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Version 5.0.0
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Updated Jun 13, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer miHoYo Limited
Category Action , RPG ,
Installs 4+
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If you are a fan of the Anime genre, then indeed, the game about to be introduced soon is for you!
To satisfy the enthusiasm and expectations of Anime fans and the top trending game genre in Japan is RPG, miHoYo Limited has released the game Honkai Impact 3. Surely this game will give you the most amazing new adventure. This is a game about a future scenario when a mysterious force appears and destroys all human civilization. The once peaceful world has now become highly chaotic. The very last hopes to save this chaotic world are the Valkyries, young girls. And it is from this moment that this is a noble task and, like young girls burdened.
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Credits: Blackmod

The Story of Honkai Impact

Honkai Impact 3 will present players with an apocalyptic world filled and completely strange circumstances. Because it was destroyed by a mysterious force called Honkai, and the Honkai impact annihilated human civilization. These have caused the loss of the world to its inherent nature. As a commanding officer, you will have to lead young girls to join together to fight against Honkai and bring justice home in this doom context. You can discover girls unique personalities and utilize their strengths to defeat the Honkai and save the world.
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Gameplay and Version features

System of characters

Honkai Impact 3 gives players a unique, rich, and more developed character system than the old version. In this game, each character is classified into Psy, Bio, and Mech systems. They can then link up and form a fighting triangle squad, which is also a typical fighting style that you often see in RPG games. Note that you need to choose for yourself a diverse character system to make the most of the power. It would help if you didn't focus on a favourite character because sometimes they are incompetent to fight for more challenging rounds.

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Collect and upgrade characters

In this game, the essential character you can own is Kiana. After passing a few challenges, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your characters or open chests to discover character pieces. Specifically, with this mechanic, you need to learn the suitable materials to upgrade and then collect many appropriate resources and open them.
In addition to owning strong girls, you also need to collect weapons to increase the strength of the battle. The higher the level, the easier it is to upgrade weapons. Star stats represent weapon breakthroughs, so you need to get as high a star rating as possible.

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Impressive event

When you become a gamer of Honkai Impact 3, you will feel like a professional fighter in battles. An event to mark the great combination of Honkai Impact 3 and Genshin Impact. Here, players will experience making friends and have the opportunity to receive big gifts. Surely you can not ignore this event because this will be an event that contains unique weapons and costumes.
Not only that, when coming to this game, you can participate in epic PVE battles and join guilds to participate in many challenging activities in Honkai Impact 3. If you want to have the best adventure, then you can join Odd Drifter. This will also be an excellent opportunity for you to own grand treasures like new summer outfits or own Swallowtail Phantasm and Stalker.

Honkai Impact-3_5

Exciting game modes

Honkai Impact 3 gives players a lot of different game modes, with thousands of matches and challenges big and small. Some typical game modes you can participate in are:

Story Mode: With this mode, players will understand and explore many aspects of the plot of the Honkai Impact 3 mod.
Open World mode: With this mode, you will have the opportunity to explore specifically the Valkyries; many exciting things about the girls will be most evident in this mode.
Material Mode: This mode can help you own extensive resources. You can participate in small challenges and fight by creating various raids to achieve the goal.
Challenge mode: This is a unique game mode because every day of the week, it will have different new challenges. With this mode, players will need to form and join a team to start the matches.
Event Mode: This can be seen as a place for you to practice your gameplay. Specifically, you can train your fighting skills through fixed-timed battles.

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A rich storyline and desirable Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk have brought all gamers a mod version and awesome adventures. Not only that, Honkai Impact 3 supports various locales so that players around the world can easily choose the language they are most comfortable using. The problem of install mods is no longer tricky when you can download the Honkai Impact version right here in this article. With the Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk version, gamers can easily install it in iOS and Android operating systems. All barriers seem to disappear, and now all you need to do is enjoy a wonderful world that is only available in this game.

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Game quality


Honkai Impact 3 possesses an awe-inspiring, creative, and eye-catching 3D graphics quality. The game uses light tones as the primary colour and contrasting dark colours to make the image more eye-catching than ever. The images are meticulously designed through images of Valkyrie warriors that are incredibly eye-catching and lovely. Each character has unique characteristics to create the best inspiration when playing the game. Effects in this game are invested relatively high, and the results are shown very monumentally and beautifully. Due to the increased investment in graphics, players will experience various missions, creating new and exciting fun and avoiding boredom.


The sound quality of Honkai Impact 3 is highly appreciated. The flexibility in sound is evident in the background music that can be calm, catchy, dramatic, or vibrant, depending on the current fight scenarios of the player. All these factors have created harmony and logic between the background music and the image in the game. The unique thing mentioned in this game is that the Valkyries are all voiced by famous artists such as Horie Yui as Ai Chan, Kugimiya Rie as Kiana, Kana Asumi as Bronya, and others. Since then, the characters have the most realistic sound ever, everything in the game is also more attractive.

This latest version brought the re-emerged of the Honkai universe, the story of the mysterious force's fiery battle in the apocalyptic world. Indeed the incredible story of apocalyptic world filled gives Anime fans the best inspiration.

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