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Version 6.2.3
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Premium Choices/Diamonds/Tickets

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Crazy Maple Studio Dev
Category Simulation ,
Installs 22+

What do you think about a romantic relationship?
A sweet story with beautiful characters?
All this hot and sweet is available at Chapters: Interactive Stories published by Crazy Maple Studio Dev. This game is considered a fascinating story in a romance novel. If reading books become too boring, now you can create your own captivating novel story, and you absolutely can do it with Chapters: Interactive Stories. Let's start creating your own role-playing story by choosing the most beautiful girl and handsome boy in this game. Your story will be made up, and every dream can come true in this game.

MOD V1 Info

  1. Menu Mod
  2. Unlocked all cards
  3. Unlocked all chapters
  4. NOTE: If you are banned please change IMEI or another device to play

NOTE: Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

MOD V2 Info



  • Keep the mod off always, and turn it on when you encounter a premium choice and then turn it back off, for tickets they will be unlimited by default so just play the chapters even if you have 0 tickets.
  • If you are previously banned or ever banned, play on the parallel space app. Search for it on play store “Parallel Space”

Many interesting love stories

Coming to Chapters, you will freely choose between many different love stories because this game offers a treasure of exciting love stories with many fascinating details and other characters. These stories are divided into many different genres, in each genre, and each person has a distinct personality. Getting to know such a wonderful and sweet guy in Chapters is a fascinating thing. What do you think about the love story between two neighbourhood characters, and they grew up together? Or the story of a cold CEO and a beautiful Cinderella.
There is also a story about the close relationship between two characters who have known each other for a long time. These stories are built with many attractive details, and players will experience every detail most clearly. In addition, you can also choose the type of lover of your dreams as a man who is psychological, rich, handsome, unique, or funny. All these features are available in Chapters, and each of these exciting stories is waiting for you to discover.

Attractive features

Sweet love with a guy

At Chapters' you no longer have to think about anything because you can immediately make a romantic and beautiful love like a dream. Based on the options provided, choose and start enjoying your romantic elements. Play as a beautiful girl and tap the answers on the screen to help her find the most suitable date. This game allows players to participate in a beautiful love story and sit and enjoy their happenings in the most exciting way.


The characters will talk and interact with each other, and you will be the one to decide what happens. The dialogue will have content, and it will be displayed for you to observe and grasp, then you can choose the next episode to take place. Each of your choices with each answer will lead you to a different ending. In general, everything will go in the direction you want. Feel free to choose and give yourself a suitable choice that you feel most satisfied with for your love.

Various love stories

Chapters have provided up to 150 exciting and beautiful stories for players to enjoy many different fascinating stories. You can find compelling stories of any genre in Chapters. A love story about CEO, Rich Billionaire, bad boy, good boy, sweet, LGBT, 18+, and many more genres. You will surely be mesmerized by these exciting love stories. Remember to bookmark your favourite genres so that you can efficiently conduct a sweet date with your favourite object.
Before choosing your love story, the game provides you with brief descriptions to help you quickly understand and immediately select the right guy for your taste. If you want life to be happy and smooth, you can choose a happy ending, but you can choose a sad ending if you want things to be more transformative and emotional. Each story has unique aspects and different climaxes. Solving problems in this love story is inevitable. Many interesting secrets will be gradually revealed, many remarkable developments, you will be the one to discover and solve them.


Some unique exclusive stories that you can discover like:

  • Chapters Original Story: Robin Hood
  • Billionaire Next Door: The author of a New York Times & Wall Street Journal best-selling book is also an editorial participant in the exciting stories in this game.
  • Vampire Girl: A USA Today's best-selling romantic and gripping series.
  • Kidnapping the Princess: A fascinating drama story that LGBT fans should not miss.

Many surprise options for your sweet love

Coming to Chapters, you not only get a new name, but everything can change most beautifully. Specifically, your appearance will be completely transformed in this game through sexy, gorgeous, or luxurious costumes. Everything is perfect according to your dream. You can also change everything else like skin colour, hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and more. While looks won't affect the end of your love story, having a beautiful, attractive appearance will make you confident to explore the series of bold situations in Chapters.


Depending on the type of event, you can choose from different outfits and looks. A sexy, light, or strong style will help you have more exciting emotions. All the characters in this game are very nicely designed, beautiful and handsome. Surely you will be amazed when you explore the wonderful world of Chapters. The game has high-quality graphics and a combination of quite realistic scenes to create a world of highly passionate love. The sound effects in Chapters are quite lively to help you feel all the sweetest things in your love story.
With the arrival of Chapters, you will no longer be afraid of loneliness because this game has brought a wide range of objects, and you can choose as you like. A love story that seemed only in a dream can now be seen directly. Stick to the many fascinating stories and unlock unique series at Chapters.
A variety of Chapters love choices are waiting for you to discover!
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