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Version 2.3.2
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Unlimited Money

Updated Jun 09, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Kairosoft Co.
Category RPG ,
Installs 9+

Dungeon Village will be a game that gives you many exciting and impressive experiences and will help you relax and have comfortable moments when exploring Dungeon Village. Besides, when you participate in this game, you can build the town of your dreams while preserving and protecting your village. So that you can enjoy relaxing moments with Dungeon Village.
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MOD Info

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Town Points

(Increase when you spent)

Discover the story of Dungeon Village

Coming to Dungeon Village, you will discover and experience a completely new simulation game with the new gameplay, and you will transform into characters. This game was published and developed by Kairosoft. In addition, your task is to manage the town and find ways to expand them, which protects the village from attacking monsters. Through recruiting adventurers to fight the demons with an investment in content to bring you incredible experiences through diverse tasks for you to do and complete in your idle time without boring you.
Remember that your mission is to expand the town; to do this, you need to make sure your village is safe from monsters' attacks. In addition, your town is constantly threatened by attacking monsters, so you must strengthen and recruit adventurers to protect and fend off monsters to bring peace to the village of your beloved town and help it prosper. In addition, you also have to increase your defense and stay vigilant to protect the town's resources, and you can even craft more things to do this.

Gameplay and Attractive features

New gameplay

Besides, for you to protect your town well, you need to attract attention to attract adventurers to your town so that they can help you fight and fight the monsters lurking outside the village. To attract adventurers, you need to build and renew buildings in your town and regularly organize exciting and popular events in your town, which will help your town develop and make your village more and more prosperous. In addition, you will take the opportunity to direct them to fight when the monsters arrive, and there will be rewards instead of thanking them.


You should focus on the development of your town and make them more and more famous, because the more prominent your village is, the more adventurers will come. To visit your town they will first fight monsters for a particular time, and then they can visit the shops in your town. If they own a house in your village after the tour, they will go home. If these adventurers are upgraded, they will become stronger; besides, you can change jobs or regularly give them gifts and items or any other event. As for adventurers who are defeated by monsters, they will be awakened for a while. If other adventurers find them, they can take them back to the inn and restore them considerably. In addition, players can use their magic or items to revive adventurers.

The participation of adventurers

When participating in the game, you will be provided with a maximum of 25 adventurers for your town. These adventurers are supplied with weapons and armour, and they can change many different tasks. Besides, to expand the mission for adventurers, you can upgrade them many times, especially if you will receive many valuable rewards if many adventurers move to your town.
When it comes to your towns, adventurers will have many different jobs to do, which will affect the adventurers' fighting ability and even affect your town's growth rate, which directly affects the quality and quantity of adventurers. The most impressive thing about the game at Dungeon Village, they are linked and relate the chain of events together to make the game perfect and impressive, helping players have moments of excellent experience with the game Dungeon Village.


How To Play Dungeon Village

After each battle with monsters, you will gain experience points and valuable rewards such as gold. After each month, this score will be increased. In addition, players can use these points to unlock special events such as job upgrades for adventurers and organize exciting events to recruit adventurers to the market in your town. However, these monsters will not let you do these tasks efficiently, and they will destroy and hinder you from doing so. Especially a very aggressive Boss, the goal of coming to your village is to destroy the town and ravage all over your town, doing so will affect your town's reputation and decrease. Therefore, you need to clear it as soon as possible to not affect your town, especially after destroying the Boss you will receive many valuable rewards.


In addition, after you complete the quests, you will unlock new items for your adventurers. To earn more items, you can explore the dungeon, and although it is a bit time-consuming, you will get many things and weapons, even experience. At the same time, to increase the stats for adventurers, players can use consumables and use them on buildings to increase the effect. In addition, there are many new items, equipment, and more equipment for Cauldrons adventurers.

Dungeon Village has been briefly described above and promises to bring many exciting experiences, watching, and unexpected elements for players to explore. When participating in this game, you will have the opportunity to use your management skills to build your town and destroy the evil monsters that stalk your town.
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