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Version 2.5.12
Mod info Unlimited Money
Updated Apr 17, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer Fun Games For Free
Category Simulation ,
Installs 2+

Do you want to be a real pilot?
Do you like the feeling of flying in the sky?
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D will bring all those great things to you. This is an imposing and realistic flight simulation game. What's more, you can join Flight Pilot Simulator 3D for free. This game brings awe-inspiring details with beautiful 3D graphics. Indeed you will have a beautiful flight in the sky.


  • The game takes some time to start up for the first time (with a black screen), please be patient!

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Coins

(Complete one level to get Unlimited Coins!)

MOD V2 Info

  • All paid planes are open.

Attractive, realistic simulation game

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D always pays attention to every detail and element to get the perfect simulation game for players. This game features a range of props-inspired planes and planes to super-impressive JET planes. There are also military fighter jets and cargo planes. Players can be more flexible in all their fighting playstyles. The game also provides a map with small details, each flight route, details of stops, and includes specific flight instructions. If the player is flying for the first time, do not worry because all have Flight Pilot Simulator 3D to guide you in detail.
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D has provided a series of dangerous and theatrical challenges for players to feel the game's natural appeal. At the beginning of your flight, it is also the time when you need to complete the assigned tasks, some emergency missions such as fire fighting, rescue, or rescue in inclement weather, and many exciting things other taste. You will transform into a real professional pilot, participating in a highly realistic role-playing world, along with wide-open spaces in the sky. This will be an excellent opportunity to explore and challenge yourself.


Attractive features

Conquer thousands of unique quests

Indeed when participating in Flight Pilot Simulator, you will be attracted and addicted to this game because of its unique gameplay. You will become a highly professional pilot and start mastering your aircraft through the highly intuitive and easy-to-use mobile controller. Start your flight by sliding the lever to let the plane take off and fly off the runway, maintain the most appropriate altitude for the aircraft to fly steadily. You can then correct the direction of your aircraft to pass left or right by tilting over the angle of the machine. You need to watch and carefully observe the speed of the aircraft through the display on the screen.
You will perform a highly professional task of a real pilot by controlling the plane in the sky and completing your assigned duties. If your plane is a firefighting plane, you need to go to the forests on fire, and your mission is to pour water down to extinguish those fires as quickly as possible. If you travel by rescue plane, your task is to find a way to support and save the people in distress who are stuck at sea. There are also many other exciting and unique missions you will experience when choosing each respective aircraft.


Complete tough challenges to get a great reward

After completing a certain level, you will be transferred to another higher level, and at the same time, the challenges will also become more and more difficult. But don't worry about this because it is also a way to help you own greater rewards. Try to collect as much money as possible to buy yourself many different aircraft types to conquer new kinds of terrain. In particular, during the flight, stars will appear, and your task is to control your plane to tilt in the direction of that star and touch it to collect it immediately.
At each level, players will be able to participate in many different challenges, from simple challenges that do not require high levels to complex challenges that require many unique things. These missions require players to be calm and flexible during their flight observation. You also have to be careful to avoid colliding with other planes flying in the same space at more difficult levels. Not only that, but you also have to face unexpected accidents, and you need to make many decisions to escape in time.


Many exciting and attractive features

Flight Pilot Simulator brings enjoyable gameplay to help players get the best inspiration when playing. In addition, players will not be afraid to be bored because the game also has many diverse and exciting gameplay elements. Specifically, with a highly varied and massive aircraft system, each aircraft type is designed with different features, such as Devil 300L, Super Bong 747, and many others. Flight Pilot Simulator also owns wealthy and new terrain types such as verdant forests, vast deserts, or deep blue oceans.
Not only that, but Flight Pilot Simulator also has many other outstanding things, such as highly unique and impressive 3D graphics; players will discover the most realistic and fantastic flying in the sky. During the flight, you will be able to explore and observe many different types of terrain. In addition, the integrated control features are also very smooth, and players will be easier to use than ever. Flight Pilot Simulator constantly improves characteristics to help players feel the game perfectly.


Flight Pilot Simulator is one of the most impressive flight simulation and exploration games. The game brings beautiful and remarkable images. If you want to explore and become a real pilot, make sure that Flight Pilot Simulator satisfies you with both gameplay and graphics quality.
Download Flight Pilot Simulator now!


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