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Version 3.2.8
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Free Shopping/All Unlocked

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer BoomBit Games
Category Racing ,
Installs 8+

Car Driving School Simulator is one of the most realistic car games available today; when participating in the Car Driving School Simulator, you will learn the traffic rules along the way when driving a car. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in the driver's license test, and things will not be as simple as what you do in the test. It tests the ability to control the car and requires the player to pay attention to the traffic rules and even solve the problems faced. Besides, the graphic element will make the game more attractive as the modern roads around the world and the traffic system are realistically shown to bring an exciting feeling to the player. In the Car Driving School Simulator, you will be testing your driving skills, and you need to sit in the car and control it according to the game's requirements. The game will have many different levels, from simple to complex for you to explore and conquer.

MOD Info

  • All cars in the game are unlocked.
  • After driving in the game, your fuel amount will not decrease, it will always increase.
  • All features in the game sold for real money are unlocked.

Take part in professional driving challenges

When participating in Car Driving School Simulator, players will be transformed into drivers, practicing to achieve the best driving skills. This game will have many different levels to suit all players, even those who have no experience in driving cars. In addition, there will be challenging situations that players face during driving; players can use their creativity to create their uniqueness or ask the developer to create. In particular, players can compete with other players online or offline when there is no Internet connection. Coming to this game, you can fully experience real car driving with exciting challenges, and this game is exceptionally suitable for those who love speed. Therefore, when participating in the Car Driving School Simulator, you will be able to explore without worrying about maintenance or repair costs.


Attractive feature

Start the exciting driving experience

The Car Driving School Simulator is designed to be simple for players to access easily. For example, the control and start are effortless through pressing the button to start the engine, using the accelerator, brake pedal, and incense. The vehicle moves according to the guiding symbol. These are the first fundamental steps in driving a car, so do not worry because you will be guided so you will not have any difficulty when you first experience it. However, once you know the basics and get used to controlling the wheelchair, the system will automatically update and adjust the level for you; it may be more challenging to perform the challenges. For example, factors will affect weather conditions, such as rain or even snow on the road. This will create excitement for players, and they will never get bored because there are always surprises appearing, helping you improve your driving skills when overcoming challenges.


Explore the world of supercars

Car Driving School Simulator gives players a completely new experience, capturing the player's mentality that they do not want to drive old, outdated cars, so the game provides players with a set of supercars wholly new and diverse. You can find your favorite cars in every style. You can even find your style cars from famous brands, such as Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and Hypercar. Even buses and trucks are simulated and updated regularly in the game. Besides, to own the car you love, you need the owner to have enough money according to the price offered. Conquer challenging tests with your supercars.


Conquer and master every path

Not only has a diverse vehicle system, but the game also simulates famous places such as California, Canada, Aspen, Las Vegas, or New York, and many other places for you to drive and explore these places. Besides, driving around the city is a challenge for you. For example, when you reach these famous cities, you have to go through rocky roads, deserts, seascapes, and even snow-covered roads. However, after overcoming these obstacles, you will discover, enjoy the fantastic beauty of these places, and also discover the specific culture of each region where you are featured.


Attractive and stimulating graphics

Car Driving School Simulator uses highly realistic 3D graphics, and even it vividly depicts all the details from the smallest things like steering, lights, wheel, license plate, horn, even fuel. What is more, when participating in the game, you will feel like sitting in real supercars, giving the feeling that you are driving these cars in real life. In particular, it also combines extremely flexible and ear-catching sound effects, creating an incredibly realistic sense.


Coming to the Car Driving School Simulator, you will experience driving a car with a wide of car models, so you can use your favourite car to explore different roads. In particular, through this game, you will understand traffic rules and driving skills.

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