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Version 3.0.1
Mod info Purchased Bitizenship/God Mode
Updated Sep 17, 2022 (1 week ago)
Developer Candywriter, LLC
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BitLife – Life Simulator will be an attractive and exciting game for fans of realistic simulation games. The game allows you to simulate your life from birth to old age with various exciting features. The unique thing to mention in this game is that you will be the one to decide all values ​​, and you can live the own life that you choose.

Story of BitLife – Life Simulator

The entire story will be decided by the player and choose his own story. With BitLife you are free to shape whatever you want. Your life is simulated, starting from being a sperm through the stages of cradle growth, adulthood, and old age. You can decide for yourself the options related to your character, make all your own decisions, all of which can be done according to your own will.

Lots of cool features

A game with various features ensures gamers will be fascinated when coming to BitLife - Life Simulator. Discover the following:

Personal Statistical Information

Players will own their stats. When you decide or access any of these actions, there will directly impact your metrics.

Whether it's reality or a game, happiness is always a factor that gets the most attention. Especially in BitLife - Life Simulator, the happiness indicators will significantly influence your character's happiness level. By participating in all activities, you will likely feel more satisfied, and your happiness quotient will increase. In addition, your character may suffer from depression, worsening emotions if the happiness index is low. This issue has a significant impact on the quality of all activities that the character is participating in.

Life will be more energetic and positive when there is good health. So the health index will be a necessary factor in all activities in the game. With good health indicators, you can participate in more activities, and work performance will also increase. All this gives a longer and more exciting life to your character.

To understand all the activities going on around his life, the character needs intelligence. To raise your level and level of intelligence, you need to spend time studying, observing, and learning new things.

In real life, you will be born with the face your parents gave you, and you don't have the right to choose ugly or beautiful. But now, this can change entirely in BitLife – Life Simulator. Everything can be transformed with just a little cash, and you will be able to upgrade your look by performing plastic surgery. You will have a stunning appearance according to your wishes. Not only that, when you feel that your old appearance and self are not suitable anymore, you can change your gender.


Lots of fun activities

A life simulation game, so activities are an indispensable element. You can experience many exciting activities below:

To get a lot of money to serve all of your needs, you must work. Although this is a rather dull activity, you should not ignore this. Money will help you do other things like buy goods, do business, support other people you want.

When life is so stressful, you can alleviate this problem by going to a club. This will be an exciting place where you can have fun and make new friends. In addition, you can also encounter some unexpected situations at the club, such as being caught fighting with other characters, being provided with drugs by others, and many other exciting things.

To have good health and a more attractive physique, what you need to do is exercise. The gym will be an excellent choice for training and maintaining your fitness. In some cases, like fights, intruders breaking into your house, bullies, and many others, you can easily handle them when in good physical condition.

Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery is no longer a strange thing in today's life. This is a pretty standard beauty treatment, and you can go to a plastic surgeon to get a better look. With a more attractive appearance, you will have more opportunities to meet and date interestingly.

The safest and the best path to success is learning. But because the learning process is often lengthy, time-consuming, and tedious. So if you feel uncomfortable and don't like it, you can still use another way to succeed.

This will be a place to help you get a lot of money and get rich very quickly. That is also the reason why so many people flock to casinos, even betting on their lives to earn money. Note that: if you win, you will gain a large fortune and just enjoy your life without working; But if you lose, you will lose everything and empty hands.


Commit crimes
Illegal jobs can be a pretty crazy experience in this game. If you don't like making money from casinos, the unlawful business route will not be a bad idea. But be careful because a bad situation will happen if the police take you away. And if you complete the work on this path, you will earn quite a lot of money.

This is an unfortunate case, as you have to experience a rather dark life in prison. When in prison, you will not have much to do, leading to a drop in body stats.
If you feel unbearable, you can plan your escape from prison, gaining freedom for yourself.

Super realistic NPCs

Gamers will experience the super realistic interactive NPC feature through the characters and relationships in this game. Too many jobs you can interact with other characters such as making friends, dating, business partners, even fighting.

Depending on personal preference, the look will be one of the most important and attractive factors or less concerned.

Having a close friend, even an intelligent working partner, will be a significant factor in assisting you in various matters. Living and living together in harmony can give you a wonderful and happy experience.

Although money is not everything, having a large fortune will make you very rich. In addition, money also helps your business to be more favourable and develop. Moreover, if you have partners who have a lot of money and wealth, your life will also enjoy benefits and happiness.

Madness and novelty are always present in every NPC in BitLife. Insanity can speak of flexibility, and you can do all sorts of new things to your liking. Sometimes problems or a stable relationship don't seem appealing and aren't such an enjoyable experience either. So you can go as crazy style as you like.

Create your own family
Through many wanderings and you have found the right person in your life, you and that person can together create a family of your own. A family is happier when there are children, and you can have your own children or adopt depending on your wishes.

Game quality


The game has bright colours, but on the other hand, the graphic elements are not attractive because many things are presented in writing.


Sound effects are pretty interesting, exciting. There are many sounds for many different situations.

Ensure that you will have a more enjoyable life experience than ever at BitLife – Life Simulator.

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