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Version 1.1.4
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Unlimited Money

Updated Jun 05, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Lunime
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Installs 7+

Are you looking for a new mobile game that will satisfy your craving for interactive simulations or self-play games? Are you intrigued by the unusual and entertaining anime-style characters? Then this new mobile title from Lumine is bound to pique your curiosity. Discover and enjoy Gacha Life's unique and intriguing gameplay.


Make your in-game characters and personalize them to your liking. Immerse yourself in your anime adventures with a variety of fun game modes. Have a good time with the various entertaining in-game NPCs and pets. Gacha Life's unique and cute gameplay is now available on mobile devices. Enjoy the engaging casual gameplay anytime you have the opportunity.


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MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money


What is this game about?

Android gamers will enjoy the fun and engaging gameplay of life simulation, studio, dress-up, and many other exciting mini-games with enjoyable elements in the game. As a result, you can begin your adventures by inventing your very first anime character. Put on a range of customizations, personal qualities, and other features to make your in-game characters stand out.


Discover Gacha Life's intriguing gameplay, in which you'll compete in a range of fun challenges. Play a dress-up game where you may design and modify your characters. Dress up your characters with clothes, accessories, and a variety of other intriguing customizations. In Studio mode, learn how to create an engaging anime scenario. The list could go on and on.





Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Customize and create your character in-game

To begin, Android gamers will have access to Gacha Life's exciting and engaging gameplay, which allows users to design their unique characters. You'll have a lot of fun creating and personalizing your character because there are so many options.


Begin by selecting your desired gender, then move on to physics, selecting your ideal body type, trying on new haircuts, customizing your facial attributes, and so on. There should be a range of minor alternatives available for you to employ in each selection, which is fantastic.


As you continue through the game, you'll be able to change your characters' appearances by putting on new costumes, equipping props, changing their hairstyles, skin colors, and so on. Furthermore, with over 20 separate character slots, you can create many characters and preserve them in different spaces.




Join the wonderful studio and make fantastic anime scenes!

For those interested, there is also the fun Studio Mode, which allows you to enjoy the game by making fantastic pieces of amazing anime scenes. Set up the scenarios in the game with as many supporting features as you want. Begin by putting your personalized text on your character to add words to them. As you create the settings, you can choose from a variety of stances and surroundings. To make things even easier, you may use Skit Makers, which allows you to create your own stories, which is excellent. You may easily combine multiple sequences to create a complete anime.


Discover the fun of Life Mode

Gacha Life players will have access to the Life Mode's fantastic gameplay to make things even more intriguing. In Gacha Life, you'll explore and live your thrilling life while embarking on your in-game journey.


Play on a massive map with various locations such as a town, a school, etc. Take your avatar to a variety of areas while discovering exciting and engaging gameplay in multiple locales. In the game, you'll come across new NPCs. As you find out more about the lives in Gacha Life, interact with them and converse with them.


Furthermore, you can play the game on your mobile devices without having to connect to the Internet. That being said, you can always have a good time with the in-game Life Mode, which allows you to explore the in-game world while remaining offline freely.


Diverse mini-games to enjoy

If you're interested, you can also participate in the fascinating Gacha Games, where you can choose from eight different mini-games to play. While having fun in these thrilling game types, feel free to acquire money, gems, and a variety of other exciting rewards.


  • 1chi's Arithmetic – To begin, Android gamers in Gacha Life can enjoy the fascinating gameplay to immerse themselves in intriguing math matchups. As you earn the highest possible score, complete the questions and give the correct response.
  • Bex Festival - Begin your catcher game by collecting all of the falling chicken nuggets. Collect as many as you can while they're still on the ground before you run out of tries.
  • Duck and Dodge - In this game, you'll play a basic game in which you'll help Luni avoid falling ducks. You will lose matchups if you get hit too many times.
  • Phantom's Remix - Have fun tapping on the turntable as the sliders meet in this excellent timing game. If you miss your tap, your quick run will come to an end.
  • Narwhal Sky - Help our little Narwhal fly over the sky in this intriguing clone of the famous Flappy Bird game. As you travel by, avoid the obstacles in your path and have fun with Narwhal Sky whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Orca Sploosh - An intriguing game in which you utilize an orca to bounce a ball into the air. If you don't want to lose the game, don't miss your balls.
  • Picc Pawket Rhythm - Tap on the notes while timing the appropriate moments as they pass across the rhythm line to enjoy the rhythm gameplay. To get the most significant points, do quick and precise taps.
  • Abushu Candy Toss- A whack-a-mole game in which you must defeat bunnies that are attempting to taunt you. As you go through the game's levels, smash them.




Enjoy thrilling in-game events!

Gamers in Gacha Life will also have access to intriguing in-game events, which will make the game even more engaging and enjoyable. That being said, you can play the game in various modes, each with its own set of themes and modifications. The exciting in-game events will also present you with some of the most sought in-game goodies.


Play with friends and internet gamers worldwide

It's also possible to play the game with friends and internet gamers from all over the world if you're interested. You may readily communicate with them via online chat. Enjoy your conversations with other Gacha users as you meet new acquaintances.




It's completely free to play.

Despite having these fantastic features, Android gamers may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. You may download and install the game for free from the Google Play Store.


Our mod lets you earn unlimited diamonds

However, because the game contains advertisements and in-game purchases, some of you may find it difficult to enjoy the fully unlocked gameplay. As a result, you might want to try our modified version of the game, which will allow you to get the most out of Gacha Life. You can start by having infinite diamonds in your game and having all of the obnoxious ads gone and much more. All you have to do is go to our website and download and install Gacha Life Mod APK.


Graphics and audio quality



Gacha Life's attractive, pleasant, and cute anime art style will ensure that Android gamers get the most out of their anime experience. Furthermore, with well-designed landscapes, fluent animations, and various unique elements, creating your own ultimate Gacha story will be a breeze. The game will be both smooth and fun to play, thanks to the low-demand graphics.



Gamers in Gacha Life will also be thoroughly involved in the entertaining and exciting gameplay, in addition to the fantastic aural experiences. Every moment in the game is made more delightful by the sensible soundtracks and sound effects.


Final thoughts

Gacha Life should be a terrific title for those of you who adore anime games. Furthermore, gameplay comparable to Avakin Life, The Sims Mobile, and a few other titles should delight die-hard franchise fans. Again, there is no reason why you should not play the game because it is entirely free.

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