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Version 1.7.8
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Unlimited Gems/Coins/Resources

Updated May 13, 2022 (4 months ago)
Developer playus soft
Category Sports ,
Installs 1+

If baseball games on TV are too short and do not satisfy you, Baseball 9 will help you fulfil your passion. This is a beautiful game released by Playus Soft, and the content of this game is inspired by the baseball games awe-inspiring. Specifically, Baseball 9 brings a very unique and utterly new baseball feeling compared to regular baseball games. More than that, the arcade style in this game will surely be the most satisfying and satisfying player. Now baseball fans don't have to wait too long but can join the challenge right away with Baseball 9.

About the Baseball 9

Baseball 9 is considered one of the most famous baseball games today. This game owns attractive gameplay and has high entertainment features, helping players satisfy their passion and be entertained after stressful working hours. This is a free game and reasonably capacity, so any player can easily download Baseball 9 to their device. The publisher always pays attention to the user's feelings, so it has designed the play features to be relatively easy, simple, and highly user-friendly.
If in the past you could only watch on TV the fleeting baseball films, now you can feel every move in baseball for yourself. Baseball 9 brings you a group of highly talented players, and they are full of highly skilled and professional techniques. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to play baseball and a chance to improve your experience of baseball. Baseball games will start with fast-paced and compact gameplay, allowing you to enjoy the game at its best. Try to win as much as you can because many people are cheering you on around the stands!


Gameplay and Attractive features


Great simulation gameplay is demonstrated through Baseball 9. players will participate in a beautiful 1-on-1 format. Along with that is a combination of adorable cartoon-style graphics that make players more excited.
The control features of Baseball 9 are pretty simple; players need to rotate the analog and then press the throw button to throw the ball away or hit the ball to make the ball fly in the right direction. With the help of precise timing helps players throw and hit baseballs as accurately as possible. Don't worry because you will immediately grasp this exciting pace of play after playing a few times.
Not only that, but players can also upgrade their playing ability to become the best baseball player. You can progress to bigger tournaments through many rounds, and the rewards will also be more attractive. In addition, you can also participate in online baseball games, which will be an excellent opportunity to explore more new play styles.


Great operating system

Baseball 9 gives players a unique experience, and the most impressive thing is probably the Switch version in this game. Whether playing in dock mode or handheld, get the best performance and quality.
Specifically, the Switch version in this game works quite stably with an optimal frame rate of 60fps, which is considered much better than the dock and handheld modes. This quality makes the game smoother and more flexible as players explore. Players will freely explore Baseball 9 without fear of shaking or standing on the screen.
Not only that but Baseball 9 with the online game mode is also considered to be extremely impressive and unique because it has a diverse amount of content. This can be seen as the most outstanding advantage of Baseball 9 compared to other games of the same type.



Baseball 9 is a sports game but designed with adorable and exciting anime style. With both entertainment and a game that challenges sports ability, the developer always has a good character investment. Indeed players will have a comfortable experience when participating in this game. If you have participated in many rounds, you can explore other activities like dating, gym, or karaoke.

Create your favourite basketball team

To get the most impressive and peak wins, you need to cooperate with other team members. Because if you alone play well, you will not necessarily win, so teamwork is always appreciated in Baseball 9. Try to make professional moves and good coordination between the members. group members together. Together come up with the most effective plans, strategies, and gameplay to win.
Coming to Baseball 9, you can create your favourite baseball team and freely name your baseball team. After going through the matches, you can upgrade your team—specifically upgradeable such as speed, strength, or agility. What's even more important is the loss of dehydration, which will impact the transition of team members. So pay attention and avoid losing too much dehydration. Any job requires experience and practice to succeed, so don't be discouraged if you fail the first few rounds. Going through many rounds and playing with many friends, you will gain experience for yourself.


Graphics quality

This game offers a highly perfect and impressive 3D graphics quality. In addition to the unique character designs with lovely anime style, the game also pays great attention to the design of the surrounding backgrounds, which gives the game the most realistic feeling possible. In addition, the visual effects are also exciting and help players feel the maximum gameplay of Baseball 9.
Let's start your first baseball game at Baseball 9!
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