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Version 3.5.0
Mod info Free Shopping / Menu with Many Features
Updated Nov 26, 2021 (2 days ago)
Developer NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Category Racing ,
Installs 16+

CSR Racing 2 (MOD APK Menu/Shopping Free) is an action-packed racing game that features an in-depth game and extensive vehicle modifications for players who want to build an impressive career.

A stunning racing game that provides an exciting experience for gamers is CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game. The game's gameplay is still city racing however there are numerous mechanics you have to learn to master. Furthermore, the sheer number of vehicles that are included in the game is amazing and you'll certainly be able not to notice the game. Through the various variations, the game offers a great deal of enjoyment that you could get.


If you step into CSR Racing 2's world CSR Racing 2, you are sure to be impressed by the gorgeous graphics that will draw you into the first impression. There are various paths, with amazing effects. It gives the feeling of being at ease and makes it hard for players to turn their eyes off the exciting experience this game can offer. Another aspect that draws players is the vehicles that come in a variety of designs made by licensed car makers.

There are many prominent car makers like Lamborghini, Bugatti, and many more. Every car manufacturer has its own characteristics that you'll identify. Furthermore, players will operate the vehicle from a different viewpoint that the games. For instance, players will observe their car moving sideways and won't have to worry about the possibility of your car hitting an obstacle. Thus, the gameplay of this game is centered on the player's technological aspects.

Speed up to win

Its gameplay CSR Racing 2 will be somewhat different from other titles in the same genre however, it is also focused upon speed as well as winning races. Particularly, you'll be able to view your automobile from the angle as mentioned previously and strive to get the best speed for the car that you own. The game is autopilot, where you concentrate on increasing the speed of your car to reach higher speeds and outdo other competitors at the course. This level requires exactness when you press the button.

As soon as the game begins it will show at the bottom of the screen, the car speedometer as well as the accelerator to the right. At the beginning, you'll be trying to push the accelerator pedal in a precise manner to ensure a steady starting speed and allow to accelerate further. In addition the way to let you know that you've reached the best speed is that you continue to press the accelerator and, when the meter's lines point to the green region it is necessary to keep it in place for a bit.

This task requires attention from players since they need to adjust their throttle within the designated zone correctly. If you click right, you'll get the phrase Perfect Start. Once you have started the accelerator, it will know how to switch to the plus sign which will help you improve your speed in this game. When you turn the speedometer's hand is in the green zone is pressed, you will press the plus sign and you'll see the increase in speed of your car, and you'll do this many times during the course of a race.

Buy a car with a name that is famous

If you've completed the game, you'll be awarded a prize for being the winner. The amount you get will be evaluated based on various criteria within the game. Also that if you want to make a substantial amount of money during a game you must be able to perform very well in front of the other players. It's not a straightforward task however, it can motivate players to demonstrate their abilities during the game.

If you visit CSR Racing 2, you will definitely not be able to avoid the cars of a variety of famous brands around the world. It is likely that you will spend time looking at them, and that's the reason why you should take on this game. However the vehicles used in the game are organized according to the order they are placed from Tier 1 to 5. At the start in the course of play, you'll purchase Tier 1 cars, and then gradually work to acquire the latest cars with a greater cost.

The car you own I love is only the start of the game. It requires a variety of things in order for a vehicle to succeed at the game. Particularly, you will find adjustments for certain components in the car's details and there are numerous options to pick from, including Upgrade and Customize, as well as many other options. These will bring new designs and new features to your vehicle when you compete with competitors.


With CSR Racing 2, there are a variety of ways to enhance your skills. In particular, you'll find various levels in the standard game mode and you can make lots of money playing it. If you're seeking an even more difficult race you will be able to meet others playing the game. Each update will offer thrilling events you should not miss out on because you can earn lots of cash.

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