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UpdatedMay 19, 2022 (1 week ago)
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The soothing gameplay in Magic Tiles 3 will certainly be a hit with classical music fans by its relaxing and fun music. However, when it comes to the pulsating EDM tracks, you'll be able to skip those classical piano tiles and turn your attention to the powerful shots that are featured in Beat Fire, as the game will allow you to get involved in the powerful music.

Enjoy exploring the exciting levels in the game with intense music that is available in various levels of difficulty. Experience the stunning gunshot effects that include interesting visual effects and innovative animations. Explore the rhythmic actions where you can create your shots as you match them to the perfect tune. Pick your favorite songs and begin playing the amazing game in Beat Fire.

Find out more about this fascinating mobile-based title that comes from Adaric Music with our comprehensive review.


In Beat Fire, Android gamers have the chance to take part in the rhythmic music action that are accompanied by strong EDM songs and captivating gunshot animations. Get the most immersive music experience that let you listen to your favourite tracks and perform flawless gunshots which let you follow the beats.

Simply aim your shot at the notes in the tiles which are falling down and make sure your shots be successful while enjoying the powerful sound effects that go to the crashing beats of the tracks. Make use of the intuitive and easy-to-use control buttons to play with the game's interface. Be sure to avoid missing any tiles during your advance through the game and get the highest scores.

Enjoy exploring the vast music collection in Beat Fire featuring a myriad of tracks from not only EDM but a variety of other genres that you can discover. You can enjoy the thrilling and endless game-based challenges that offer different difficulty levels to meet your needs. Feel free to personalize your gaming experience by adding armor and skins. The list is endless.


Here are the most exciting features the game has to provide:

Simple gameplay and easy to use touchscreen controls

In the beginning, Android gamers in Beat Fire are able to quickly participate with the straightforward and easy game, which is simple and fun. The music tiles always fall in various patterns based on the tracks. You just need to move your finger, point your crosshair at the right notes, and take those shots in the correct time to strike the tiles. You can smash them as you listen to the powerful drum beats crashing in time with your shots. One-tap controls allow you to take in the thrilling action in mobile gaming.

A variety of powerful tracks to test your skill

Just like Tiles Hop EDM Rush players playing Beat Fire will have their opportunities to experience the powerful EDM tracks that are available from the in-game librarythat allows players to fully take part with the music action. Additionally, the distinctive gunshot animations as well as audio effects will surely help make the game more appropriate to these tracks. It is possible to select from hundreds of songs which are mixed in various ways and have a wide range of genres. Explore different tracks that have been expertly created to work with the game and fit your personal preferences. Always expect new releases to the ever-growing library of tracks.

Fantastic modes that offer endless possibilities of

In Beat Fire, Android gamers will be able to experience the fun music gameplay in various modes during every song. Start your music adventures with the Easy option if the tiles seem a bit slow and increase their speed to a certain extent with harder settings if you're looking to take on more challenging games. There's also the Endless mode to play your favorite songs for all the time you like. With continuous tile flow and an increasing speed, the ever-changing tasks will definitely grab your interest.

Different levels of difficulty are available for you to select

Additionally, the game will have various levels of difficulty for all of its challenges. You can play the game by playing it with Normal Expert, Hard, Expert, and the most difficult Plus challenges. Increase the difficulty gradually while playing your favourite music with Beat Fire. The incredible music experience is sure to amaze the majority players.

Enjoy creating your own game to your preferences.

For those who are curious, you can utilize the exciting features of customization inside Beat Fire to make your game more thrilling. You are free to alter the colors of the backgrounds on any level to alter the game experience during every game. You can have fun with different skin options, and can freely alter the themes of your levels to create distinct visual elements. Most importantly you'll be able to work using different weapons that have interesting appearances and distinctive shots. It is possible to customize your gameplay and experience the amazing mobile game to the max.

Play offline at any time

To increase accessibility to the game, Adaric Music also features the offline game of music action on mobile devices. This allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game. Enjoy playing the enjoyable games anytime and anywhere you like. There's no need to switch on your mobile's data or check for active Wi-Fi connections.

Play for free

Despite the many exciting options, it accessible for everyone Android gamers to play on mobile devices. This means that you can get this game downloaded on the Google Play Store and start enjoying the game without paying any fees. Since it's an unpaid app, Beat Fire will feature advertisements and in-game purchases available that you can think about. So, it's possible to download the updated version on this website.

You can access our modified game

In addition If you are one of those that are looking to play the full experience that comes with Beat Fire without having to purchase the game's features, you can purchase our mod Version of this game. This version offers game with no restrictions, unlimitable money and ads that are removed and all game features. All of this will allow players to play the fantastic mobile game to the max. Download Beat Fire Mod APK, install it on your device Beat Fire Mod APK Follow the instructions, and begin enjoying the game at any time you like.

Sound and visual quality


Additionally, due to the interesting and intuitive game's graphics, Beat Fire will have their chance to play the lively game with a rousing soundtrack. Enjoy shooting your own unique guns and amazing gunshot effects on specific targets. Use the various options to play the game at your own pace. Most importantly, the game's optimized graphics in Beat Fire will make sure that you are able to always be enjoying the game to the max.


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