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Unlimited Money/Food/No CD

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Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 stimulates your fighting capability with tough medieval battles.

The genre of medieval strategy is currently in a booming trend and is extensively used to provide players with the intense violent, intense and overwhelming experience of the battlegrounds of the past. Furthermore, many games mix with elements of mystery or fantasy which makes the games more lucrative and exciting for players to discover. One such game can be described as Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars 2 that was designed by combining the best elements of the real-time-strategy genre to let players be absorbed in the most epic battles.

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


Battle Seven Kingdoms was developed using a brand new tactical style of gameplay, and it's the perfect mix of the best aspects of the game. When players play the game, they'll experience the frenzied tension of war and, from there, choose which faction they're looking to join for brutal expeditions. The game introduces seven distinct nations or factions, each with its own role and development method being distinct and making the game more entertaining and full of content than ever before. In addition to large-scale combat, players have to concentrate on building their army and faction, as well as researching and developing new combat teams to improve chances of winning.

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2


The control system of an army is straightforward and manageable giving the player complete control over all the army, including their dispersal. Furthermore, the mechanism for combat is easy to understand. That is it is necessary for the player to create a variety of units on the field. Then, they instantly target enemies and attack those closest to them. However, spawning units use up resources that players is able to recover in time or eliminate enemies units. Based on the method by which troops spawn and how they spawn, players can construct an ideal squad and continuously respond to unpredictable situations. Additionally the purpose of each fight is straightforward, that is to eliminate the base of the enemy by delivering a spectacular performance.

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2

Expand and upgrade your powerful Army

The research and upgrade system of Battle Seven Kingdoms are endless and vibrant, even showing an individual difference among the various factions to discover and expand. When players win battles , or accomplish special tasks and complete special tasks, they'll receive upgrade points. This allows them to invest in an appropriate upgrade system, and thus build up useful abilities for each combat team and assist them to grow stronger for the next fight. Additionally an army-wide research program can assist players to develop their abilities while making new units available to increase the potential of the unit.

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2

Utilize a variety of tactical skills for A DECISIVE BATTLE

In large battles, players have access to a vast selection of unique abilities that could impact the entire map, or even a huge space. The skills available are numerous and may be used to use prior to fighting and their effectiveness is superb, however they need an extended cool-down period. Of course, they can enhance their skills on the battlefield while increasing the negative effects they have on the adversaries. The future of the game could depend on the environmental conditions and the weather and choose techniques that work and can have a huge impact on the opponent to deliver triumphant victories.


The wars in the 7 kingdoms happen from time to time as players must be in different positions to take the victory. This game will offer a variety of game styles that players can appreciate, making the gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable. As players advance into dangerous terrain there will be new enemies to face as well as many mythical creatures will rise to the top and will create a myriad of thrilling games for players to try and gain a wealth of rewards.

Gorgeous Graphics and Visual Effects

A virtual battleground would not be complete without vibrant and real-looking images or visual effects. Therefore, Battle Seven Kingdoms nailed it and promised players top graphics and effects that will give players an immersive experience of a battleground from the past. In addition, the style of the surroundings and environment of the game make it more enjoyable and provides the distinctive design of every one of the seven nations for players to appreciate and discover its splendor.

Battle Seven Kingdoms is a fantastic real-time strategy game with plenty of potential to provide players to battles that are incredibly thrilling. Additionally, the game offers a variety of exciting online activities that will draw more players, providing the opportunity for players to become more imaginative in their strategies and create the most formidable army of a fantasy.

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