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When it comes to recording your on-screen activities or simply taking a snapshot of whatever is happening on your mobile device, DU Recorder should be able to impress you with its exciting and useful features. As you can see, the app offers an array of useful recording options, allowing you to capture screen content effectively and efficiently easily.


In addition to this, the application also features a powerful video editor. You can use the provided editing features and materials to make an exciting change to your video. Moreover, it now offers convenient and practical streaming experiences on any of your preferred social networks. Live streaming on mobile screens is thus possible through this application.


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What does it do?

The Android operating system does not support recording activities on your mobile screen, so you can't do that. Despite this, the mobile apps on the online store will make recording everything on your phone quite simple. With its many practical applications, DU Recorder, ranked among the top-rated mobile apps for screen recording, is bound to impress you.


Start capturing screen records on your Android device by enabling the app and using its powerful functionality. Additionally, you can enjoy various video editing features in DU Recorder, which offers many different customizations and tunings that you can perform on your videos. Finally, DU Recorder provides quick and effective options that are always available for those who need to livestream their mobile screens online.





You can download DU Recorder from the Google Play Store for free if you're interested in its many exciting features and would like to take advantage of them. Currently, the app is free and offers most of its features for free. However, to enjoy the advanced features and have better screen recording experiences, you might need to pay a fee for the premium app.


For the app to work properly, you'll also need an Android device running the latest firmware version to make sure that it works with the app. Furthermore, the app doesn't require root permissions to access your screen display, making it much more convenient than most other apps. 


Also, for DU Recorder to access your display, you must have the Accessibility option enabled for this app. Then you will be able to run it properly.


Amazing features

This app has a lot to offer, including:


Live streaming options for any of your preferred networks

For starters, if you're looking for a functional mobile app that allows you to broadcast your screen on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, this is it. Using the app, you can switch between the different settings based on your account login. You can also customize the options in DU Recorder to further enhance the videos and the quality. You can then choose to live stream using the app and broadcast whatever content you like.


Users can also access many applicable settings with the app, which will improve their live streaming experiences. It would be best if you began by setting the privacy level to complete security while streaming videos. In addition, you can still keep track of the chatbox with real-time audience comments. Engage your viewers during live streaming by using the front camera. Additionally, you can begin using the live tools in DU Recorder, which offers a wide variety of useful live streaming options on each platform, allowing you to accept live donations, set stream goals, and more.





Take advantage of the handy screen recorder

DU Recorder is the perfect choice if you need an efficient screen recorder tool to allow for more convenient screen recording. Ensure to experiment with numerous resolutions, frame rate, and bitrate settings to get the best videos. In addition, the HD videos it supports will be handy for streaming.


There are many ways to change your videos while recording, such as turning on and off the front camera, pausing or resuming the video, making live drawings on-screen with the provided brush, turning on or off the external sounds more. 


In the same way, you'll find that the app's many functional controls enable you to make quick and effective changes to your videos. A floating window and notification bar give you access to the control options. Furthermore, the settings won't be recorded, even though the app is running. If you need to stop recording a video, you can shake your device.


Using your PC to download videos and screenshots is also possible - connect to your Wi-Fi connection. You can turn your videos into interesting GIFs by using the GIF maker. Also, DU Recorder gives you the option to store your videos on both SD and Internal cards so that you can get plenty of storage space.




Experience the power of professional video editing

By using the video editor available in DU Recorder, you can quickly amend the captured videos, as well as the videos that are already on your phone. Trim and split videos at any point that you wish. Crop the videos and images to fit any ratio you prefer. Or merge several videos into one complete video for further editing.


In addition, you can do a lot of editing with the visual effects provided and change the videos entirely at the same time. You can also create intuitive and interactive videos by adding music, audio effects, and transitions. In addition, you can use the voice recording feature to provide your reflexive commentary on the videos. 


You can enhance the narration of the videos by adding text or subtitles to any part of the video. Add frames and stickers to the videos to make them more exciting and exciting. Take advantage of the speed settings and create fast-forward or slow-motion videos to develop powerful visual impressions. Lastly, you are free to express your creativity in the video creation process by adding multiple filters and effects.




Snap and edit your screenshots

In addition to recording and live streaming your Android screen, DU Recorder also allows users to take screenshots and edit them with many options in the app. You can easily capture images by using the one-hand control. At the same time, you can make changes to the photos using the photo editor built into the software.


Moreover, you can crop your captured images to suit your needs. Using the Blur option, you can create interesting pixelated parts of the videos. It is also possible to combine several photos in one with the available grid options.




Get the unlocked version for free on our website

The only downside to DU Recorder is that it is a freemium Android app, and users must make purchases to unlock the full version of the app. As a result, our unlocked version is perfect for you since you get full access to all features without spending a penny. All you need to do is download the DU Recorder Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you'll be good to go. You can remove the annoying watermark here and create your own. You can also further customize your recording experiences.


Final verdicts

DU Recorder is a fully-featured app that can replace your free Mobizen Screen Recorder, so if you need a complete replacement, the modified version on our website will come in handy. Get this awesome mobile app for free, and start exploiting its powerful screen recording and screenshot features.


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