxing moments with each other. Besides, you will make many new friends so you can go on adventures and explore Avakin Life with them, such as discovering new fashion brands and shopping for stylish clothes. All of them help you realize the life of your dreams and create the perfect world you have always dreamed of by building your characters and choosing your style and outfit.
Besides, you can choose any profession you like through intelligent functions, and you can even become a famous star and attract a lot of attention from other players. In particular, when participating in Avakin Life, there are countless exciting places such as clubs, swimming, or walking on the beach. They are beautifully designed and extremely lively.

Collect precious rewards every day

To increase the attractiveness for players, they will receive daily rewards from Avakin Life. When the player passes the missions and challenges in Avakin Life, the player will earn valuable prizes. In addition, players can also search for daily rewards by being proactive and making progress in Avakin Life.

Free to play

Players will be able to experience it completely free in Avakin Life without paying any cost. You can play on all technology devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobile phones anywhere you want. In addition, Avakin Life will provide tasks for you to perform, you can equip your character with tools or equipment to complete them without paying a penny.

Visual and sound quality

Players can explore and visit various locations in their city, which are simulated very vividly and realistically in the 3D world of Avakin Life. Furthermore, you can join with friends in clubs or go to shopping malls, even find work in stores.
In particular, you can also admire the high-quality graphics in Avakin Life, giving you a realistic feeling in your journey.

Avakin Life is a unique game combined with themed soundtracks and extremely lively sound effects to bring a perfect virtual world and hook the player. With online chat via call, you can interact with other players as easily as a face-to-face meeting.

Explore beautifully designed scenes and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Avakin Life right now!
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