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Version 1.9.9
Mod info Unlimited Money/Ammo/Ability
Updated Jun 08, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Oh BiBi
Category Action ,
Installs 26+

There are many different genres in today's game world, such as puzzle, strategy, survival, shooting, racing, and many more. If most girls love light games like farming or puzzles, most boys love shooting action games. The heat of shooting games has never decreased, and to satisfy players, developer Oh BiBi has released FRAG Pro Shooter even more. This game has brought an immersive experience like never before for fans of shooting gameplay. It brings gameplay with dramatic action and shooting elements and combines with MOBA elements to get the most attractive game.
Let's start the fierce competition at FRAG Pro Shooter!

MOD V1 Info

  • Coins and Diamonds increase when spent!

MOD V2 Info

– [ Player Menu ] –

– Godmode
– One Shot Kill
– Wall Hack
– Unlimited Ammo
– Unlimited Ability
– Freeze Bots
– Speed

– [ Account Menu ] –

– Unlimited Diamonds – [ Fixed At 4,500 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
– Unlimited Coins – [ Fixed At 10,000 – Enable Before Loading Screen]
– Unlimited Joker Cards [ Adds 10,000 Every Time You Open A Chest ] [NEW]

– [ More Options ] –

– Mass Kill [NEW]
– Tele Kill [NEW]
– Change Height [NEW]
– Player Size [NEW]

– [ Passive ] –

– No Ads [NEW]

– [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ] –

Start Game
Enable Unlimited Diamond / Coins
Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds
Now You Should Have 4,500 Diamonds , 10,000 Coins

NOTE: You Don’t Have To Do This Method Anymore If You Can Buy Items With That Currency It Will Go Up To The Fixed Amount

Credis: Axey

Attractive competitive gameplay

You often encounter in shooting action games that the gameplay is relatively fast-paced and intense; players often have to try to work quickly to get the best results. But if you keep playing in such a way that is not enough and inflexible, it is also easy to get boring for players. Understanding this, FRAG Pro Shooter has come up with extremely attractive gameplay. Specifically, players will have to coordinate harmoniously with their teammates to perform the given tasks. In addition, you also need to know the terrain of the battle, who the opponent is, how the map moves, and many other things. It is this flexibility that makes the MOBA element extremely unique and creates more impressions for players. There are also competition modes for players to choose from, such as team battle, flag-capture, competition, and more. In particular, you and your teammates can practice hard through many levels and then participate in exciting events together to bring home many great prizes. FRAG Pro Shooter gives players a vivid 3D graphics experience through many shooting angles and many attractive matches. Surely shooter gamers will be addicted to this game as soon as they join the fun.


Attractive features

The new and flexible control mechanism

Not simply a game, but FRAG Pro Shooter also helps you practice your sharp senses through each level. Specifically, the gameplay is designed to be very rich and diverse, many details will take place quite unexpectedly, or sometimes the game's tempo will change suddenly. Players are sometimes caught by surprise and cannot keep up with their enemies and teammates. But don't worry because, after just one level, you can immediately catch the pace of this game. Each character in FRAG Pro Shooter is uniquely shaped, and they will also have their unique features, stats, and characteristics. Whether a longtime shooter or a newbie, it will be easy to play when participating in FRAG Pro Shooter. Because the game gives you a friendly interface, perfect and straightforward to use, you can even tailor the interface to your preferences. You will look more relaxed and more professional when you can use features such as auto-aim, auto-fire so that the opponent can be dizzy and lose focus.


Game Modes

In addition to owning the essential features required of an action shooting game such as controls, features, stats, etc., FRAG Pro Shooter also holds a series of other attractive features, which is also a tremendous difference only in this game. If you want to have fascinating cooperative combat gameplay with your friends at FRAG Pro Shooter, you can do it. Because the game allows you to create a party of up to 5 players, you can invite more clan-mates and friends to join the battle. Players will not be confined to a specific framework because the characteristics or rules set out in each game mode are different. Even the match time will be changed and flexible depending on the factors of each match. If you want to show off your superb shooting skills, you can join the competitive mode. This will be a place to help you show off your fighting talents.


Design and upgrade characters

FRAG Pro Shooter owns a highly unique, massive, rich, and diverse character system, giving players feeling overwhelmed and more excited than ever. With such an enormous character system, players need to choose the characters they feel most like. In addition, you can also choose weapons and fighting skills for your character. Note that each character will have a separate set of skills and can only use one type of combat weapon. And this is also the reason why the characters become so special and become a prominent focus of the match. Each type of character will have different unique skills, so the combat performance will also be other. Because of this feature, you can coordinate with your teammates to bring the best victory.


Join the large playground around the world

The playground of FRAG Pro Shooter is vast, stretching around the world and having about 50 million players participating in the game. This has also opened the way for competition between gamers. Try to apply and perform well your fighting skills to be at the top of the outstanding rankings on the leaderboard. Participating in passes or competitions not only gives you fame, but when you reach MVP status, your achievement is also greatly enhanced. To motivate players to compete confidently, FRAG Pro Shooter has proposed an attractive reward system. Depending on your achievements and scores, you will receive corresponding attractive rewards. Those rewards can be mentioned as effects, costumes, powers, and many other exciting things.


Let's start entering the exciting world of FRAG Pro Shooter! 
You and everyone can easily have fun together, fight or even compete with each other—a beautiful entertainment game world with a series of new things that few games have. Make sure players will be satisfied with this exciting gameplay of FRAG Pro Shooter.
Download and explore FRAG Pro Shooter now!


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