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The usual racing games must have bored you. So come to Hill Climb Racing, you will experience an extremely new and exciting racing game. Instead of beautiful straight roads, you will now experience rugged and difficult passes, hills, and mountains. Transform into a daring young man with an old car and start exploring complex challenges. All the fun awaits you in Hill Climb Racing.

The story of a new racing style

Players will discover a racing world with a bold and new style. Explore and conquer aspects of mountain racing. Start joining Newton Bill, one of the young and daring racers. He always aspired to be one of the most successful hill racers in the whole world. Let's start the first race to help him conquer his goal.
First, you need to go to the starting point for your first race, which is the local race hill. You need to make your mark at the world's most famous racing locations. Many interesting places await you, such as the Ragnarok mountains or the abandoned Nuclear Plant. Get together with your car and start the journey to conquer attractive locations around the world. Exploring each racing level and setting your record will be an exciting experience for you.


The nature of the mountainous terrain is quite rough and challenging, so you will also have to go through hundreds of different challenges. Many uneven surfaces will make it difficult, but use other vehicles to support and overcome the challenge. Also, you can upgrade your car to have more functions for more difficult challenges. Each challenge will have multiple rewards on the track, so you can use various daring tricks to collect the rewards for yourself.
But be careful not to take too much risk when doing the challenges because you need to keep Bill safe and out of harm's way. In particular, remember to refuel your beloved car so that it can operate as best as possible.

Exciting features of Hill Climb Racing

Let's explore a series of exciting features in Hill Climb Racing right here:

Cool and novel mobile game

You can comfortably join the game anytime, anywhere on your own phone. With a new and epic hill climbing experience, you will feel excited and excited.
If you are worried about Internet connection problems, then with Hill Climb Racing, you will not need to worry about this problem. Because the game allows you to freely explore anytime you want, without having to connect to the Internet. You need to log in to your Google account and enjoy exploring the exciting rounds. Once an internet connection is available, storage automatically moves your game backup files online. Then there is nothing to worry about, and all you need to do is have fun.


Discover fascinating, addictive physics

A game style extremely new and attractive. Instead of straight racing tracks, you will have to overcome a series of challenges with rough and rugged mountain roads. It is these novelties that will help you feel a unique racing style featuring incredibly realistic physics. With addictive physics, gamers will be allowed to perform amazing driving tricks and extreme stunts. Good handling of schemes will help you get exciting wins and rewards.

Favourite means of transportation

In a racing game, the use of vehicles is indispensable in this game. You will have more exciting trips when you have the right to choose from dozens of different types of transportation. Vehicles can include your old truck, snowmobile, motorbike, or maybe a sleigh pulled by a great herd of reindeer. A hill climb full of novelty and attraction only in Hill Climb Racing.


Collect lots of resources

You will have many opportunities to gather resources on all of your races. Collect lots of resources to get rewards for vehicle and control upgrades. All your races will be more efficient and quality when your beloved car is upgraded. Choose your favourite vehicle from a range of unique models. Then choose the right upgrade features, including suspension, improved engine, new tires, and more.

Very diverse places to explore

Your journey will become fascinating and endless when you can go through dozens of different novelty locations. Drive your car to many exciting sites for the perfect experience. Those places can be green hills, dry land, dangerous hills, and many other strange places. With each type of terrain, you will enjoy and discover entirely new gameplay.

Feature optimized design

Ensure you will have the smoothest experience when participating in the game. Because the features and gameplay of Hill Climb Racing have been fully optimized, allowing the activities in the game to have good stability on many different types of devices.

Visit the Garage to receive many exciting rewards

The garage will be the best place for you to make your dreams come true because here, you can build, customize and upgrade your beloved car to the fullest. All your new and crazy ideas are doable. You can also access new features and customizations in Garage.


Accepting every failure is an interesting lesson

Failure is always an existential problem in life, and we need to accept and overcome it. Coming to Hill Climb Racing, you will practice many interesting thinking skills, including overcoming failure. If you do not overcome complex challenges, do not be discouraged or sad, but try to fix your thoughts to win them in the next races. Sometimes losing is medicine and motivation to help you achieve the most decisive victory.

Regular updates, upgrades, and bug fixes

You will experience many new features and a perfect version of the game because Hill Climb Racing is regularly updated and fixed to bring the best experience for players.

Massive online players

Besides your exciting races, you can also join the exciting online gameplay with millions of other players. To assert your abilities and get new experiences, you can access the online feature and then be able to challenge other opponents on the game leaderboard.

Join for free

A novel game with attractive gameplay worth your discovery. So that you don't wait too long, right in this article, you can immediately download our free version of Hill Climb Racing Mod APK. Explore unlimited gameplay with the Mod version, discover exciting racing challenges, and have lots of money to buy all you want.

Game quality


The graphics are designed with beautiful 3D images, and the integrated colours are pretty eye-catching. The point that makes Hill Climb Racing different is that it is accompanied by visual, novel, and unique art. The graphics are novel but perfectly optimized for a variety of devices, including low-end devices.


In each theme, you will enjoy different music. Combined with intuitive and vivid sound effects. All your experiences will be perfect at Hill Climb Racing.

Download and explore Hill Climb Racing now!


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