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Version 2.133
Mod info Free Craft/Menu Mod
Updated Jul 08, 2022 (2 months ago)
Developer Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
Category Survival ,
Installs 52,845+

An exciting and dramatic game with a setting is a wasteland, and you will have to use all your skills to survive. This will be a place ravaged by war and what remains are scarce resources; you need to collect them to take advantage of your life. Build your base to be able to fend off enemy attacks. Gather all the survivors of this land and form a team together to uncover the remaining secrets of this place.
Dawn of Zombies is sure to be a dramatic game you'll love!

Interesting and novel story

Coming to Dawn of Zombies, you will be transformed into a lucky survivor in a wild world; all human civilizations have been ravaged and razed by hundreds of bitter wars. Now all that remains is a desolate landscape and a few survivors scattered across the land.
The worst-case scenario is that many nuclear facilities have been destroyed, and what it leaves behind is toxic radiation that affects human life. Humans were affected and turned into mutants, insane, and eventually turned into strange and disgusting monsters.
In that chaotic world, you need to protect yourself from those monsters. You need to build your base and collect as many resources as possible. It would be best if you survived many trials and difficulties. In addition, you need to locate your lost friend, and this will be the only person who can help you restore your memory source.

Interesting feature

Discover a series of new features of Dawn of Zombies right here:

Build your base


In the world of Dawn of Zombies, the danger always lurks and threatens you at all times. It would be best if you were negligent; even for 1 second, you can lose your life at any time. And that's also why you need to build a safe and qualified base to shelter and protect yourself from the dangerous world out there.
From the scraps left on the land, you can pick them up to build your base. You can also build underground facilities to store your resources safely. You need to maintain your life and continue to develop your base bigger and stronger. A solid defensive barrier will help protect you from dangerous attacks from monsters.

Trying to survive in a world of scarcity

What's worse than resources are gradually depleted, players will have to face hundreds of dangerous challenges to get the precious resources that still exist in this place. Sometimes just because of a small piece of bread that you and many others can fight with each other, the worst case can lose your life. Try to win everything no matter what the problematic situation.
Do not leave your character in a low-energy state for too long because it will significantly influence many of your activities. Things that can cause you to experience low power and low vitality are hunger, thirst, illness, or radiation.
In addition to protecting you, the base will also be an excellent place to sleep and rest to help you restore your energy very quickly. And when you go out on a mission, remember to bring enough food and drink to be able to recharge your body promptly.


Amazing adventures

In a highly mysterious world, your job is to participate in adventures and explore this world. With dozens of different characters and with each character will have its own unique story. Then you can perform the tasks and collect for yourself many valuable rewards.

Explore any place you want

Dawn of Zombies allows you to explore all places by walking there comfortably, or you can use a variety of vehicles to move. Maybe a bike will help you go faster or overcome the zombies roaming with monster cars. In addition, your character will receive many other exciting rewards from the crafting and trading features.

Extremely realistic game

With many impressive images from lighting systems, effects, fog, furniture, and more. These help you get an overall experience that is highly realistic and vivid.


Explore the huge map

Dawn of Zombies gives players a vast world presented in the form of a map. Your job is to explore, observe and go to many places to collect valuable artefacts. Many challenging scenarios such as wasteland, dark forest, disgusting zombies, wild animals sometimes dangerous bandits. You will have to try to overcome and win these exciting challenges.
In particular, on this map, many attractive prizes will appear randomly. You can check out hidden chests, airdrops, and more.

Meet the survivors of this land

Although the war destroyed a lot of things, there are still some people living in this world. So, in addition to the disgusting zombies, you will have to encounter other survivors. Explore exciting lands with various activities with other groups and factions.
You can gather many resources to use and build a base by trading and communicating with different factions. Strive to be the mightiest fighter and maker as you gain an illustrious reputation with other factions. And you can also unlock other exciting events.

Craft many useful items


In a world full of danger and scarcity, it is essential to equip your weapons to survive. With the suitable options, you can explore and learn how to craft more than 60 powerful weapons like Makarov Pistol, AK, M-16, and many more.
As you progress in this game, you will have the opportunity to discover more exciting things, such as more than 150 designs for armour or vehicles and many more exciting things. In such a harsh situation, you will create anything with all the materials and your skills. In addition, on your items, you can also use intelligent options to explore them.

Exciting battles

Coming to Dawn of Zombies, you will be involved in many exciting battles with a series of different opponents. There are many exciting ways to fight, such as stealth mode or using a bush to cover yourself and then suddenly knock down enemies. In addition, you can also build drones used to scout the enemy's base, then take advantage of an excellent opportunity to attack them. Or, you can choose another exciting way of fighting, like suddenly rushing out and using machine guns to take down any dangerous enemies that stand in your way.

Complete the event and bring home attractive rewards

A series of random events will be generated in Dawn of Zombies, and this will be an excellent opportunity for you to get great rewards if you complete the task well. Events may involve rescuing and defending your allies from attacks by zombies.

Discover exciting online gameplay


With a variety of online gameplay, you can join your friends in survival mode with the participation of many players. Build bases together, gather resources, and band together to defeat any attacking enemies.
Go to the huge settlements, where you can meet the survivors. Meet many people, and you can exchange many valuable items with them.
If you want to find a lot of great loot, you can participate in MMO raids to defeat many big bosses. All of Dawn of Zombies' new building and combat features will surely captivate you.

Join now for free

A series of attractive features of Dawn of Zombies are waiting for you to explore. Right now, you can immediately download the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK version for free. With a variety of features and items already unlocked and your job is to enjoy using them.

Game quality

Graphics are designed to be highly realistic and eye-catching, with 3D graphics quality. Extremely vivid images such as monsters, characters, infrastructure, and many beautiful scenes are created with high investment.

Robust and lively sound. Combining the sound with the images of a war-torn land, smoke, and wilderness has brought a great feeling to the player.
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