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UpdatedMay 26, 2022 (2 days ago)
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Developer Foranj has released a beautiful and exciting farm version called Farm Town: Happy Farming Day. This is a game in the Farming Town series, and this series has content around the construction of a farm and interesting structures around its farm. If you are a person who loves a peaceful, idyllic, and comfortable life in the countryside, then Farm Town: Happy Farming Day will be a better choice than ever.
Now let's explore the fun things only in Farm Town: Happy Farming Day!

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  • Money increase when spent!

The Story of Farm Town

The wonderful world of Farm Town: Happy Farming Day appears with a character who is a woman in her 70s named Aunt May. She is a famous restaurant owner in the city, and she wants to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a comfortable, peaceful, and old life. And she also wants to stop her royal business to build a quiet farm in the suburbs. This place is the land left by her father. However, rebuilding everything seems quite tricky because the land is barren, degraded, the machinery in this place is also damaged and no longer works. So Aunt May has to start finding a way to reclaim this place, rebuilding the farm, and upgrading all the machines. Players will create their exciting experiences by helping Aunt May perform these tasks as quickly as possible.
This is an excellent game produced by a great team, and it is also an outstandingly successful product in the Farming Town series. The game brings the most eye-catching and eye-catching image to players by high resolution, eye-catching colours mixed with vivid and realistic sound. Many exciting activities in Farm Town: Happy Farming Day are presented most realistically, making players feel this is real life.


Attractive feature

The great mission of the player

Like other farm games, Farm Town: Happy Farming Day also has familiar and straightforward gameplay. You will be tasked with building, developing, and expanding your farm according to Aunt May's request and your will. The first job for your farm-building career is to plant trees, there are seeds already available, and you need to get them to produce. You need to take good care of it so that it can grow to its fullest potential. The tasks you need to do such as watering, fertilizing, killing insects, these activities will be exciting and attractive when you grow many different types of plants.
For a farm to be more perfect than ever, you need to raise more cows, ducks, chickens, and other types. Players will be able to take advantage of their products, such as eggs, milk, or feathers, to sell and generate economic profits for themselves. When you have a decent amount of money and your economy is also stable, you need to apply more advanced technical technologies to increase the productivity of the farm. This will help create a variety of quality goods and provide a higher source of income. To meet your food needs, you can go to the store and buy machines such as cow milking machines, ploughs, ovens, and many other tools to assist you.


Outstanding Features

In taking care of your beloved farm, such as growing crops and raising livestock, you can build many different constructions such as building houses and upgrading machinery buildings, villas, swimming pools, fountains water, high-rise buildings, and many other exciting things. In particular, players also experience making friends through trading and exchanging goods, and this will be an exciting and new thing that this game has. Everyone can help each other to perform the assigned tasks quickly and in the best way.
Another essential feature is to build your own small and attractive town. This will help you attract several tourists, and this is also a unique thing that this farm game has. The development of agriculture can also lead to tourism development, and your life will be more attractive than ever. Coming to Farm Town: Happy Farming Day; you will no longer have to worry and be tired; now, your job is to relax and immerse yourself in this peaceful world. Although this is a game, it can also help you expand your understanding of all aspects of this exciting life.


Other cool features

In addition to buying machines from the store, this game also allows you to create various valuable items for your farming. This is probably the best way to save money, gold, and diamonds in this game. Moreover, it also helps you improve your creativity and flexibility in all situations in life.
Coming to Farm Town: Happy Farming Day, everything you experience will be superb and authentic. The game offers new gameplay to help you become an honest businessman from farming to construction. This game provides a series of superior features, and you will be able to enjoy a fun farm game like never before.
Download and explore Farm Town: Happy Farming Day now!


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