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Version 5.4.13
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Unlimited Diamond

Updated Jun 09, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Panic Art Studios
Category RPG ,
Installs 4+

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is an imposing and attractive role-playing game designed in RPG style. This game is published by Panic Art Studios, one of the famous leading developers in the genre of exciting action RPGs combined with RPG elements. You will discover a core Hack and Slash gameplay, the prospect of which is a thrilling war in the mysterious ancient world. There are traditional enemies and a series of fascinating battle locations waiting for you to explore.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited crystals

MOD V2 Info

  • Unlimited crystals;
  • Free purchases of paid classes (they remain open until the game closes!):
  1. Create a new character or select an existing one;
  2. Select it, then go to the Store;
  3. Tap on each product;
  4. Exit the store. Now you can create new characters with previously locked classes.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic legendary storyline

Hero Siege will take you to a highly mysterious open world, and the time is in the early years of ancient antiquity. This place has been attacked by evil forces and plotted to take over the world as a whole. This is a highly engaging storyline inspired by the old book of "Revelation". The content in it declares that Satan will be the character to awaken the power to find and escape from hell and eventually take over the Earth. Then, deep within the forest of Tarethiel, a group of monks were banding together and gathering their amulets to begin the awakening of the evil spirits. The war starts to break out, and your game will also start from here.

Attractive gameplay and features

Transform into a hero to save the world

There are a series of mighty armies waiting for you, and players will have the opportunity to participate in those exciting and fierce battles. Be extremely careful by the destructive solid power of the opponent. Coming to the Hero Siege world, you will be transformed into a hero character, and your mission is to fight to stop the evil demons from attacking. With single-player mode, you will play alone, and however, when performing the tasks and challenges set out, you will be done with three other players. To support the fight to keep the world safe, Hero Siege offers hundreds of great features for you, such as unique attack skills, equipped with many items, and many other unique supports.


Puzzle and collect items

In addition to actively fighting and winning every victory against attacks from the enemy, you also have to participate in a series of other exciting activities, significantly solving puzzles. In the process of exploring, you will receive a series of simple puzzles that appear, and you should find the correct answer to solve them!
Note that in the process of fighting with monsters, items such as coins and some other unique items will drop, and you should be quick to pick up those things for yourself immediately. Depending on their value and features, these items will be used in specific cases. For example, it can give you a temporary boost to your energy for battle or a permanent increase.

Perform the most professional skills

At each level, you will be equipped and add many different skills; the more you go to the inner rounds, the more attractive skills and equipment will be discovered. Skills that increase a character's stamina, active skills, or counterattack speed will be among the specific abilities you will find. For the character to perform precise movements and actions, you need to control them. Specifically, players will be allowed to control the character through seven steps, including defense skills, health, attack power, and other skills. Remember that these skills are done passively, and it is up to the player to consider and adopt these skills to each specific battle situation or the type of enemy.


Diverse character system with excellent skills

To have the most attractive gameplay, Hero Siege has brought unique weapons, items, and characters. Your excellent skills accompany various types of firearms. What do you think about the axe and the Viking will be the primary weapon for fierce combat. If you want to have the most incredible shooting skills, then Pyromancer will be a great choice. Fire, Marksman, an archer with the most beautiful arrows, and many other unique characters. Not only that, to have the most fantastic, beautiful, and outstanding appearance, Hero Siege has brought a series of beautiful character customizations. Players can choose for their character between 150 different hats and other exciting items.


Conquer quests and get great rewards

In the process of exploring Hero Siege, valuable items will appear, and you should remember to go to collect them immediately! For players to enjoy many different levels of emotions, the rarity system in Hero Siege is divided by class into normal, angelic, and finally runes, respectively. After completing each mission and defeating the enemy, you will receive a series of attractive items. Each item will have different uses, such as increasing the strength or increasing the character's health, all of which will help you get in great shape to fight.

System of cards and ranks

Coming to the world of Hero Siege, players will never get bored by the constant and dramatic battles, up to 80 different types of enemies for players to experience. Each monster is divided into different types and levels, and they are also fully equipped with stats such as damage, attack ability, and HP. Their appearance will bring threat and danger to you, and be careful with this. The most fearsome Bosses with powerful attacks will appear at the end of your levels, and this will be the most attractive challenge on the battle screen.


Game quality

The graphics of Hero Siege are designed quite simply, so the gameplay and combat system are not too cumbersome. Despite its simple design, the image quality in Hero Siege is still extremely sharp and vivid. The game is in RPG style so that you will feel a dark but beautiful colour. The graphics of Hero Siege have done this very well when the character design and context are incredibly reasonable and attractive. The primary colour chosen is dark, and the details shown are eye-catching bright colours. Thereby creates a unique impression with the style of this game. Moreover, the characters, maps, and shape monsters' shapes are also remedied as impressive, attractive, and beautiful. Guaranteed players will feel excited with these unique creations at Hero Siege.


Hero Siege gives players an excellent and engaging experience like never before with a combination of a diverse character system, unique shapes, along with a series of exciting and attractive features. This game can be called a unique masterpiece in roguelike- & RPG-oriented games.
Guaranteed players will have the best moments in Hero Siege!
Download and discover Hero Siege: Pocket Edition now!


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