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Version 1.1.24
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Unlimited Money/Hearts

Updated May 18, 2022 (6 months ago)
Developer Super Game Studios
Category Puzzle ,
Installs 1+

If you are looking for a game with the mind but still ensure the element of adventure, Hero Rescue is exceptionally suitable for you. When participating in Hero Rescue, you will have the opportunity to challenge your brain through the challenging puzzles that the game brings. In addition, you will be transformed into heroes fighting the elves to rescue the princess trapped in the cave. You can enjoy playing games on your mobile phone without worrying about Internet problems, which is probably the best thing about mobile gaming because Hero Rescue allows you to play anytime, anywhere without connecting to the Internet. Therefore, players will have many exciting experiences that the game brings, and at the same time, players can practice their ingenuity and intelligence by solving puzzles in complex challenges. All these factors will attract players and participate in carrying out the adventurous adventures that the game brings.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Hearts

MOD V2 Info

  1. Unlimited Hearts
  2. Deactivate Banner ADS
  3. Deactivate ADS

Discover the story of Hero Rescue

When you come to Hero Rescue, you will go on adventures and solve puzzles released by Super Game Studios, which you will easily catch through ads on intelligent apps and on social platforms associations like Facebook. When participating in Hero Rescue, you will become a hero by destroying the elves and rescuing the princess through puzzles in the dungeon, and there will be many different levels divided into parts; with a simple approach, you just swipe the screen. Besides, you will receive many valuable rewards when successfully rescuing the princess.
Hero Rescue will suit those who have little free time but are passionate about puzzle adventures with unexpected, thrilling challenges; this game is perfectly suitable. In addition, you can train your intelligence through puzzles, especially those involving objects and obstacles. This game will have many different levels, from easy to complex, so you can get used to it gradually through the levels, and your thinking ability will improve, and at the same time help you test your IQ.


Gameplay and Attractive features


With simple gameplay that makes it easy for everyone to access, you can join Hero Rescue at any time to participate in solving puzzles. Usually, other games involving that sentence will have some time challenges, requiring the player to finish in the fastest time possible, which adds urgency. For example, a countdown timer will pressure the player, but fortunately, Hero Rescue will not have that mechanism, as it will stress the player. The goal that players want to aim for is that players will have relaxing moments with this game.


When you hear this information, you probably think this game is very simple. Still, the game will bring unexpected and difficult challenges, even very complicated to play for players not to get bored. You don't get bored. Besides, you have to be careful when answering so as not to lose your life, and sometimes the ads will be beneficial for you, helping you get new lives to be ready to complete challenging puzzles. In addition, you can use your intelligence to solve tricky puzzles and puzzles that the game brings.


Quick and easy respawn

You do not need to worry about making mistakes during the playing process, which sometimes helps y to bere comfortable, and the implementation solves the quiz. When you make minor mistakes, these mistakes can start from being misled about objects travelling or the way enemies respond. Especially, in some cases, you and the princess can be killed by the enemy, and you will lose your life, then you have to stop playing and waiting 30 minutes. This time you can revive before continuing to play.
What is more, you can use advertising with the quantity of a three-second or five-second video, and you just watch it that helps you recover immediately. Another way, you can use the button in the upper right corner of the screen in order to renew and start again. Moreover, you will receive a valuable prize when you rescue the princess escape from the elves, albeit you use the button to revive or watch the video so as to create recovery. Furthermore, you also lose your life if you cannot preserve the princess after reviving, so you have to use the back button again until you save the princess and overcome the challenges in the game.

Block mode and Tower mode

When you come to Hero Rescue, you will have experienced Tower mode, which is deemed one of a part of this game, with a particular game mode and allows players to deal with the puzzles in different ways. For instance, players only have one click that can eliminate stacked squares, circles, and triangles, even it helps you carry back the treasures you would constantly like to possess. Besides, with Tower mod, you have experienced the stacked blocks are very high, which is well known as the outstanding application of physics than treasure mode. Then, players have to select which block to exclude through diversity reactions.


This is one of the complex challenges in the game, so players can spend much time finishing it. Moreover, you do not know a unique trick for this game mode besides swiping or tapping on in-game objects. In particular, to solve the puzzles quickly, you need to deem the layout of the tower and identify the gameplay before you start to play. All of them will help you have a wonderful experience when you take part in Hero Rescue via adventure game by solving puzzles. It will bring to relax time for you, at the same time, it helps you more intelligence.
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