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Version 0.35.46
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Updated Oct 19, 2021 (1 month ago)
Developer GS Games Studio
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Welcoming to H.I.D.E Interactive Hide and Seek A game by the creator of GS Games Studio in the action game series. It is a game that incorporates shooting with hide and seek, paired with distinctive Minecraft graphics. The world of the game is inside your home with a variety of rooms to play the classic hunt and find game. one that is a favorite to those who play.

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What CHARACTERS DO You Follow in the Game?

H.I.D.E gameplay is simple and well-known. When you first enter the game, you will initially be chosen as a hunter, or an item. Once you've been selected once the player's position will change for the next stage. In the example above, if at you select the first stage to play as a hunter the second game lets you take on the role of the hideout. If you're hunting The game gives you several suggestions on characters and various kinds of guns that permit players to pick their own and choose the character's name. The name could represent your personal name, or the name of your loved one or one that interests you, ...

⚫️ H.I.D.E. ⚫️ – Hide-and-Seek Online

You'll experience both sides of the game, namely, the hunter's side, which has the challenge of hunting down faux objects for shooting, and the object side, which is to conceal your search and be the target of your opponent's shot. Both sides will try to hide from each other and discover one another throughout the game. The side that prevails, eventually, will win.

⚫️ H.I.D.E. ⚫️ – Hide-and-Seek Online

Characters "THINGS" HIDE

If you're an object, H.I.D.E does not permit you to choose the character you'll be taking on. Thus, players will be stunned upon they enter the game's game screen. The objects could include games machines, coca cups and sandwiches, pots ... The player will be motionless and stationary until the music starts then you'll be able to move and locate the best place to get away. After the music stops then you will be at the world at a standstill. This is why most gamers want to drink the beverage or a sandwich Coca-Cola or even a sandwich since it's more mobile than a gaming device.

Characters "HUNTER" FIND

The player is that role. The object is that are performing the mission of hiding, however, your job is to determine who you are if it is you who are hunting. Your eyesight, your sixth sense and experience to spot anomalies within this room, and ultimately discover the fake object, and then shooting it down by using guns. Be cautious when shooting as should you accidentally shoot at real objects your character will loose blood and weaken. Both sides take turns in this manner; every screen that remains in place will win.

⚫️ H.I.D.E. ⚫️ – Hide-and-Seek Online


It is generally accepted that the pursuit of a hunter will be more difficult than the hunter object character as there is there are many similarities that are hard to recognize. Therefore, one of the tips H.I.D.E offers is that the music plays, objects flying over objects are accompanied by images that move. Because of this the player is able to detect objects and pursue them. But the object was at such a speed that the hunter was unable to be able to see it and shoot at it immediately. Funny and hilarious situations can be created when people shoot towards real things that change color, causing the characters to smile with joy.

With vivid graphics, realistic images that show fine details of objects, paired with gunshots and sound or footsteps that are running ... But more than that, the game's unique gameplay is what will bring the popularity of H.I.D.E.

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