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Version 4.71.0
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Money
Updated Jan 25, 2022 (8 months ago)
Category Action ,
Installs 9+

If you are a fan of Zombie games, it is impossible to ignore DEAD TARGET. This is an exciting Zombie shooting game on mobile devices, and it is entirely offline. The prospect is that a fierce battle is in full swing, and you will have the opportunity to join this battle in no time. In the story in the year 2040, zombies roam and raging everywhere, a series of life-and-death battles begin to break out. And your task is to collect weapons to start fighting against them and save your safety. Try to stick to every last moment if you're alive, and win them over.

MOD V1 Info

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Coin

MOD V2 Info


  1. GodMode
  2. KillPlayer
  3. Repair Armor
  4. Forward
  5. BAck
  6. CrossHairV1
  7. CrossHairV2
  8. DrawCircle
  9. CircleSize
  10. Color(CircleCrosshair)
  11. CrossHairSize
  12. CHams
  13. SizeEnemy
  14. SizeEnemyValue
  15. KillallEnemy
  16. MassKill
  17. Ammo
  18. EndMission
  19. No Spread
  20. Unlimite Grenade
  21. Unlimite AidKit
  22. Money
  23. Gold
  24. Diamond
  25. Level 99
  26. UnlockGun
  27. UnlockGunID
  28. UnlockGloves
  29. UnlockGlovesID

Discover all the fun in this category game

Thousands of zombies roaming everywhere play out a chaotic and scary scene; moreover, your life is threatened by their hideous attack. To keep yourself safe, you need to fight with your own hands and destroy them immediately. Perhaps today will be your last day alive, so you have to take advantage of all the time to fight for the battle for survival. To continue to survive, you have no better choice than to take up arms and shoot down the vicious zombies that are trying to attack you. DEAD TARGET is an entirely offline game, so you can freely explore and use various powerful weapons, starting an era of the most thrilling and exciting combat.


To describe the most specific and sharpest about this fascinating fighting game, DEAD TARGET has been designed extremely carefully on the 3D game platform. The graphics are highly sensitive and unique, bringing the most impressive look to the player. The zombie images are designed in great detail with lines that describe their horror and cruelty. In addition, to get the most potent shots, you need to upgrade your gun most often; when facing a series of more aggressive zombies, you don't need to be afraid. You can choose a sniper rifle or a rifle, which will be a great zombie-killing tool.

Special feature

Easy to control and move the characters

As a decisive fighting game, the control features are also optimized to be highly flexible; players will easily control and move their characters in the most agile way. A real fight for survival will have no place for the cowards and the slow. You can own rifles, grenades, sniper rifles, pistols, and even daggers to attack scary zombie opponents. Because this is an offline game, the level of intensity is also a bit limited. Still, when you go deep into the inner rounds, there will be many exciting challenges for you to experience. It would help if you held the trigger, then press and shoot continuously at your target to get a solid defence.


Massive and ferocious zombies are constantly attacking; Not only that, they are always looking for opportunities to attack us. And what we need to do is to actively stand up and destroy them before they attack and harm people. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to participate in the Battle Pass event to have the chance to collect a lot of impressive combat guns. Owning a weapon with high destructive power and many special features will help you in attacking zombies. In addition, guns are also considered a necessary survival tool when you live in a world full of zombies, and they are still in chaos everywhere. So try to participate in many events and challenges to collect as many weapons as possible. Guns like gun skins will often appear, and you can pick them up right away. But note that it only appears a few times, so you must seize this opportunity; they will be a necessary weapon to destroy those disgusting zombies.


Enjoy playing offline with multiplayer mode

If other offline games are too dull, DEAD TARGET brings you a free offline game of the best quality ever. Discover an exciting game with a series of monstrous zombies that will help players get a new feeling like never before. Not only that, but you can also play DEAD TARGET anytime, anywhere without having to worry about internet problems. The game has a high investment and gives players an extraordinarily diverse and unique arsenal of combat weapons, with more than 50 types of mighty guns that can attack zombies at any time.


Quality 3D graphics give players the most realistic and attractive feeling. Specifically, players will discover and feel through every detail of beautiful pictures through the sniper modes, scenes, and images of fighting with zombies. At the same time, DEAD TARGET also brings an impressive sound effect, expressed through each different gun's sound. The most realistic and exciting feeling while experiencing the most beautiful graphics and the vivid sound. In particular, remember to regularly upgrade weapons and guns with many customizations, change the character's appearance to be suitable for camouflage in this exciting battle for survival.

DEAD TARGET is a game programmed and designed quite beautifully but straightforward for players. With the combination of a modern and unique automatic gun system, players can enjoy an exciting shooting style.
If Are you worried about your shooting skills?
Don't worry about this! Because just pointing the gun at the zombies, you can instantly defeat them. You need to cover your exit quickly and, at the same time, shoot all the approaching zombies. Also, you can save yourself by going on snipers to support you.
Let's enjoy the game DEAD TARGET offline and completely free. Enjoy the impressive and exciting moments with the horrendous zombies. Hopefully with this new version will bring you a late experience more enjoyable than ever.

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