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Version 5.1.0014
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Speedhack/Long Skill Check

Updated Dec 21, 2021 (11 months ago)
Developer Behaviour Digital Inc.
Category RPG ,
Installs 7+

Dead By Daylight Mobile (MOD, Speedhack/Long Skill Check) is likened to a horror film made using the hide and seek mode in which a murderer searches for four survivors.

A game that is a horror in which many players are able to play against one with each other, and are split into two teams with different roles. Dead by Daylight Mobile - Multiplayer Horror Game. The players will play as the hunter and hunted in a setting filled with elements of horror. In addition every character line has its own characteristics which you must be aware of and will improve your odds of winning the stage.

Experience survival in a dangerous World

With Dead by Daylight Mobile, players are thrown into a terrifying world, with components created in a detailed manner and provide the most authentic experience for players. Particularly, the results of attacks, and the outcomes of blood, as well as the beating survivors hearts also become fascinating and draw players to the game's screen. Killers also sport an intimidating look and have a weapon at hand to strike you.

The game's gameplay is captured within a terrifying environment in which there are 4 survivors and 1 Killer who will always try to locate you and hang you from a hook. The hook was used to kill the human body to a bizarre thing known as The Entity. The Survivors must try to avoid the Killer and collaborate with the other players to achieve the goal of the game: escape the terrifying world by repairing five generators that are that are scattered all over. It's a game of brains that will be fought between the two teams.


The first group to be to be mentioned is called the Survivors and is an increase in numbers than the Killers However, they're the ones who will be the most vulnerable to being attacked in the course of the game. This character type has a distinct characteristic that every player needs to be aware of. The player is able to control the character from a third-person viewpoint and is in complete accordance with Survivors meticulous approach to action. You are able to hide from those who are threatening you by hiding, and performing different actions.

These actions generally assist players protect themselves from enemies approaching however their speed isn't as fast as Killer. However, they're compensated with another amazing skill which is the capability to utilize objects around them as obstacles. That is you can make use of them to slow down Killer's movement and force them to stop for a few seconds to break the barriers, since only survivors are able to leap over them.

Another aspect that Survivor should be aware of is the possibility of being taken by Killer and then taken to hook. The odds of survival will diminish as you catch more fish but you will have only three chances. The first one will permit you to act to free yourself from the trap, but chances of survival are minimal. For a third chance you'll have to battle the enemies until you are saved or killed. The final chance will be the final chance for you since there's no alternative. Saving yourself by a different player can be a good alternative.


It is believed that the Killer is a sworn enemy to Survivor since this terrifying beast can pursue them with a brutal force There are many factors that allow them to detect the movement that their host is making. One of them is that you are unable to conquer obstacles and attempt to conquer them, and follow the tracks left by survivors. Hunters are the only ones who can see the tracks, however it's not easy as there is no single individual. In addition there could be other variables that will be uncovered.

The second issue mentioned was a glitch that was discovered in the repair of the generator used by Survivor. Repairing the generator process requires a lot of expertise from the user since they'll need to find the indicator that hits the correct area of the slider. Furthermore, when you increase the gap between hunter and prey increases and the prey's heart begins to increase in volume, and the heart becoming larger and more visible. Each side has their role and rights.

The privilege of two actions

The game Dead by Daylight Mobile, every faction has unique traits that players have to take into consideration which makes the game even more exciting. It also offers certain advantages of each character sort that you'll definitely appreciate. Particularly, survivors are able to interact with various objects and locate the essential items to help them escape. The flashlight is just one of the items.

It is possible to create more interesting escape options than constructing obstacles. You will make use of a flashlight to stun your opponents for a specific duration of time. However Killers could hinder the player's progress towards playing the game and can strike any player who is already in Killer's range of vision. It is a game which will cause you to feel fearful yet you want to keep playing the adventure.

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