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UpdatedJul 31, 2022 (1 week ago)
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Do you enjoy cruising the streets in your favorite sports cars? Through the majestic bends, drizzling and curlingas you make spectacular drifts, smell the burnt rubber streaming from your tires in Drift Max Pro. In this latest game from Tiramisu studio, get through your opponents in elegance and send them back with smoke. With our review, you'll learn everything there is to know about this fantastic auto drifting game.




MOD Info


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • All Car Unlocked



  • Free purchases for game currency (you can buy cars and customization items, even if you don't have enough game currency);
  • Tires purchased without restrictions.


What is this game about?

The game is an improved version of the popular Drift Max Pro, which has been praised by racing fans worldwide for its ease of use and entertaining gameplay. Players will take on the role of a bold novice racer who wants to discover the thrill of drifting and racing at the same time in this game.


As you drift through the finish line, take on the exciting obstacles and complete your races. Choose from a variety of thrilling vehicles and give them various boosts. On the track, transform your automobiles into an absolute drifting beast.





Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Follow your drift racing dreams

Begin your racing career at the bottom and work your way up the scoreboard slowly and methodically. Gather information and resources to help you eliminate your opponents one by one. Enter the career mode, which includes more than ten different racing seasons and hundreds of tasks. Drift Max Pro allows you to choose your favorite racing cars and take them to the streets.




Race with real players in epic online races

For those searching for a little more challenge than the standard career races, Drift Max Pro also provides online races with real players, where you can put your skills and abilities to the test against the real thing. Compete against the top drifting pros in the world and climb the leaderboards to prove who is the real thing.


Players will never get bored playing online matchups because of two thrilling online multiplayer modes. In the Drifting battle, you'll face off against your opponents in a never-ending series of drifting challenges. Alternatively, race in the classic Racing game to put your driving talents to the test. Develop your skills as a true pro and conquer your online opponents.




Various car modification options are available

Your cars should also work correctly and look nice, as you'll be competing in fierce and fascinating drift matches in Drift Max Pro. Change the look of your vehicle by applying some wild paint and graphics. Choose from a variety of painting options, including two-tone and matte hues. Replace the stickers on your doors and hood, as well as painting them. 


As you ride your gleaming and flashy cars around the circuits, pick up new rim models and colors. Change the color of your glasses to match the theme of your automobiles. You can even change the color of your caliper. You can even look at some spoiler models that have yet to be released on the market if you want to.


To improve turning and driving, adjust the wheel angle. Select the appropriate suspension height for your car. Most significantly, you might use a variety of tuning choices to improve the efficiency of your engine.




Experience the fun of the race modes

Furthermore, there will never be a dull moment within Drift Max Pro because the game allows you to explore various racing styles that you've always enjoyed.


In the Daily Track, you can race your way to essential prizes. This mode is ideal for racers that prefer fast-paced, rewarding action. You can earn spectacular rewards by simply logging into the game for a few minutes each day. In the Classic Drift Race, you will compete against your opponents while also practicing your perfect drift. To obtain precious booty, combine the principles of racing and drifting.


Enjoy drifting over the obstacles while displaying incredible automobile abilities and techniques. In enormous Slalom Drifting challenges, race your way to the finish line. In the Cone Toppling challenges, drift through many obstacles to win your well-deserved reputations.


Alternatively, try the Perfect Drift Racing challenges if you want to take the tasks to the next level. Perform perfect drifts and cross the finish line without damaging your vehicle. Finally, in the Free Ride, you can enjoy the limitless drifting gameplay without any strain. Simply drive down the highway and perform flawless drifts whenever you want. There are no deadlines.




Simplicity and satisfaction in drifting mechanics

Drift Max Pro introduces gamers to a pleasant and rewarding experience where they may feel free to enjoy the drifting sensations thanks to simple and intuitive controls. As you direct your automobiles through the obstacles, you'll get a sense of how accurate the physics are. Everything will make you feel as though you're in the middle of real drifting competition.




It's completely free to play

Despite all of its fascinating features, Drift Max Pro is still available for download for free. Simply go to the Google Play Store, download the game, and install it on your smartphone or tablet. You'll get the opportunity to play an interesting drifting game while competing against people from across the world.




Graphics and audio quality



Drift Max Pro features stunning graphics, spectacular automobiles, realistic physics, and breathtaking visual effects, giving players everything they could desire in a car drifting game and more. As you slide across the smooth highways and smell the burning asphalt, take in the magnificent vehicles.



With solid and addicting soundtracks, you'll never want to put down your phone after you've been immersed in Drift Max Pro's thrilling adventures. Furthermore, the realistic sound effects will give the impression that you are drifting on the roadways.


Final thoughts

Fans of the popular drift racing game Drift Max will now play another game whenever they wish. Drift Max Pro is a fun game with a lot of cool features.


When you're done playing the game but still want more, Nitro Nation Drag & Drift and Need for Speed No Limits are two excellent games that share the same concepts and which you'll undoubtedly appreciate.


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