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Version 2.8.3
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Unlimited Cashes/Coins

Updated Sep 18, 2022 (1 week ago)
Developer iKame Games
Category Casual ,
Installs 63,229+

A beautiful and new version of the farm game from iKame Games is "Farm City: Farming & City Building". Indeed you will be attracted to this beautiful and unique gameplay by the highly diverse experiences of the game. You will be transformed into the owner of the farm city, and you can do all the work with your farm. In addition, you can also build your town with many interesting agricultural businesses and many other buildings.
Not only that, but you can also participate in a series of exciting challenges with your farming world. To build a massive city, you first need to develop small buildings. In particular, thousands of online friends from all over the world will also be able to play with you. Everything becomes more enjoyable than ever when coming to Farm City: Farming & City Building.

Fascinating farm story

It is a farm simulation game designed harmoniously and pleasantly with beautiful farm and town images. You will be transformed into a tycoon in a vast farming town. Nature is a farm, so you need to grow all kinds of crops and wait for the day to harvest them, then sell them to make a profit for yourself.
You can expand the surrounding land to build many different buildings when you have a specific financial source. Each building has a unique mission, and it will help you in many other things. Working hard to develop agriculture or earn many rewards for yourself will make it easy to upgrade your own farming city.
Things will become many times more interesting when you can also raise animals on your farm in addition to farming. You can relax by watching the lives of other NPCs living in your farm city.
All the fun in Farm City: Farming & City Building is waiting for you!


Interesting feature

Farm City: Farming & City Building brings you a series of exciting and unique features; discover the following:

Fun and straightforward farm gameplay

From the first play, all ages can easily understand and participate in Farm City: Farming & City Building. Indeed players will be attracted by the simple gameplay and beautiful designs that this game brings. With a series of images, the farming experience is more intuitive and enjoyable than ever.
Not only building a farm, but you can also build a large farm city for yourself. With much different gameplay in Farm City makes you feel the game is many times more attractive than other farm games. Let's start building your farming city from the simplest things to huge buildings. And join many other exciting activities that Farm City brings to you.

Many interesting challenges

Players will be fascinated by the beautiful intensive gameplay by many new challenging rounds. Specifically, there are many different levels, missions, and challenges, challenging you to explore and complete your tasks well. In each group, there will be many exciting things and different difficulty levels.


A highly modern version of agriculture

Farm City focuses on building a world with highly modern and novel agriculture. You can immerse yourself in exciting farm gameplay with exclusive features in Farm City. Here, you will participate in various enjoyable agricultural activities or go to the markets to see and sell. Then you can return to your beloved farm and start farming and raising animals. Start taking care of them and wait for the harvest day.
Most significantly, you need to learn how to create agricultural products and turn them into commodities. These goods will be sold, and you will have your source of income. Busy but fun activity when you get to hang out with your pets. You can build your farming community with many different buildings to perform many separate tasks. All activities are exciting and authentic, like a real farmer.

Explore the market a vast market

In addition to farming and building, you also discover a vast market with many unique commercial aspects. You will have to compete with a series of competitors, a volatile market, sudden changes, and many other novelties. Those are the problems you will suddenly encounter when entering this vast market. The fact that many surprises are happening to you and the farming community will help you feel the depth and reality of this gameplay.

Design and build a massive farming city

In addition to your beloved farm, you can also build a large and beautiful farm city. With the image of a small town with many unique buildings, you will feel highly excellent. Specifically, things will be more impressive when you own a beautiful farm, crowded livestock, individual trading businesses, and many unique attractions in the beautiful town. Get creative and design your favourite builts.


Explore a variety of exciting quests

Players will have access to a variety of exciting Farm City missions and challenges. With this unique Gameplay, players will discover tasks related to their farm problems such as farming, raising animals, building construction, specific requests from NPCs. Little motor skills, reasoning, and puzzle solving will help you overcome this series of exciting challenges.

Feel free to play online and offline

Fun and exciting farm game with mobile Gameplay is now fully experienceable both online and offline. You can freely build cities and farms and create various other agricultural buildings in Farm City whenever you want without connecting to the internet. This is an excellent game in both online and offline modes.

Join now for free

Too many exciting experiences that you can find at Farm City, such as farming, farming, building construction, and many other exciting activities, are provided to you by Farm City. So that you don't have to wait too long, right here in this article, you can easily download Farm City Mod APK version for free. With this version, we have unlocked it, and a series of exciting features are waiting for you.

Game quality


Beautifully designed graphics with colours and many shapes create an incredibly vibrant farm atmosphere. Indeed you will have to immerse yourself in this exciting and exciting gameplay.


Fun sounds and powerful sound effects help you get the most refreshing experience when participating in Farm City.

Download and explore Farm City now!


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