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Version 1.65
Mod info Unlimited Money/All Cars Unlocked
Updated Sep 08, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
Developer SUD Inc.
Category Racing ,
Installs 67,330+

Do you get tired of the identical old setups and overly exaggerated in-game features found in most racing games? Are you looking for a more realistic and liberating experience with your car? Are you looking forward to the game's relaxing and casual gameplay? If so, then Dr. Driving will be pretty interesting to you.


In this remarkable and authentic driving game, players will find themselves enjoying a very casual and realistic driving style. The game offers a driver's perspective rather than a racer's or criminal's. You'll be on the streets with regular traffic and laws to follow.


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What is this game about?

You'll be playing as an actual driver in the game, and you'll be able to access plenty of interesting driving challenges on the actual streets. It is even possible to create your characters with specific profiles and your own drivers' license, which is brilliant.


Along your journey in Dr. Driving, you will encounter multiple driving challenges and engaging game modes. As you learn how to operate your car more efficiently, you can begin the limited fuel challenge. You can also perform VIP escorting while learning how to drive defensively. In addition to the highway challenges, drivers can also select the speed driving challenges. Android gamers will surely enjoy the depth of gameplay.


Furthermore, gamers will experience authentic and accurate driving experiences with the in-depth driving mechanics in Dr. Driving. You can access many control options inside the cockpit, including the brake, gas pedal, gear shift, wheel, and fuel gauge. In this driving simulator, you'll be driving your car.





All the game's exciting features are explained here:


Authentic and realistic driving simulation

In the beginning, Android gamers can enjoy the stunningly realistic driving simulator with a complete cockpit setup that makes it easy to feel comfortable. As a result, you can control your entire car with the provided control options.


You can start by applying gas and braking to the car. Using the intuitive wheel controls and light signals, you can also make clean and proper turns. Don't let yourself end up with an empty-fueled vehicle on the street if you ignore the fuel and calculate your routes.


Enjoy the detailed and stunning environments in the game

The game also includes exceptional in-game environments with interactive streets for those who are interested. Unless you want to be pulled over by the police, you should drive on a real road with other vehicles beside you, follow the provided lanes, and obey the rules. Providing speed limits at specific paths allows the players to keep things as realistic and truthful as possible.




Multi-mode gameplay available

Android gamers will enjoy a variety of game modes and challenges in this game that make it extremely enjoyable: 


  • Highway - Here, you can enjoy driving at the top speed without being bothered about traffic laws. Break your records as fast as you can.
  • Drift - Demonstrate your driving abilities in Dr. Driving without breaking the law and see how you do.
  • Fuel Efficiency - For those who enjoy a more analytical challenge, it is also available. By following the shortest tracks and avoiding sudden brakes, you will be able to reach your destination without running out of gas.
  • VIP Escort - Gamers can take part in the VIP Escort challenges for a more carefully orchestrated and dedicated driving style. Driving slowly and cautiously is essential, so you don't damage your car or scare your passengers.
  • Speed Parking - Develop your taxi driving skills by taking on Speed Parking challenges in the game. As you take on the epic drive, drift, and parking experience, you'll find yourself driving fast and parking fast.


Pick from a wide range of vehicles

The game also features multiple vehicles you can pick up and drive through plenty of challenges in-game. Different cars will have different stats that make them more or less capable than others.


With varied stats, you'll also have different options for different types of driving missions. You should be able to pick the best cars that balance engine, braking, fuel, tire, durability, and comfort. You can make use of different stats to get a better score in various missions.


Unlock features via your Google Play Service account

Additionally, gamers in Dr. Driving can also connect their Google Play Service account to the game to unlock additional features. 


In the first place, you'll have access to fantastic online multiplayer experiences where you can race against the best drivers in plenty of different modes. You can also invite your friends to join the races and have a lot of fun.


In addition, by linking your Google account to the game, you'll be able to enable cloud saves, which will allow you to upload your in-game progress to the online drives automatically. Thus, you're free to continue playing on new devices or to recover your lost progress at any time. 




Compete with other drivers to earn extra gold

Moreover, you can also earn free gold by taking on specific driving missions with fellow online gamers and competing against them. This makes online gaming more enjoyable. Up to 1000 gold is available in each match, so you'll be able to enjoy the game while making a lot more gold.


Free to play

The Google Play Store also offers the game for free on mobile devices, so gamers can enjoy a free experience wherever they go. As a result, you can find the fun and download it for free.


Graphics and audio quality



It may not be the best-looking game in the genre, but gamers will find Dr. Driving the most accurate graphics. Therefore, all the in-game environments and cars are designed so that they may look and function as authentically as possible. The undemanding graphics also allow you to play on most Android devices, regardless of their hardware specifications.



Combining the realistic sound effects with the interesting in-game challenges, Android players will enjoy the experience. Get wholly hooked on the game as you immerse yourself in the incredible audio experience with sounds from traffic and your vehicle. 


Enjoy the fully unlocked game on our website

Those irritated by the annoying ads and in-game purchases can easily avoid those by having a modified version of the game installed instead. Our website features Dr. Driving Mod APK that you can download and install to start playing the game. To enjoy stable gameplay, make sure you follow the instructions correctly.


Final thoughts

Indeed, driving enthusiasts will enjoy this game, especially those interested in a more realistic and authentic experience. If you are a fan of the famous Traffic Racer or Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you are sure to find this new game from SUD Inc attractive, especially with our mod that gives you unlocked and free gameplay.

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