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Updated Nov 11, 2021 (10 months ago)
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Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M is an action game that was developed upon the smartphone FPS platform that was developed by Xshot. It is a thrilling action-packed gunfight game played from third-person perspectives. The FPS Mobile game is a modern multi-style genre , with a variety of distinct features. If you're someone who loves to be part of thrilling experiences This game is going to be the perfect choice for you. Check out the this article for more information about the game.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M


The game was inspired by and features similar content to the original game Xshot However, it appears to be remade with a totally new design with more content that is richer and significantly enhanced features. With more varied and high-quality information, the game includes numerous elements that you'll need and is playable on your computer or smartphone. So although it's been in existence for a long time the game is still in popularity across Southeast Asia.

The game Bullet Angel, there is an extremely familiar experience as it hasn't modified much from the original version of X Shot. To be able to achieve the highest score, you have to be aware of the best strategies based on your expertise and knowledge. If you don't, then you should be a fervent athlete. Furthermore the game has classic maps, such as Aden Army Warehouse, The Ancient City of Loulan, and many more unique features that promise an exciting experience.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

Attractive GAMEPLAY

In addition to the variety of contents, Bullet Angel also has an extremely basic gameplay. Bullet Angel has two primary modes, which are duel mode and bomb mode. For unlocking all the modes of the game, you have to win numerous battles. In order to do this, you must take on and defeat enemies in order to achieve the highest score quickly, by being able to use weapons and knowing the different functions of the gun and bullets in the fight.

Apart from the main modes you can also try the traditional mummy mode. You will be required to battle Mummies in the temple of ancient times. You have to guard your life and avoid being hurt by the mummies or else you'll be transformed into a mummy within a short time. Make use of the advantages when fighting, and use strategies and weapons to defeat all the challenges of this temple.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

STUNNING features

Bullet Angel is improved with several outstanding features, catering to the highest requirements of players. An advanced ranking system enhances the game in order to be able to claim your title. Furthermore it also comes with social features, which lets you participate in any activity as you do in the real world like making friends, speaking to others and making new friends and even play. You can find your love within the game.

Additionally, you'll encounter a variety of elements, such as Mummy-Hero, which is a brand new feature that was introduced to the game during the course of playing. When you are suffering from low HP or are in danger situations where you are near death, you can go to a party and perform a random dance which is very beneficial for you as it will aid in recovering your HP and take your opponents with greater force than you have ever had before.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M


The game was designed using a simple interface with simple controls that make it simple for you to alter your game at the touch of a button. Furthermore, it has been designed for maximum performance and makes your gaming experience super smooth and smooth with high sensitivity, and without delay or stutter. The main appeal of the game is the vast selection of maps and modes; you can also enjoy an option to use the Regen HP feature which helps players to experience a variety of emotions.

What is likely to draw players in the most is the stunning graphic design and character creation in a modern stylethat is appropriate for age and the times. Additionally, they are depicted in a highly real-looking way, as if you're watching an actual 3D film. The game comes with many costumes and gear to choose from , based on the terrain. Additionally, you can make any kind of costume you want for your character.

Bullet Angel has completely compelling game play, with amazing features and additional exciting elements that work to make a superb game. This is the reason it's always a favorite by players. From novices to hardcore players with an extensive FPS Mobile experience. Play it for the first time; it will never leave you be disappointed.

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