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Version 1.2.3
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Unlimited Money

Updated Apr 14, 2022 (7 months ago)
Developer Kairosoft Co.
Category Sports ,
Installs 2+

Boxing Gym Story (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a space where athletes can unwind with their own boxing team. Learn to train and fight to be the best.

Kairosoft Co., Ltd is a well-known name that is known for its business simulations that are full of interesting content. Every game they make revolves around new areas that the other games haven't touched before and also provides a vibrant real-life experience all of the games. This article will discuss Boxing Gym Story, a typical Kairosoft Co., Ltd regarding boxing and the way it is conducted. In this way, the boxer becomes the boss and master of a club that box which is the reason why they train the most powerful boxers. Furthermore, the players have to fight to beat other clubs and so that they can become one of the best teams in the globe for training for boxing and in managing.



Boxing Gym Story possesses deep and complex gameplay, and is with a variety of appealing content for players to play and explore. Additionally the game's content can continually alter, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and vibrant. When they first start playing players will be able to establish and run an organization for boxing and begin with low-quality and outdated equipment. As time passes, they will be able to earn income from different sources, and will utilize it to increase the overall quality of the cluband even attracted by talented boxers. Alongside training and experience, boxers will need to select the top punchers, be part of games, and establish the reputation of the club.


Intuitive interface and features

The running of a boxing club requires time and experience as well as the ability to build small-scale items to build the most effective club. The game features appealing graphics and an easy-to-use interface, accompanied by vibrant colors and multilingual support to provide players with the most enjoyable experience as a tycoon. With the help of specific functions, players has access to all the club's mechanisms which allows all the club's functions to be handled more quickly. Players will be able to access several units within a club, including maintenance and equipment Players can also access boxers to boost or increase their morale.



Boxing Gym Story will apply an idle mechanism to help free players and allow them to enjoy the game for a long period of time. The content in the sport is totally different from the traditional continuous action. The player has to relax and recline as the club functions and earns income. The job of the boxer is to help promote, enhance and acquire more boxers to allow the club to develop better. Therefore, the players must provide a high-quality service and be able to meet the requirements of the members, as well as continually improving the training atmosphere and employing more expert guides to train more efficiently.


Improve and upgrade the CLUB ENVIRONMENT

The club of the player must constantly be updated and improved as well as the player has to be noticed by the entire team, increasing the efficiency of training for everyone. Players will be offered an impressive upgrade program, featuring a wide range of equipment and specific upgrades that players can take advantage of or develop. Additionally, the player's club is able to be expanded and built by every upgrade, and the game will include specific requirements for players to enhance their club and draw more players. The game will utilize vibrant and user-friendly 3D graphics to create the perfect image and offer players the opportunity to gain experiences in building clubs and having fun.



Every club should have boxers who represent them in international tournaments. boxers must be nurtured and prepare conventional boxers to compete against other clubs. The game will have an innovative and unique upgrade-based training system that uses an entirely different style and even the first introduction to the sport in the entire genre. The role of the player in controlling the group is easy. It is to plan efficient training sessions for their boxers , and then apply different exercises based on the equipment at the facility. But, the boxer needs to be able to manage the correct schedule for their rest as the game is based on a real system, which makes the management of the club more enjoyable.


The boxing club of the player will give you the real feeling and practical knowledge of managing it, as well as experience of famous boxers, making the club a success. Kairosoft Co., Ltd has been able to provide players with an excellent simulation game that lets players unwind and learn about boxing in a completely new setting. The game will always offer players amazing events and events in their clubs which makes the experience more rich and more thrilling than ever before.

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