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Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
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If you want a game that features all kinds of farming activities, then you should try this latest installment of the world-renowned farming simulation game from GIANTS Software. You need to clear your pieces of land, till and cultivate the soil, and then prepare it for planting.


You can choose from various crops to plant in your field, discover how farming is performed at an industrialized scale, and get a wide array of farm machines that will help you with your multiple farming tasks. Farming Simulator 16 teaches you how to expand and maintain your farm.


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What is this game about?

Players will follow the journey of a passionate farmer who wishes to create his agricultural empire. In the game, you will experience every type of farming activity, from growing crops to raising livestock to do business with your harvest.


In this game, you can cultivate the soil, grow and harvest different crops, raise animals, collect and sell timber, and expand your business with AI employees. Several types of farming machines are available from multiple brands.





All the game's exciting features are listed here:


Play the immersive 3D farming simulation game

Android gamers will be able to play farm simulator gameplay that is authentic and realistic, and it is wholly presented in 3D graphics for the first time. Feel free to work on large fields and discover the in-depth world of agricultural simulation.


As you build your business in Farming Simulator 16, you will have the ability to make use of plenty of different types of equipment. You'll discover a large town as you drive your truck, looking for places to sell your products. In this hardcore farming game, you can do a lot of different things.


Select your field's crops from a variety of options

Multiple crops will be available to players in Farming Simulator 16. Furthermore, you'll also learn how to cultivate and care for these crops and your farming business, like till the field, sow the seeds, take care of the plants, and harvest the crops.


In addition, certain crops bring you more profits than others depending on the market and what it demands, so pick a crop that makes the most sense for you and your business. Increasing your income will enable you to grow your business more quickly.




Sell your harvest at the market

And speaking of selling crops, to get cash from your harvest, you will have to store them in your warehouse and then sell them in the market. Gamers can buy products and sell theirs on the Farming Simulator's dynamic market as well as sell their own.


Improve your harvest with the use of powerful machinery

Additionally, Farming Simulator 16 introduces gamers to an array of different farm machines that gamers can use in the game to help them with their daily activities. These machines are tractors for harvesting and preparing the fields, trucks for transporting crops to granaries and markets, and more. Farmers can quickly expand their business to the industrial scale in the game with over 50 different vehicles and tools, 




Raise livestock and harvest their agricultural products

You can also raise livestock and collect the products they produce, along with farming and planting crops. You can build your barn and raise your animals with beautiful green grass. You can sell milk and wool to the merchant at the market after collecting them.


Invest in forestry and reap the rewards for your efforts

Besides that, gamers can also profit significantly by cutting trees and collecting timber in the game's forestry businesses. You can accomplish the job easier by using powerful machinery. 


Make sure, however, that you spend the time taking care of the young trees and plant new ones so that you don't destroy the whole forest. Harvest the wood only when it is properly matured. You can either sell the timber you've collected or build your buildings with it.




Take over the business and hire employees

In Farming Simulator 16, you can hire employees to help you with your farming business. You can assign specific tasks to each employee on your farm. It would be best if you chose the right people for the right jobs to achieve better results.


Join your friends to play the game

Also, if you are tired of the single-player gameplay, you can join your friends in the exciting local multiplayer mode. While you help each other with everyday tasks, you will build and create your farm.


The game is available on Android TV

You can also play Farming Simulator 16 on your Android TV if you wish to play it on a larger screen. By connecting your external controller to the game, you'll be able to enjoy console-like gameplay on your Android TV.


Graphics and audio quality



On the mobile platform, it is rare to find a game that is so immersive and detailed as Farming Simulator 16. In this sense, the vivid landscapes and stunning vehicles on the map are sure to catch your attention. You'll discover even more features as you progress throughout the game, not just the graphics alone.



Farming Simulator 16 features realistic and accurate audio for an immersive experience. It's a peaceful land surrounded by beautiful nature, where you can enjoy peace—what a fantastic way to live your life. 


Get the fully unlocked game on our website

Google Play Store currently lists the game as a paid download. It is, however, easy to download and install on your Android devices for free. Additionally, you will also have access to unlimited gameplay with many unlocked features.


All you need to do is download and install our Farming Simulator 16 Unlimited Money on your devices. It's a fun game with completely unlocked gameplay that you're sure to enjoy. 


Final thoughts

The game is designed for hardcore farming gamers and those with interest in farming. Its in-depth gameplay and various discoverable features will leave you captivated for hours on end. Among the honorable mentions are Farming Simulator 14, Construction Simulator 3, etc.

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