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In the age of videography, smartphones are a must-have. The traditional cameras aren't undervalued, but you can't ignore the convenience and utility of using your mobile devices. That said, you can record videos and pictures on your smartphone and keep them in your storage, just like a camera.

The smartphone, however, offers so much more functionality. As a result, people tend to use their video editor apps on their Android devices instead of a PC to edit videos. Using this method, one can quickly and effectively edit videos, resulting in stunning cuts from videos that are just taken with their mobile phones.

As for video editor apps, FilmoraGo is the number 1 choice if you want to install one on your smartphone. With its impressive features and compatibility, this app ranks as one of the best video editors. By using it, you could turn your smartphone into the ultimate video-making workstation.

Learn more about this fantastic app by Wondershare Software.


What does it do?

Are you too busy to film videos with a camera, then edit them on your PC? If so, you can use your mobile phones instead. The FilmoraGo video editor allows you to make awesome videos on your phone. You can customize and edit your videos according to your preference using the app. With multiple editing options, you'll find that the app is handy on your mobile device. 

If you're looking for an alternative to KineMaster, Alight Motion, and the like, then FilmoraGo should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. With that said, this is undoubtedly the best video editor app for mobile devices.

The editing options and features are all well organized and placed in the right categories. Hence, together with the intuitive interface, you can easily customize your videos and edit them as you wish. 

With FilmoraGo Pro, you can edit, create, and capture videos quickly and easily. You can also share and enjoy your videos online with multiple sharing options. It's easy to stay connected.





As with most video editors, FilmoraGo doesn't have any specific hardware requirements. This application, however, requires at least a quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM. 

While it won't have any difficulty editing regular quality videos and with limited effects, it would feel laggy if you are editing a lot. Thus, if you want to use the app at its best, you will need a high-end smartphone.


Amazing features

The following are just some of the features the app offers:


An easy-to-use video editor for smartphones

Android users will find FilmoraGo easier to use since it offers quick and simple editing features. It would make editing videos on Androids convenient and fun. All you have to do is select photos and videos from your internal storage or online sources. When you begin to edit the videos, select a theme and customize the music. 

If you want to apply specific effects to your videos, select the export option so that you can save them wherever you want, whether it is to an online drive or social media sites. You can edit your quick clips entirely in a few minutes. Make a nice piece of video and save time and money at the same time.




Import your photos and videos quickly

You'll discover the app is beneficial and convenient as you begin to edit videos, especially when it comes to importing videos and photos. In addition to that, the app lets users instantly import photos and videos from multiple sources, which makes editing much more accessible. Pictures and video clips can be imported directly from Facebook or Instagram, including those you've just recorded. This would allow for quick, helpful editing at any time.


Controls with one-click options

Enjoy the one-click functionality that comes with the incredible editor. Using the templates and visual effects in FilmoraGo, you can easily modify videos with just a few mouse clicks. You can change the visual appearance of your videos by switching between different stylish themes. A single tap or swipe on the screen is all it takes.


Fully-functional video editor with an intuitive interface

FilmoraGo also comes with a large variety of different features. Therefore, you'll find a video editor that fits all your needs with this stunning video editor. 

Consider playing specific videos backward to make it seem like a magical trick. You can also speed up or slow down the videos if you wish to create stunning time-lapse or slow-motion videos. Trying both of them on one video will help you discover new aspects of it.

Additionally, you will be able to experiment with various transitions, including dissolves, wipes, splits, zoom outs, and shutters. Check out the awesome videos on FilmoraGo and have fun.


Stunning effects and customizations for your videos

If you're interested, FilmoraGo offers more than just standard editing. In this app, users can polish and create unique effects for their videos. Adding multiple overlays and filters with stunning effects will help you to create your cool videos and pictures.

Don't forget to animate your messages with text and titles that will impress. Change the colors of your text, customize the size and position, or even add unique motion graphics. It is also possible to review your adjustments once you've finished them, making editing videos a lot easier and more effective. 




Various editing materials are available for use

FilmoraGo also offers an online library with various editing materials that you can download to assist you in editing your clips. Themes, transition effects, filters, elements, and titles are available to customize every video. Make your videos truly yours by customizing the excellent online library.


Pick your soundtracks or download online for your videos

In addition, users can search FilmoraGo's library to find the perfect soundtracks to customize their audio and music. You will have access to thousands of legally licensed songs, which you can download onto your device. Start creating videos with everything you need in the library. Or you can choose from the music and audio tracks on your device.


Share and export your videos in seconds

You can export and share videos into various ratios and resolutions with the app if you're interested. Afterward, you can immediately share your videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others with the highest resolution available. Now you can watch professionally edited and high-quality videos whenever you like.


Enjoy the app in the language of your choice

In addition, the app is also available in many languages for your convenience. Accordingly, FilmoraGo offers support in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, and Japanese. At any time, you can choose your preferred language options. 




Free to use

The app is free for Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices for those of you interested. Therefore, you can easily find and download FilmoraGo from the Google Play Store without paying anything. 


Get the paid version for free with our mod 

You can also try our modified version of the app if you find the in-app purchases and ads annoying. On our website, you can start downloading the FilmoraGo Pro APK instantly. This would enable unlimited access to the advanced in-app features and completely remove watermarks. The best part is that you can still enjoy our mod for absolutely free.



The free version is heavily ad-supported

Numerous advertisements in the app irritate users to edit videos, although we all know they are an intrinsic part of freemium apps in general. Additionally, unexpected ads often occur when your device performs heavy editing tasks, which could significantly slow down the process.


Final verdicts

With its intuitive and accessible features, FilmoraGo Pro makes editing videos on your mobile device extremely enjoyable and easy. Also, once you are familiar with the app's features, you will be able to use the professional editing features to completely customize and polish your videos. 

Finally, since the app is 100% free and free to download, you'll surely enjoy the experience of editing. It's entirely up to you if you create amazing videos whenever you want.

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