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Version 6.5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/All Unlocked
Updated Jun 18, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer AxesInMotion Racing
Category Racing ,
Installs 50,899+

Fans of car driving or racing games certainly cannot ignore the beautiful Extreme Car Driving Simulator released by AxesInMotion Racing. With this completely new gameplay, players will have an excellent opportunity to get behind the wheel of a series of world-class supercars. 
Now, let's discover the exciting things that are waiting for you in Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

The story of the fascinating gameplay

Coming to Extreme Car Driving Simulator, players have the opportunity to experience a series of different unique cars and sit inside them to experience the best driving feeling. Freely explore many new things and enjoy the natural driving feeling in this exciting game.
Specifically, players can freely drive, steer, drift, and explore various exciting things in their cars. Enjoy exploring the beautiful city with impressive driving stunts. Perform illegal or dangerous driving stunts for the police to notice and track you; this will be exciting for those passionate about speed.


Interesting feature

Discover a series of attractive features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator right here:

Simple control features

The game offers simple settings and controls that make it easy for players to learn and use. You can explore and access driving features such as gear changes, navigation, and more.
The most memorable thing is that you will feel the smoothness and flexibility of these features because it allows you to customize freely. Let's start with your excellent cockpit, but if you don't like this driving style, you can completely switch to a different new way of driving.
For the smoothest driving experience, you need to spend a little time learning these controls. Every professional driving phase in Extreme Car Driving Simulator will now no longer be difficult for you.


Exploring precise physics

You need to experience the accompanying physics features smoothly on the best console racing games, and Extreme Car Driving Simulator entirely does that. Perform the most dangerous and fast racing stunts using precise physics.

Different game modes

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is optimized and offers many different game modes for players to choose from according to their preferences.

  • Traffic mode: With this mode, you will enjoy a more realistic driving experience than ever before. You will discover a street with heavy traffic, many moving vehicles, traffic lights signalling like reality. Not only that, but there are also police patrols, and you need to practice driving properly if you do not want to be chased by the police.
  • Free mode: With this mode, players will enjoy a large city, and no other vehicles can interfere with their driving. You will unleash the experience and travel around many parts of the town, looking for many rewards for yourself.
  • Checkpoint mode: If you are a racing enthusiast, then this mode will be suitable for you. Easily compete and race against many others, and you need to pass the checkpoint before the racing time runs out.

Unlock a series of new supercars

With hundreds of highly new and attractive vehicles, players will own each type separately and unlock many new cars when overcoming many challenges. You can choose your vehicles from many different categories, and they will be in your private garage. In particular, the vehicle will be more exciting and impressive when you customize some elements on your vehicle.

Big open world

Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers a vast open-world for you to explore whenever you want. Many exciting activities are provided, like being a bus driver, taxi driver, being chased by police all over the city when you are speeding.


Factual factors

With Extreme Car Driving Simulator, every action of your car looks realistic. After a collision or accident, your vehicle will also be damaged like the real thing. So you need to drive more carefully so as not to damage your property and affect your racing process.
Other elements are also highly realistic such as when you collide with a traffic sign, and it can fly off the ground or fall onto the road. All physical elements are integrated incredibly realistic and most enjoyable.

Switch CCTV camera

If you want to see different perspectives, you can customize it in the camera settings. You can easily view your car from the outside or inside, looking further or closer. With each viewing angle, you will see many different aspects.

Collect many valuable rewards

As long as you work hard to participate in many activities, you will own a series of the most attractive rewards. In particular, every day you log into the game, you can immediately receive your daily rewards. To get more loot and massive rewards, you need to do more quests and challenges.

Join for free

The game's installation has never been complex because you only need to download and then take a few essential steps to play Extreme Car Driving Simulator right away. In particular, with our free Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK version, you will discover a series of attractive features that have been unlocked.
Experience fantastic gameplay like never before now!

Game quality

Incredibly realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics quality. Despite possessing excellent and smooth graphics, you can still play Extreme Car Driving Simulator comfortably on many different devices. You will indeed be drawn into this exciting interactive environment.

Realistic and immersive sound, with a complete range of racing immersive effects. You will quickly feel the actual driving and the sounds of the police chasing you.

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator now!


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