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Version 1.21.5
Mod info Unlimited Rubies/Keys
Updated Jan 16, 2022 (8 months ago)
Developer LucyDream
Category Simulation ,
Installs 6+

If you love adventure and love adventure games, then Dangerous Fellows is a very suitable game. When you join Dangerous Fellows, you will experience the hunt by terrifying ghosts along with handsome guys. Moreover, players will be able to date extremely handsome boys with gorgeous faces and attractive looks, especially very kind. The guy will be chased by the ghosts constantly, but don't worry too much about dating guys, but on the contrary, you will feel safe when you are with very manly guys. Besides, the boys will protect you in every way to overcome the dangers in the chase phase.

MOD Info

  • Endless rubies for which you can buy clothes in the wardrobe and tickets and tips in the store (in the main menu, click on the + sign next to any currency at the top of the screen, then scroll down the list).

Horror and dangerous missions

This simulation game with many horror elements makes players extremely excited to experience unexpected situations with extraordinary missions. In particular, Dangerous Fellows will be highly suitable for those who love this genre. When you participate in this game, you will be transformed into beautiful female characters and hunted by extremely bloodthirsty zombies.
Therefore, the player's task is to find a way to escape the capture of the zombies; in order to do this, the player needs tools to support and attack them when they attack. Players also need to combine with fast movement to get out of their range. What is more, the player's task will become easier with the help of the male characters, and they will assist the player in overcoming the attacks and retrieving the zombies.


Gameplay and Attractive Features

Conquer difficult situations

Coming to Dangerous Fellows, players will have an extremely interesting experience around extremely unexpected situations that bring players to explore different emotional frames. The game begins with the player participating in a group of researchers with many dangers, so before joining this group of researchers, players must have prepared mentally and mentally for the challenging deal with unexpected situations during the mission. Therefore, players should take precautions and carefully observe everything around them because ghosts can appear suddenly anywhere around you. Even if you look ahead without guarding behind, then they may occur right after you.
In addition, the player will often be attacked by zombies, so the player will likely be injured more or less. When you are injured, the blood in your body will drop to the fork depending on the extent of your injury, so you should be alert and minimize the amount of injury. If you are seriously injured and lose too much health, the player will fail and cannot win. However, to have a chance to win, players need to be careful and calm in the face of situations that occur when teams of zombies attack, so you must use your intelligence to plan to deal with them.


The support of 5 handsome characters

When participating in Dangerous Fellows, players will play the role of attractive and charming female characters. These characters are incredibly well-formed with lovely, full of personality, and equally beautiful images strong in the face of challenging situations. In addition, before the onslaught of the army of bloodthirsty zombies, you also need help and support to fight them because no matter how strong you are, you can't fight them alone.
Knowing the needs and psychology of players, the publisher has been observant when providing players with five male characters to help players complete tasks quickly. In particular, the game has successfully built these male characters who all have attractive and handsome looks, even very attractive. Each character has an entirely different image and appearance, and even the publisher has invested very carefully from hair to face and even costumes. Therefore, players will be extremely excited and impressed by the gestures and helping actions of the male characters.


Perfect match and win

These zombies' goal is to chase and infect the main character continuously, so the player must find a way to run away from these zombies to avoid being bitten by them. In addition, when starting, the player needs to plan for the whole game screen and choose a male character to assist him in performing the task; note when choosing a male character to choose carefully accordingly best to create the perfect combination and win.
Besides, players will also be provided with information about male characters, typically five male characters with different strengths and powers. For example, the character Ethan is supported by a sword and fights hard to protect the player from the attack of the zombies. Next is Zion, with a brave spirit and ready to confront the zombies with a stick in hand. Next is the kind and confident guy Lawrence who can ensure the safety of the participants throughout the game. Finally, Eugene is the guy who is known to have an icy appearance but always cares about the players and has a warm heart.


When players complete all the missions and get rid of the zombies, which player will receive precious rewards such as many diamonds. In order to do this, players need to be careful and observe meticulously to limit the attack of zombies around everywhere. In particular, when it comes to Dangerous Fellows, it will bring players great experiences with unexpected adventures along with handsome male characters who always care and protect themselves.
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