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Since the introduction of the first Android phones, smartphone hardware has been steadily improved. That being said, your mobile devices now can perform tons of incredible tasks to the extent that you can substitute your Android phone for a conventional laptop or PC. 

Today's mobile devices are incredible powerhouses that can do anything you want, from playing games to making calls. Moreover, for those who like to play emulator games on your PC with many exciting titles from the famous retro consoles and handhelds, you don't need a computer anymore. 

Therefore, Android gamers have tons of options for playing their favorite retro games through emulators. You can play your GBA, NES, SEGA GENESIS, S-NES, N64, PSP, and many of your childhood games on your new capable mobile device. Unfortunately, the PS2 games, which can even cause some difficulties with its PC emulators, will still have to wait.

It's no more a hassle when you have DamonPS2 Pro: PS2 Emulator from DamonPS2 Emulator Studio on your Android device. Now you can have the epic gameplay experience of a PS2 with its powerful PS2 emulator software. You can play hundreds of AAA games on your mobile device and enjoy them with outstanding performance.

Check out our reviews for more details on this exciting app.


What does it do?

Like many other emulator apps, DamonPS2 Pro enables gamers to emulate games from specific platforms to other platforms. As a result, you'll be able to play emulated PlayStation 2 games on Android devices. You are welcome to explore and experience the incredible titles that have made the console so popular in the past. 

You will have access to a massive library of games from the PS 2 with thousands of titles and hundreds of AAA titles, which will guarantee you an unparalleled gaming experience. Experience the portable gaming experience of the PS 2 right on your Android device. There isn't a better app that offers more exciting features than this one.





You can download and install the app on almost any Android device, but you must have some hardware capability to run this game. Thus, the app is recommended to be run on higher-tier devices that have the appropriate hardware. We recommend the Snapdragon 835/845/855 and, of course, the latest 865 processors with their insane power. 

Although you can still play the emulated games on a lower-end device, you will have to make certain adjustments to the graphics and overall gaming experience. As a result, the gameplay becomes less exciting and enjoyable. It is also important to note that some titles will not run with old hardware.

In addition, to ensure that the app works properly, you should run an Android device with at least 5.0 and above. The app also requires OpenGL ES 3.0 and its later versions to function. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy the game fully. 


Amazing features

Check out what the game has to offer:


Easy to use and exciting emulation software for Android

As a starting point, PS2 fans will find the emulator's simplicity and convenience completely satisfying. Therefore, you can enjoy the countless game libraries on your mobile devices whenever you are free. Enjoy playing the PS2's best titles on your mobile device as you explore and experience the endless fun. You can enjoy your favorite games at any time.


Easy-to-use controls with custom options

DamonPS2 Pro will offer many useful options that can be used for those who are concerned about the touchscreen, which can make it a little difficult for you to enjoy the experience fully. You can easily customize the control experience on your mobile devices with intuitive touch controls and fully customizable features. As you navigate through the app, you will see different ways to control certain games and save your profiles.

For the ultimate console gaming experience, DamonPS2 Pro also allows Android gamers to connect the app to their external gamepad and take advantage of all of its immersive features. It's so much better to play games with physical buttons than with virtual ones. DamonPS2 Pro even features vibration support for specific controllers, which is nothing short of amazing.




Compatible with most PS2 games

Aside from the comfortable controls, you'll also have access to hundreds of playable and fully supported PS2 games, including the likes of God of Wars 1&2, Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy X, X-2, and more. Feel free to play your old PS2 favorites with smooth and satisfying gameplay, which is even better than the original.

Further supporting the games, DamonPS2 Pro is also compatible with multiple game ROM formats, including ISO, BIN, IMG, and NRG. So you can choose from various sources to play your favorite games.


Store your saved and loaded game states on your SD card

For an even more enjoyable in-game experience, Android users in DamonPS2 Pro can also use their SD cards to create saved files quickly. Enjoy the unique gaming experience of DamonPS2 Pro by copying, deleting, duplicating, moving, and changing your save files. Alternatively, your saved files can also be uploaded online for those who are interested in ensuring you never lose any in-game progress.


Various settings to improve your gaming experience

Additionally, DamonPS2 Pro also contains several useful settings that enable you to maximize the Android hardware for the best possible gaming experience. Make sure to allow Multi-Threading Acceleration options on your computer to make the most of your multi-core processors. For a more relaxing and smoother visual experience, you can also enable the Frame Skip feature. Furthermore, having the Skip BIOS option enabled allows you to enjoy excellent games in a much more relaxed and smoother manner.


Play more comfortably with the cheat code available

DamonPS2 Pro lets you use cheat codes in certain games to make them more enjoyable and comfortable for those interested. As a result, you can activate your preferred cheats to enjoy an alternate mode of play.




Free to use

Although this app has so many incredible features, it remains free for all Android users to use. Therefore, you can download DamonPS2 Pro for free from the Google Play Store. You might want to take a look at the modified version of the game if you'd like to remove the ads and get access to more features in-game.


Get more out of your game with our mod

Our DamonPS2 Pro mod comes with tons of additional features you will enjoy. All of the app's powerful emulator options are accessible here so you can enjoy its full potential. Download the DamonPS2 Pro APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go. You will play the games without ads and have full access to all the advanced settings that will enhance your overall experience.



Not compatible with low-end phones 

Despite its helpful and exciting features on high-end Android devices, DamonPS2 Pro isn't compatible with lower-end devices. As a result, your old Android phone won't be able to run the games properly, let alone allow you to play them.


Final verdicts

DamonPS2 Pro will undoubtedly be among your must-have emulator apps when it comes to playing PlayStation games, along with PPSSPP Gold. Furthermore, you'll have access to an even more extensive library of excellent games on the PS2 this time around. Considering all these reasons, it's impossible to overlook this app.

DamonPS2 Pro is an excellent app for PS2 fans. So from now on, you'll be able to play your PS2 games anywhere and anytime. What's more important, our mod allows you to have a much more enjoyable and full-featured in-app experience.

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