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Version 3.37.0
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Infinite Pearls

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Appxplore (iCandy)
Category Adventure ,
Installs 5+

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Make sure you press your fingers on the screen for a few times to create an army of crabs that will take on gigantic reptiles!

Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution gives you the sensation of being awed by players who continuously click on their phone's screen. The players are in the battle between giant reptiles and crabs. The player is able to improve his crab's fighting skills, eliminate huge reptiles, and take on that reptile's boss the conclusion of the game. If you're looking to increase the power of the troops, you are able to invite the larger crabs to join the ranks and also power up the entire crab army. If you tap on the screen of your smartphone the more crabs will quickly take on the reptiles. A thrilling game by the developer Appxplore (iCandy).

The captivating story of the fight between reptiles and crabs

The game has a captivating storyline. It all began with the war between crabs and dangerous reptiles. The risky reptiles have gotten stronger and have ruined the habitat of crabs.

Crab species are required to search for new areas to live in, and they often go underground to exist. But, crabs are fragile against reptiles that are massive. However, over time the crabs were able to absorb mysterious abilities. The crabs begin fighting due to the power of bizarre crystals.

You will be the leader in the crab population. Your task is to collect crabs into a force, increase the strength of your army and start the battle. Reptiles aren't easy to take down, and you have to develop your strength in many directions fast.

You will decide the outcome of the conflict between reptiles and crabs.

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Build your crab army to match your style of fighting

The game is not simply "click-and-click". It is helpful when you have a positive mentality to make the right decision following each battle because the amount of rewards after each fight is restricted. So, you need to make use of smart money to improve your army and ensure an evolving match to the style of fighting. The game features over 80 crabs and they are all exquisitely created. There are a variety of crab species to a variety of "crab beasts".

If you're an avid player of RPG features, this game is sure to please. The game provides different modes of play and the evolution of each crab species. Each evolutionary pathway is accompanied by foreign power. It is helpful to select the best evolutionary path to prevail in the fierce battle. The game also gives you the possibility to alter genes to produce mutated crabs that are massive in shape or extraordinary power.

Apart from the massive crabs in addition, you can get 33 crab queens that will lead the army. Naturally, boss battles can be challenging. Therefore you must acquire six powerful special abilities that enhance your combat power You can also choose to modify between 18 special capabilities.

The player begins with simple warrior crabs. In the beginning, everything on screen is easy. Your legions are nothing more than small crabs. In time, you will build an army of crabs, based on evolution, which helps strengthen crabs.

Fight for your life in the fierce fights

If you're an avid fan of fierce battles and full of intense effects that fill the screen of your smartphone, This game could be the best option for you. Make sure you choose the appropriate game style for the best upgrade. If you are playing the game for long it will be a battle of the titans. battles between various creatures.

The battles are all thrilling and intense. The game features more than 50 unique and dangerous reptiles. Each reptile boss is unique and has special capabilities. In addition, bosses reproduce and regenerate themselves with powerful transformations. Make sure to kill the Souls and receive that legendary prize. If you are facing difficulties you may seek the assistance of your strong allies such as the killer crabs or golden Rays.

The game is crafted by sharp 2D images. The primary colors are vibrant. The effectiveness of combat is engaging. The sound is incredibly thrilling and constantly thrills players with thrilling fights.

Increase the excitement of fighting by forming bonds with your friends

The game allows players to have more fun by connecting with friends. It's easy to connect with your friends via social media. It is then possible to compete with other competitors in challenging tournaments. Additionally, you can show your skills by utilizing your powerful crab legion to win a fight against your fellow players around the world.

Get exotic and rare crabs, then upgrade and personalize them to aid you in climbing the ladder. Collaborate with other friends and help each other or compete against each other It's your choice!

If you enjoy crab fights Try "King of Crabs". The game transports you to a huge island, and you are your favorite crab as you discover and besiege the island. The game has a range of exciting weapons and battles are thrilling between players with exciting 3D graphics and clear sound.

It is recommended to start activating the fingerand then tap the screen on your device to manage tiny crabs during the ferocious battle against massive reptiles. Make the best option, increase the ability of the crabs or summon powerful boss crabs to take down the foes, and win the war of the millennials.

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