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Version 22.22
Mod info Premium Choices
Updated Sep 18, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer Episode Interactive
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Those who enjoyed the excellent life simulation gameplay of Choices: Stories You Play will undoubtedly enjoy this new mobile game from the renowned Episode Interactive. Enjoy yourself as you immerse yourself in Episode Choose Your Story's fantastic gameplay and in-game storylines. Explore your new life when immersing yourself in intriguing stories in which you are the central character.


As you dig into the beautiful in-game experiences of Episode – Choose Your Story, create your characters and let them experience life in a variety of ways. Play and enjoy a variety of fantastic relationships, adventures, dramas, and storylines. As you choose and develop your own stories, you'll discover the game's limitless possibilities.


With our reviews, you may learn more about this excellent life simulation gameplay.




MOD Info


  • Free Premium Choices


Note: The free and premium options will appear the same, so choose the one that interests you the most; if you choose the premium option, you will be able to receive your premium costumes.


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  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Passes


What is this game about?

Android gamers will access a large assortment of spectacular and exciting journeys that they can take on their mobile phones in the game. Consequently, the game introduces players to their fantastic life tales through various sets and scenarios. Enjoy a wide range of exciting love, romances, adventures, dramas, and mysteries on your mobile devices.


In addition, each story allows gamers to create and construct their characters, allowing them to experience their adventures. Feel free to customize your characters as you see fit and take control of your own stories. Dive into the game's great adventures while having fun with excellent gameplay where your choices matter.


As a result, Android gamers can choose their own stories and approaches to the game in Episode – Choose Your Story. Discover the fantastic gameplay of life simulations in numerous settings while having a lot of fun. You'll never get bored playing the game because new storylines are presented every week.





Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Simple life simulations for everyone

To begin, players in Episode – Choose Your Story will have access to the enjoyable and intriguing life simulation experiences that come with simple and accessible gameplay. That being stated, all you have to do now is create your own chosen characters, select your favorite stories, and immerse yourself in each one while enjoying the entertaining gameplay to the maximum. Each time you return to the game, explore and experience the world of 100,000 stories in Episode – Choose Your Story.




Create and customize your avatars

In addition, Android gamers can freely design and modify their in-game characters with numerous traits and attributes as they begin their in-game experiences in Episode – Choose Your Story. The game's level of customization and personalization will even surpass that of the well-known Avakin Life.


As a result, you can freely experience Episode – Choose Your Story's fantastic gameplay with your unique characters. Adjust your noise shapes and heights, build your lovely pair of lips, and more. Change your facial traits, switch between different haircuts, trim and modify your brows, adjust your noise shapes and heights, and more. Utilize the available options to display your features correctly.




Explore multiple stories and interact with fascinating characters

For those interested, you will also have access to entertaining and intriguing life simulation games with numerous captivating storylines and, at the same time, many great in-game characters. Feel free to interact with your characters in a variety of ways. Develop friendships, rivalries, and even love connections with the individuals you meet. Choose your opponents and pals as you see fit while playing the game in a variety of ways.


Shape and guide stories along multiple paths

In addition to the in-depth character interactions, players in Episode – Choose Your Story can create their storylines in the game and experiencing them in various ways. As a result, you'll be presented with a variety of dilemmas and decisions to make as you progress through the game. Discover numerous endings for each set of choices you make in Episode – Choose Your Story, and enjoy the fantastic gameplay even more.




Create your own stories and publish them

It's also possible to write and design your storylines in the game for those who are interested. As you continue to explore the game, feel free to build your adventures and share your stories. Have fun creating your own stories and sharing them with friends and other Episode – Choose Your Story players.


Tons of fun stories with awesome setups

Android gamers will also be able to enjoy lots of unique stories from the series creators and other online publishers from all over the world to support you on your wonderful trip into the universe of Episode - Choose Your Story. You can even become one of those famous publishers by writing your own stories, as previously suggested.


But first, here are some of the game's most spectacular Episodes that you should certainly check out:


  • THE K*SS LIST - Immerse yourself in the Academy of Kentwood, where you'll meet some of the school's hottest students. As you plunge into the narrative, reach your goal of stealing ten kisses from the school's most desirable singles.
  • LOVE LIFE - Live the fascinating lives of our engaging individuals in New York City while having fun in your daily lives and searching for epic romances in the game. Take on real problems and make it big in the city of dreams at the same time.
  • THE BABY PROJECT – If you like it hot and romantic, this magnificent drama in Episode – Choose Your Story will surely impress even the most skeptics. As you enjoy the romantic games, you'll be paired with a hottie from Riverside High.
  • PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – Enjoy the mystery and puzzle-based gameplay in which you guide our character through a series of difficulties while attempting to find the unknown "A" as she blackmails you.
  • POSITIVELY PRINCESS – And you've been transformed into a princess in this fantastic episode of the game. With royal suitors from all over the world vying to marry you and have your child, you're in for a roller coaster ride of drama and romance.
  • DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME – For those interested in Demi Lovato and who would like to spend some time with her, you may become her friend in this fantastic adventure as she embarks on the ultimate global tour.

All of the stories described above are only a few of the many beautiful stories available to download and enjoy on your mobile devices. That being said, as you advance through Episode – Choose Your Story, you will have a lot more fun. Feel free to play various characters, learn about exciting stories, and have a great time with the game.




It's completely free to play

Despite having all of these fantastic features, gamers in Episode – Choose Your Story will always be able to find their favorite mobile game on the Google Play Store for free. And all you have to do is download and install the game without spending any money.


Graphics and audio quality



In Episode – Choose Your Story, you'll be entirely immersed in the fantastic world of life simulation games as you delve into the awesome in-game adventures. Enjoy your superbly built universe, great in-game images, attractive graphics, and more as you play through the engaging narrative.



For those interested, Episode – Choose Your Story also includes dramatic and impactful sound effects and music that will completely immerse you in the experiences. Enjoy the storylines and music while immersing yourself in the game entirely.


Enjoy the fully unlocked gameplay with our Episode Choose Your Story MOD APK

For those interested, we also have a customized version of Episode – Choose Your Story on our website that is unlocked. You'll be able to enjoy the entire gameplay, unlimited purchases, no advertisements, and more with this. Simply download the Episode - Choose Your Story Mod APK from our website, and you're all set.


Final thoughts

In addition, gamers in Episode – Choose Your Story will have access to the entertaining and delightful experiences of a life simulation with various unique storylines to choose from. But, more importantly, even the most skeptics would be satisfied by the completely open and unfettered gameplay.

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