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Version 522
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Unlimited Gold/Gems

Updated Sep 14, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer WolfFun
Category Action , MOBA ,
Installs 26+

Are you looking for the best mobile shooter and brawling games? Do you want a mobile game that is genuinely fair and available to all Android users? Looking for a game with a variety of game modes and fascinating experiences? And, most importantly, having a good time with your friends and other online players from around the world in one of the most entertaining and engaging action games on mobile? In Heroes Strike, the epic mobile shooter game for all of us, you'll discover yourself with it all.


Join the ultimate power league, where the world's greatest heroes assemble and prepare for their most thrilling action adventures. Enjoy endless thrills and fun gameplay in epic brawls and battles. Heroes Strike features some of the most intriguing mobile shooter games, with various foes with unique battle techniques.


With our comprehensive evaluations, you can learn more about the intriguing mobile game by WolfFun.


Heroes Strike 522


MOD Info


  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Club Royale activated
  • Ads removed



  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Battle Keys
  • Freeze Everyone
  • Enemies Can't Hide In Grass
  • No Ads


Modded by F4OST


What is this game about?

Android enthusiasts will appreciate the game's fascinating gameplay of mobile shooter and action, which includes various game modes. Most importantly, you'll be able to experience excellent PvP action with friends and online players from all around the world when you play the game. Feel free to participate in unusual and pleasant activities that will help you fully immerse yourself in the experiences.


Choose from a variety of heroes, each with their own set of skills and abilities. With each of Heroes Strike's different game modes, you'll be able to partake in new and entertaining activities. As you go, you'll face a variety of unique opponents, and you'll have a blast discovering the great top-down shooter adventures.


Above all, the in-depth character progressions and intriguing upgrades will allow Android gamers to immerse themselves in Heroes Strike's addictive in-game experiences fully.


Heroes Strike 522 Unlimited Gold



The following are all of the game's fascinating features:


Simple but intriguing

Heroes Strike will undoubtedly become your favorite game if you're looking for a fair and accessible mobile game where skills and thinking are the most crucial components. Android gamers will appreciate the simple and intuitive touch controls, which will help them to become acquainted with the fantastic gameplay. Furthermore, the top-down view allows Android gamers to enjoy more engaging and exciting action games thoroughly.


At the same time, you'll feel somewhat at ease during the matches, thanks to the readily available touch controls. Finally, owing to globally accessible servers, Android players can always enjoy their lag-free experiences with smooth and engaging gameplay.


Enjoy the game in a variety of game modes

Android gamers in Heroes Strike may now enjoy exciting PvP experiences in various game modes as they move through the game.


  • 3v3 Modern MOBA – If you prefer exciting and fast-paced action overplaying long and monotonous MOBA stages, you'll find the interesting 3v3 MOBA challenges in Heroes Strike to be enjoyable. Android gamers may quickly choose their favorite characters and team up with two others in epic battles against the opposite team. Fight and beat them in amusing MOBA battles filled with massive action.
  • Battle Royale 12 players – Those interested in the thrilling Battle Royale gameplay can now participate in exciting online confrontations with up to 12 different players. Feel free to engage in fantastic brawling, shooting, and dodging gameplay as you compete for resources and survival against many other players. To win the game and receive your exclusive goodies, be the last one remaining.
  • Game of King with 8 Players - Those who appreciate the action and strategy games should always find Game of King and its engaging action experiences appealing. Feel free to participate in the game as you try to gather badges while simultaneously fending off incoming foes. By collecting the most badges, you can defeat the other side and become the game's king.


These are only a few of the first game options available in Heroes Strike. As you go through Heroes Strike, you'll notice that the gameplay has been improved, and new game modes have been added.


Heroes Strike 522 Mod Apk


Enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay of actions

And for those of you who are interested, you can now become utterly addicted to Heroes Strike's thrilling in-game adventures. Allow yourself to get engrossed in the addicting action gameplay that strikes the perfect blend of skill and fun. Begin by selecting any heroes you're interested in and picking two other skills in addition to the primary skill of your heroes.


Gamers can begin their thrilling battles with the fast-paced and addicting 3-minute short matches, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the exciting action fully. You'll also find that each new game is more enjoyable than the previous one, thanks to the variety of characters and skills accessible.


Choose your favorite heroes

And while we're on the subject, Android players in Characters Strike will be able to choose from various heroes from several classes, each with their own set of skills and powers. Players in Heroes Strike may completely immerse themselves in the adventures thanks to the large assortment of heroes, each with their unique attack and ability. Additionally, before the game, you will be able to choose which characters you want to use.


Download Heroes Strike 522 Mod Apk


Rewards and items galore

For those who are interested, Heroes Strike is a game that you can always find yourself enjoying because of its straightforward in-game growth and good prizes. All of the different goods can be obtained for free or by completing particular objectives. There's no need to make any in-game purchases or anything like that.


Feel free to check out the new content and events available to you

Heroes Strike also offers unique in-game updates, which present Android gamers with a variety of fresh content and exciting events that you can experience whenever you're ready. As you gain new heroes, skins, talents, and other items, feel free to participate in the fantastic in-game adventures. Most importantly, further updates will always be accessible for entertaining and fascinating events. As a result, Android players will be able to enjoy their in-game experiences even more.


Experience in-depth gameplay with the Guild

Android gamers in Heroes Strike may now combine their exciting online gaming with the in-depth Guild gameplay to make the game even more intriguing. You can choose from seven different roles and participate in fun guild activities. Participate in exciting Guild conflicts with your friends, or simply communicate with them through various in-game activities. Playing the game with pals is always a lot more enjoyable.


Heroes Strike 522 Unlimited Gems


It's completely free to play

And, despite all of the fascinating in-game features, Android Heroes Strike players will be able to enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Heroes Strike for free. You may get access to the majority of the site's attractive features without paying anything. Simply download the game from the Google Play Store whenever you're ready; there's no need to pay.


Graphics and audio quality



For those who are interested, Heroes Strike's outstanding in-game actions, which provide dramatic and impactful visual experiences, can keep you engrossed. If you've played Zooba or Tanks A Lot, the incredible in-game physics of Heroes Strike will undoubtedly match the brilliant aesthetic features of those great games. As a result, the game has become yet another great mobile action for you to enjoy.



Thanks to powerful sound effects and exciting music, android gamers will be fully immersed in Heroes Strike's fantastic mobile shooter and action title. Furthermore, as you go through the game, you will uncover more entertaining and exciting audio experiences, allowing you to enjoy the game entirely.


Get the fully unlocked gameplay with our Heroes Strike MOD APK

The unlocked version of Heroes Strike is now available on our website for those who are interested. You can disable the obnoxious advertising and in-game purchases here. Instead, we provide you with infinite money, ad-free experiences so you won't be distracted while playing, and more. All you have to do is download the Heroes Strike Mod APK from our website and follow the on-screen instructions.


Final thoughts

Heroes Strike should be on your list of top mobile games to play if you're looking for the best action and shooting experience. And, with a slew of upcoming upgrades, you can anticipate the game to become even more enjoyable, especially with its new game types. Finally, thanks to our mod, you may now play Heroes Strike with all of its features unlocked for free.

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