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Version 3.20.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Updated Jun 09, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer Sparkling Society
Category Simulation ,
Installs 6+

Discover a new realm of city building games when you join millions of players from around the globe to play City Island 5: Tycoon Online Building Simulator. Make your own neighborhood of friendly citizens. Offer them homes, essential necessities, and collect tax while you build new structures or expand your community. Find all you must be aware of concerning City Island 5 with our reviews.


The game is the newest version of the cult city-building game City Island from Sparkling Society. You'll be the Mayor of your very personal town. Begin with a tiny island, and then transform it into a thriving tourist attraction.

Additionally, you can also send aircraft and ships to search for new destinations. Discover new islands and extend your horizons to locations that are far from you. Explore a variety of environments, from cold islands to volcanoes. Create your own cities using different themes and unlock local structures.

City Island 5


Create your dream city starting with a humble start

As soon as you enter the city you'll be transported to your city which is essentially a ghost town. Begin by creating new homes for the residents, and then create jobs through the establishment of new businesses as well as new services for people, and so on and more will arrive in your city. Slowly , but steadily you'll soon have a new city, with new options to discover.

Explore the exciting city building game with a variety of upgradeable elements

In order to make your city grow it is possible to build new structures in addition to upgrading existing ones. Offer your residents new improvements as you become enthralled with your city's charms more and more. Most importantly you'll get the chance to try out the new and exciting modifications that will transform your city.

City Island 5

Interactive elements that add more excitement to the game

Here on City Island 5, you'll discover the people and cities very interconnected. This means that you'll be able to witness almost all the activities of your residents in your city. From traffic issues to their everyday commutes. Additionally you can also gather the opinions of others about your performance in the town. Listen to their concerns and be able to satisfy them with valuable prizes.

Simple instructions to assist you get started.

In order to assist new players to quickly begin playing City Island 5, players are also able for exploring the globe with the simple directions. This means that in every step you'll get helpful guides and tutorials from your trusted guides. Follow their instructions to help your city become more thriving and prosperous.

City Island 5

Earn rewards and collect your reward. rewards

As you advance in your game you'll accumulate points for experiences that can be used to level up and winning prizes. Additionally, when your mayor's skills upgraded and you'll be able to gain access to new features and constructions to the town. Keep in mind, however, that the higher your level, the more demanding your citizens will be.

Explore the vast world of numerous islands to construct

The game also exposes Android players to a huge worldwhere they can effortlessly travel across different regions to search at new islands. As a mayor of content is your responsibility to dispatch aircraft and ships all over the world to uncover the hidden worlds. Explore different areas and then settle your citizens into new towns. Develop diverse cities, each with distinctive characteristics and characteristics.

City Island 5

Begin to make friends with other mayors and go to their cities.

You are able to make new friends in City Island 5 by logging into your Google account or Facebook account. Find out which members of your group are participating in the game and explore their cities. In addition, you can visit other cities by joining online communities.

Enjoy the game even when you're not online

City Island 5

If you are someone who enjoys playing games on their your commute, having offline gaming option enabled can make a an enormous difference. Now, you can play City Island 5 without having to connect to the Internet anytime you wish to play. But don't worry that your progress will be secure as the game will upload the saved files online. So, next time you reset or switch your phone, you'll be able to still save your saved progress.

Join millions of online players

With millions of players online across the globe players in City Islands 5 will find themselves in the company of friendly mayors from their neighborhood. Participate in multiplayer games as you travel around other cities within City Island 5.

Complete quests and complete challenges

To enhance the experience The players are also able to choose to tackle challenging and new quests which are presented to them each day. Keep an eye on your towns and search at new opportunities. You could win valuable prizes by participating in these challenges.

Great deals every single day

The players of City Island 5 will find themselves with a variety of great deals every single day. Spend the least amount money and earn yourself incredible rewards.

Play for free

Since the game is absolutely free, you won't be required to buy anything in order to advance. All you need is time and effort, and all you have to do is invest some time each day playing City Island 5 to earn the rewards. Get the application and game no cost from the Google Play Store right now and begin enjoying.

Sound and visual quality


With stunning 3D graphics, players will discover the virtual cities highly interactive. The beautifully designed buildings and the interactive citizens within City Island 5, will make you feel as if you're the real mayor.

Sound and Music

The tranquil soundtracks and the on-the-moment sound effects permit City Island 5 to deliver an incredibly satisfying urban building experience.

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Fans of the city-building genre are sure to enjoy this game and enjoyable, particularly when it's available for play. Also, even if you're a fan of the SimCity BuildIt game the game will surely draw your attention due to its similar gameplay styles. gameplay.

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