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Version 1.40.2
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Unlimited Currency

Updated Jun 07, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer MyTona
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Cooking Diary is a simple cooking game that you will enjoy. Your grandfather will leave you a restaurant. Make a concerted effort to convert it into a draw for hungry clients. Deliver excellent customer service, delicious meals, and a constant desire to improve. Feel free to participate in various parts of the restaurant industry while also taking in exciting events and stories.


To help your restaurant succeed, you'll have access to a selection of upgrades, boosters, and new equipment. Gather and update your recipes to provide special meals to your consumers. Take on a variety of in-game tasks and missions as you embark on your culinary adventure. When you have free time, play the entertaining and engaging culinary game.


With our evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game from MyTona.




MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Vouchers


Note: Please turn off your internet after in-game to avoid being banned.


New Updates

  • Path to Glory: Make friends with a friendly corgi 
  • Special events: Food Truck - enchanting street fashion, delectable cuisine, and more!
  • New restaurants: Circus Lights and Internet Cafe
  • New boosters will assist you in completing the most difficult stages!
  • Visit the Cinecafe to see what's fresh!
  • New episodes: Nymphadora is in for a surprise from Roger, Will Vivien pass the Critics Guild examination?


What is this game about?

Those who are interested will get the opportunity to enjoy Cooking Diary's basic yet captivating cooking gameplay. As you want the addicting culinary and restaurant-management action, you'll find yourself getting involved in numerous facets of the game. In Cooking Diary, you'll find yourself with access to multiple elements of the business as you explore the in-depth gameplay.


Players will find themselves in the game having inherited their grandfather's old eatery. With the older adult now retired and merely acting as your counselor, you should be able to handle most of the tasks in your restaurant. Additionally, when you go on your excursions, feel free to appreciate the intriguing narratives. Experience your ultimate love, romance, passion, and a variety of other exciting events.



Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Make your characters and personalize them

To begin, Android players in Cooking Diary will be able to build their distinct characters. Utilize all of the possible customizations supplied to you at the start of the game to create an authentic figure that closely resembles yourself. Change your gender, facial features, skin color, and put on a variety of outfits with a variety of options. Change up your outfits and customize the game to your liking.




Start writing your cooking tales

In addition, for those who are interested, the game includes exciting stories and events in which you can participate in your culinary adventures. Around your restaurant, you'll find yourself dealing with a variety of exciting businesses. There's a lot to do, from ensuring that the critics are objective and offer you the best ratings to managing the workforce by dealing with them daily. Each scene in Cooking Diary will set off a chain of events and stories that are just incredible. Get your name on the coveted ranking tables by rising through the ranks of restaurants.




A simple, straightforward, and addictive cooking game

Cooking Diary also features fascinating gameplay where you can rapidly get familiar with the game utilizing the intuitive touch controls, making the game more entertaining and accessible for Android gamers. To cook and serve your orders in seconds, tap and interact with various culinary equipment, your customers, the ingredients, and other items.


Furthermore, you'll find it reasonably simple to begin your cooking trip thanks to the game's exciting and thrilling missions, particularly in the intuitive first stages, which have several guidelines and lessons. Plus, as you progress further in the game, new and exciting missions with increasing challenges will be available for you to enjoy.


Build a restaurant from scratch

Cooking Diary is a great game for individuals who want to play a simple and addicting restaurant management game. That stated you'll have complete control over your restaurant with this in-depth restaurant tycoon and cookery gameplay. Inside your store, make modifications and tweaks to a variety of intriguing characteristics and elements. 


To make your kitchen more efficient, replace it with new and more innovative equipment. For excellent cuisine, invest in better recipes and ingredients. Hiring extra professional workers to help you with your task is a good idea. Earn more money and invest it in the development of your restaurant.




Design your restaurant to meet the tastes of your customers

In addition, players in Cooking Diary can add multiple decorations to their properties to make their restaurant more appealing. You are free to repaint the walls, add embellishments, and have your restaurant cleaned regularly. Ascertain that you are capable of delivering the gorgeous looks that your customers desire.




Enjoy the unique fashion aspects of the game

Cooking Diary also provides Android gamers with engaging fashion experiences in addition to cooking and management activities. Feel free to deck out your chefs and employees in a variety of outfits. Become the city's most fashionable and well-dressed restaurant. Add beards, new hairstyles, and a variety of additional facial features to your characters. You can easily change your character's appearance thanks to in-depth customizations, just like when you first started the game. Just make sure you have enough money to buy new clothes and have them customized.


Get inspired by hundreds of available recipes

The game also includes fantastic cookery journeys for interested people. You'll find a wide range of delectable foods with a variety of themes here. To attract more clients, improve your business with fresh recipes. Hundreds of unique recipes from culinary professionals will help you explore the world of cooking.




Keep up with the latest culinary trends from across the world

Cooking Diary will provide you access to various exciting cooking events as you move through the game. Feel free to take part in unusual and exciting events where you will have the opportunity to cook in fun themes and sample different recipes.


Play the game with friends and online players

In addition, Cooking Diary players can play with friends and online players worldwide to make the game more enjoyable. Begin by joining an existing guild or forming one with your buddies. Feel free to enter your guild members into interesting in-game competitions. Alternatively, you can compete in the Leaderboards. Additionally, for those who are interested, the game includes thrilling co-op cooking challenges that allow you to collaborate with your friends to create beautiful dishes and win special prizes.




It's completely free to play

Despite having these fantastic features, Android gamers may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. That being said, you can simply find and download the game for free from the Google Play Store. Plus, with free updates regularly, you'll never get bored on your Cooking Diary trip.


Graphics and audio quality



Immerse yourself in Cooking Diary's enjoyable and fulfilling gameplay while taking in the captivating visuals. Thanks to its simple yet amazing graphics, the game is accessible for older devices and addictive for Android gamers. Not to mention that if you're interested in the fashion industry, you'll find the game even more appealing because there are hundreds of exquisite clothes to choose from.



And for those of you who are interested, Cooking Diary is a fantastic game to play in terms of auditory experiences. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the superb soundtracks and dramatic sound effects, which will transport you back to the frantic kitchen.


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In addition, if the in-app purchases and advertisements are bothering you, you might want to check out our Cooking Diary MOD APK. You'll have infinite money, gold, diamonds, gold tickets, and other items here. As a result, you can make any purchases you desire without having to pay for them. Furthermore, the ad-free experiences will enhance the game's enjoyment.


Final thoughts

If you enjoy casual and enjoyable games like Cooking Fever, Cooking Dash, and others, you'll love this fantastic game from MyTona. In addition, with our updated version of the game, you'll be able to get the most out of your Cooking Diary adventure. So don't spend any time and get started playing the game.

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