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Updated Jun 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Digital documents have become a standard for almost all aspects of work today. Consequently, more and more people are turning their files into digitized files, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, using the internet and any supported device.


Therefore, it is crucial to quickly and easily transform any physical documents into digital versions to share them with others. To reduce your efforts as much as possible, you can now use this excellent app from INTSIG, which makes it easy to digitize and share your documents.


Check out our detailed reviews to discover how it works.




MOD Info

Unlocked Premium Subscription Service


  • OCR (Convert Image to TXT, Image to WORD & Image to EXCEL)
  • Batch download PDF files in the web app
  • Share secured document downlink with others
  • Add an extra 40 to the maximum number of collaborators
  • Add 10G cloud space
  • ID Mode Scan
  • Remove ads or watermarks
  • Collage of two separate documents
  • E-signature
  • Book Mode Scan


Using a VPN for CamScanner's online features if it's not available in your country

Instructions For Premium Root Version

Ensure that any previous version is uninstalled before installing the new one!

  1. Install Lucky Patcher and open it, wait for loading apps, then close it;
  2. Download and extract CamScanner-vx.x.x.zip archive file;
  3. Copy .txt file from archive to your sd card storage in this location:
  4. /Android/data/ru.sxbuIDfx.pFSOyagrF/files/LuckyPatcher/*.txt <<< put .txt file here;
  5. Install CamScanner.apk… don't launch it yet!..on finish installation press Done!
  6. Open Lucky Patcher and wait to load apps and exit it again;
  7. Open Lucky Patcher and touch on the CamScanner app; options will show… don't launch it yet!
  8. Select Menu of Patches;
  9. Select Custom patch;(you must have root device; otherwise, this option is not available)
  10. Select custom patched from the list, choose my patch.
  11. Now select Apply button;

Wait for a while, and you'll get a success green message!

Now Launch the app and check Premium features;



What does it do?

Android users can use CamScanner to turn their device's camera into a portable file scanner by using camera. This will make it extremely easy to convert any document into a more convenient digital format. Thus, you can work on digital files using your mobile device, laptop, or PC. You can edit your digital works online by collaborating with others and sharing them across multiple platforms.


There are no restrictions and few requirements with the app so that you can digitize documents quickly. All documents and photos placed in front of the camera will be processed. The innovative scanners automatically detect the papers, so you only capture the correct borders. Additionally, the intelligent OCR can be used to extract text from images, making digitized documents easier to access


Camscanner now works with AirPrint and Fax Documents, so you can easily print scanned materials in seconds. Furthermore, all your documents will be protected appropriately with editable passwords so that you can share them between devices.






You can now access CamScanner on the Google Play Store for free; no payment is necessary. Within the app, you have access to many accessible features. Be aware that to access the full features of the application, you will have to make in-app purchases.


CamScanner, like many other Android apps, will require Android users to grant it access permissions. To further enable the features in the app, consider the prompts that appear when you first access it. It also requires that you have the latest Android OS version installed on your devices, as this will improve app compatibility.


Amazing features

The app has all these exciting features:


Digitize any document in a matter of minutes

CamScanner lets Android users who are familiar with Scanner App To PDF quickly digitize their documents. All you need to do is access the device's camera through the app and enable the scanning options. CamScanner will soon capture the image and perform an intelligent scan to digitize receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, certificates, and many other documents. You can export your scanned files to PDF or other formats like JPG, TXT, Word, Excel, and so on.




Enhancement to the scanner's quality for more precise and crisper documents

CamScanner includes advanced auto enhancements to improve the scanning quality, allowing users to enhance the sharpness and clarity of any captured scan instantly. Additionally, the intelligent cropping feature will allow you to capture the correct documents, even from poorly taken photos. Your digital copies will be fully accessible and transparent, thanks to the unique colors and high resolution.




Extract images' texts automatically

Using CamScanner's advanced OCR (optical character recognition), you can now easily extract text from any image. All handwritten documents can be converted into digitized text files for easy editing and sharing. The program works on standard text articles, and sheet documents quickly converted into TXT, Word, or Excel.


Online document sharing made easy

In addition, CamScanner allows you to share scanned documents instantly so that you can introduce them online quickly. It is now as simple as sharing documents with your friends via social media channels, messaging apps, or emails. You can choose to send your friend's scans as a PDF or JPEG by simply selecting them. With CamScanner, you can share multiple files and enable batch download via secured download links.



Password protection for shared documents

You can enable protected passwords on any selected document to ensure that not everyone has access to your shared documents, even with the download links available. You can set any preferred password and only tell the intended recipients what it is.


Easily print and fax documents with AirPrint

Users can easily print files and documents from any nearby AirPrint-compatible device. CamScanner will automatically enable the printing operations so that you get your documents as soon as possible. It also works on fax machines, which is helpful when it comes to sharing physical documents.


Various editing features to choose from

CamScanner provides many advanced editing options for those of you who wish to edit their scanned documents after scanning. Annotations of all kinds can be made with the complete set of editing tools. Personalize your essential documents with watermarks. Sign important documents electronically. You can also explore and choose from a wide range of advanced editing operations.




Convenient options for searching documents

Android users can quickly search through various documents on their devices to make the app more accessible. Moreover, you can add certain tags and use them to categorize your files easily. If you enable the OCR feature, the app will be able to find texts on images and notes, which will make it a lot easier to work on, regardless of whether you scan the materials. 


Sync your files across multiple platforms

Syncing your files across multiple platforms is now accessible for those who are interested. With this feature, Android users can use CamScanner on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. With a variety of platforms, you can see, edit, and share your documents more conveniently.


Online collaboration for real-time editing enabled

CamScanner now offers a group editing feature that can support up to 40 simultaneous users, making it easier for users to edit and collaborate on their scanned documents. The 10G of cloud storage will ensure that you have enough space to store all scanned materials.


Our website offers a free and unlocked app 

The excellent mobile app is now available for your mobile devices without in-app purchases or ads for those interested in it. Download the CamScanner Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you can start using it immediately.


Final verdicts

By bringing essential documents into the digital world with scanning capabilities, Android users immediately improve their work. With this, they can digitize all binding contracts, receipts, notes, invoices, and many others within minutes. All of this can be done with your Android device. This makes working with the mobile application extremely easy


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