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Version 1.9.60
Updated Nov 04, 2021 (10 months ago)
Developer Level-5
Category Adventure ,
Installs 1+

If you'd like to learn more and experience the thrilling and enjoyable adventure of many adorable characters visit Fantasy Life Online. This game explores the lives of numerous characters and their professional lives. You can take on any character they want to play in discovering what's fresh and special about what this game can offer.

The players can select an independent life and authority.

In Fantasy Life Online, players will be able to pick a different career path and live a completely different. The game offers 12 lives, along with twelve other characters. Each character is unique in production capacity and level of education. So, their methods of collecting, making, and trading are different. In addition their characters and designs are also very different and varied. The adorable characters are paired with stunning and gorgeous clothes, which make the viewers feel awed right from the moment they encounter them.


This game comes with multiple levels and you get to make your own choices about your life. You can choose to play any character and take part in the thrilling adventure of mystery and challenge such as this. You can make your life by playing this game enjoyable and filled with energy. You will be able to work efficiently and keep practicing all day long to take part in the exciting matches that are included within this sport. Every participant's style of feeling and this includes you. We hope you'll be in more positive and happy state of mind after taking part in this game.


To be able to live in a community with friends in a particular area, you need to create an enclave. In the beginning, you must expand the size of the empty land, then the way you cultivate and develop, produce top quality and exported goods. Your village will reap gains, grow more prosperous and well-developed.

Only 4 players can join

In the midst of harvest and battle Invite your family and friends to come together for additional fun and laughter. Let's engage in exciting battles, improvements in our lives, gardening and food production together. The thing players must be aware of is the fact that up to four players can play the game. Also, you can enjoy great adventure games for multiplayer to have fun.

Get Rewards and Rare Materials

When you have completed the tasks assigned to you After completing the tasks, you'll receive rewarding rewards for your efforts in the game. It provides all the advantages you require during the game as well as the process of farming. In addition, you'll find a myriad of unique and rare elements. Furthermore, this is a game that is free for everyone of all ages and different ages, so that the participant uses the game for an interest in entertainment and wants to enjoy a relaxing space to unwind with lively characters. Lovely character in the field of farming and fighting.

Full and true colors INTERFACE

Through the careful creation of the creator gamers will be able to appreciate an interface that is that are very similar to real life. All of the information is realistically described which makes players feel close and easy to incorporate into the game's scenarios.

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