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Version 1.5.4
Mod info Unlimited Money/Mega Menu
Updated Sep 24, 2022 (1 week ago)
Developer Zuuks Games
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Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an attractive and novel driving simulation game from the publisher Zuuks Games. You will have the opportunity to experience the bus driver simulator extremely intensive, realistic, extremely attractive.
In the past, driving cars or two-wheelers was so popular, so driving a bus would be the most exciting and new experience. In Bus Simulator: Ultimate, you can go from being a driver and become the region's most extensive transport company empire. Enjoy realistic bus driving gameplay, and discover exciting features as you guide your characters through challenging routes. Finally, complete the task of bringing the customer to the location they requested.

Story of Bus Simulator: Ultimate

This will be a game that offers unique experiences because you can experience driving your own bus and setting up a world-class transportation company. Feel free to enjoy the realistic driving simulations in the game. At the same time, experiencing the business field will also make you feel more excited.

Specifically, you can create your company in certain countries. With your own driver, you can register your company and set up a route for your trip. Next can provide transportation services for its guests. What's more, you can expand your business by unlocking representative offices in more countries. From there you will have many new routes, many new trips, new buses, and even new drivers.

A most realistic, fun, and complete experience with a bus driving simulation game. All these you can find at Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

Attractive features

Let's explore a series of attractive and exciting features right here:

Build your own transportation business

At Simulator: Ultimate, you will have exciting and exciting moments with buses driving on many beautiful routes. Everything will be more enjoyable when you become a tycoon in the bus driving empire and experience driving everywhere. Start creating your own bus driver company, then start to expand, compete with other competitors and then dominate markets worldwide.

Drive actual buses around the world

Setting up your office in many different countries will help you get more travel and discovery worldwide. You will not be bored because Simulator: Ultimate always enables you to get the most realistic trips. When there are routes everywhere, your customers can order tickets, and then you will be the driver and take them where they ask.

Realistic passenger characters

The game experience will be highly realistic with the participation of passengers. With the in-depth character building mechanism Bus Simulator: Ultimate has genuine passengers to make all your adventures more real and exciting. Not only with practical gestures but also with customers' attitudes towards the quality of your driving service.
What you need to do is check the reviews and review their feedback after each trip. Considering all of your customers' feelings and thoughts can help you improve your company's reputation and quality. In addition, you can also enjoy the in-depth customer mechanism for the most enjoyable experiences.


Lots of fun bus rides

In this game, you will experience a variety of exciting buses from many different brands and countries. There are 13 different types of buses for you to explore. Each type of vehicle has its own unique and highly flexible structures and features. Specifically, the interior is unique, designed, and installed very honestly. Not only that, but the sound of each car is also very realistic and impressive. Choose your favorite buses and start your incredible journey.

Enjoy the radio station

Not just a bus ride, the driver also experiences many other exciting things. Including enjoyable entertainment, while driving, the driver can enjoy and entertain with the radio. There are 250 different radio stations for you to enjoy and choose from. Exciting programs are broadcast, and there are also casting programs.

Great things on the roads

When diving into their bus driving game, gamers will have the opportunity to explore and experience more and more realistic elements in the game. Expand your route locations; choose any bus you like. Then start your trip most interestingly and attractively.
Guaranteed, the more gamers play, the more interested they will be in the realistic roads and many eye-catching landscapes in the game. You can start the transfer with the highway, and in some situations, you need to pay a little road cost. Not only that but there is also an area for you to stop. Then the bus and your passengers can rest there.
In particular, this game is designed to be extremely interesting in that it includes realistic weather features. With many different weather, day and night scenes, you and your passengers will indeed have the most practical and attractive trip.


Flexible and simple controls

The game will be more interesting when the integrated driving tools in the game are flexible, touch, simple, and easy to use. You don't need to worry about changing multiple vehicles continuously. Because the features in each car are different, but they are also straightforward to use. So feel free to explore many different types of buses to experience many other unique features. Control features are made simple and easy, such as tilt function, virtual touch buttons, and steering wheel. Everything will help you steer the bus in the right direction, and your trip will be more wonderful.

Join the game with many friends online

With beautiful online gameplay, every gamer can join whenever they want. Start with exciting driving trips like a real driver. Then set up your own trucking company; remember to work hard to beat your competition in the transportation industry.


Explore the game in different languages

For players worldwide to participate, Bus Simulator: Ultimate has integrated up to 25 different languages. You no longer have to worry about language issues that will interfere with your play. Everything was so easy, and now you have to enjoy the game.

Play for free now

With a series of exciting things and attractive features of Bus Simulator: Ultimate, you can ultimately play right now. Right at this article, you can immediately download this game with our MOD version. There's nothing to hold you back because we've unlocked it, and a bunch of exciting features is waiting for you.

Game quality


They are designed with highly realistic 3D graphics, making you surprised and excited to see. Gamers will experience participating in driving like reality because the pictures are too sharp and accurate. There are also realistic physics experiences, dynamic and authentic ambient graphics.


Realistic and lively sound. You will have to sink and be attracted by the exciting and highly natural sounds in this game. You can be entertained by the sounds of each new and fun bus.

A simulation game with a novel theme and unique design. Make sure you get a complete experience when participating in Bus Simulator: Ultimate. 

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