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Version 1.9.4
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Updated Sep 08, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer Noodlecake Studios Inc
Category Simulation ,
Installs 178,580+

Indeed players will be surprised to see the famous PC game version that makes many gamers go crazy, and now it has appeared with a very new mobile version. Completely different from other games, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy gives you new and unique gameplay.
This game is addictive for thousands of gamers because of its fun and uniqueness. You will be stuck in a very uncomfortable but exciting situation. You will have to perform your impossible mission climbing over a massive mountain full of challenging obstacles. All you have at the moment is a hammer glued to your hand. Sometimes you want to use your hands, but that's completely impossible. This is a highly monstrous challenge but fascinating.
Not only that, the game is even more enjoyable when you have to go through your challenges with the narrator's highly annoying comments.

Unique style game story

It can be said that Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy gives players a feeling of "most unpleasant satisfaction" because the gameplay is unique, new, and attractive.
You will hardly imagine that the game is designed quite strangely because the character has a typical appearance that is fully formed. But being put in a position of sitting in a giant pot with a hammer in hand. Throughout the journey, you have to go with that pot and hammer. The exciting thing is that you are not allowed to leave it and cannot break the pot.
A strange situation is played out like that, and gamers will have to climb a giant mountain to overcome many bizarre terrains. The only thing you have is the hammer in your hand. Any exploration will be fascinating because there are no checkpoints or options for you to choose from on the mountain.
Not only that, in the process of climbing the mountain to conquer the challenge, you also have to endure being bothered by the storyteller. They will annoy you and make it difficult for you with cliché and unpleasant comments. The game as a version annoys and angers you, but this is what attracts and attracts you.

Attractive feature

Let's explore a series of attractive features right below:

Strange gameplay that you can easily get used to

Although the game has a new and unique style, the gameplay is straightforward, and you will quickly get used to it from the first turns. To control your hammer, you need to use touch features to be able to move the hammer. Make many different moves so you can overcome obstacles. Through each round, the difficulty will increase, and your task is to overcome it. The difficulty factor in this game is the factor that stimulates gamers to explore and conquer more.

Realistic and flexible physics

Incredibly realistic physics and quick reactions in game situations. Sometimes you will have to be angry and satisfied with these situations. You can manipulate the laws and elements of physics to help your character overcome strange challenges. But in some cases, those laws of physics fail you.
Any action can make you fall into the abyss at any time. Be careful when making hand touches, a hammer swing, or any other move. Emotions climax, anger, or joy that is the exciting experience this game gives you.


A series of philosophical comments

As mentioned, the essence of this game is annoyingly addictive. So gamers will experience extremely uncomfortable emotions until frustrated by the comments from the narrator. After each accident, the narrator will comment softly, and you will feel crazy about this.
However, it is that factor that makes you more excited. Your task is to overcome that anger and try to complete your task calmly.

Patient training with endless challenges

The game has a particular difficulty, and your job is to think and conquer it. Gamers will enjoy and experience challenges for hours on end without getting tired. The later the challenges become more complex and more profound, which is also why gamers are excited and eager to conquer. A vast mountain is waiting for you; challenging obstacles always appear anytime, anywhere.
Failure is a prevalent thing in Gamers in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. But when you achieve victory, you will certainly feel satisfied and proud because you can complete such tough rounds.


A full exploration of the game

There's so much fun and excitement ahead, so failure doesn't matter. Try to keep moving forward and conquer all the challenges ahead even if you have failed a few times. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an exciting lesson in perseverance and brainstorming in all problematic situations.

Experience the game for free

New and attractive gameplay. Most of all, you will be able to play comfortably with our free and ad-free versions. Right here in this article, you can download and experience Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy right away. Enjoy it whenever you want!

Game quality


Designed on a 2D platform, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy still has many beautiful, realistic, and diverse designs. The climbing game has never been so unique; all the novelties of this climbing style are only available in this game. In addition, the images are designed with specific details, such as tiny sparks flying when you try to use the hammer to cling to the stone.


Realistic and vibrant integrated music effects. You will be attracted to this new style of play. In addition, the sound is also integrated excitingly through reading the narrator's comments.

To discover this unique and exciting game. 
Conquer the mountains with many unique challenges. 
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