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Version 1.0.29
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Full Paid Version

Updated Sep 08, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co.
Category Role Playing ,
Installs 24+

FINAL FANTASY VII will open a world with dramatic stories of many different characters for you to explore and experience when participating in this game. In particular, players will experience many attractive features and enjoy many exciting things through unique 3D models, with content exploited from Final Fantasy VII for PC. Players will have extremely interesting moments and immerse themselves in the game to enjoy the beautiful scenes in the battles.

Select and adjust your characters

Each player will be able to choose a character according to their preferences to participate in these fierce matches. In addition, when participating in FINAL FANTASY VII, players will be provided with various characters with many different talents and strengths. For example, each character will know how to deal with their opponents and have mysterious moves such as using magic, special commands, and many different types of skills in a thoughtful and superior way to fight. Besides, you can rely on your thinking or your clear eyes to make the decision to choose an outstanding and brave character to fight the enemy.


Start exploring the fascinating features

3D Wallpapers and super realistic interface

FINAL FANTASY VII succeeds in using 3D graphics, giving players a magical and shimmering experience and making every scene suddenly become more flashy than reality. What is more, you will be able to admire and immerse yourself in the surrounding scenery. Specifically, FINAL FANTASY VII has an extremely skillful combination with an interface that leaves a deep impression on players when describing the scene in detail in the most realistic way. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the extraordinarily meticulous and highly skillful character creation to every detail, and each character is entirely different through the recognition of facial features. Moreover, the characters also have differences in shape and personality, so that players have many choices.


Strongly fighting for the future of myself and everyone

The game is based on the story of a country being violently attacked at one of the Mako reactors, and the attackers use bombs to destroy everything, including humans. Faced with such a situation, you and the Avalanche group stood up to fight and beat them with a spirit of solidarity, patriotism, and courage to confront the enemy, which has created more motivation and strong faith for you to win this battle. Furthermore, thanks to your dedication and enthusiasm have inspired your relatives and friends to join you in this epic and great struggle in FINAL FANTASY VII. Your faith will help you never to give up and fight to decide your destiny.


Get multiple rewards and items for each completed mission

When participating in FINAL FANTASY VII, you will be given daily quests and must complete them; for instance, you will face many enemies. With an intelligent player interface, you can easily control the character's extraordinarily comfortable and flexible way of fighting against the enemy. In particular, you can also receive many valuable rewards when you successfully complete the assigned tasks. What is more, you can collect through quests, monsters, and events. Along the way, demons will rush to see your appearance. You can dodge, but if you collide, you are forced to join the fight. Defeating them will definitely drop items, and whether it's good or not depends on your luck, and if you are a hard worker, you will have more chances to receive valuable rewards. These valuable items will be very useful in matches; at the same time, you will learn a lot of experience and gameplay from other players.


A great game for Android system version

FINAL FANTASY VII is considered a viral and famous game around the world, but it still has a limitation that it is only suitable for the Android platform. In addition, you can have many options in controlling the characters depending on your preferences. Firstly, you can use the virtual mouse to move. If you don't like to use a virtual mouse, you can use the fixed digital buttons that are very precise and clear for the most convenient adjustment. This game is especially suitable for all ages, so you can easily download it to your computer and experience it if you like. You will have relaxing and enjoyable moments when coming to FINAL FANTASY VII. 
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