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Version 1.006
Mod info Unlimited Money
Updated Sep 23, 2022 (2 months ago)
Developer Karate Goose Studio
Category Simulation ,
Installs 2+

Have you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful house?
Have you ever dreamed of being able to design each item yourself for your beloved home?
All your wishes will be satisfied immediately with House Designer: Fix & Flip. This is an entertaining and exciting game where you can build, create, and design your own dream house through your phone. In addition, House Designer: Fix & Flip has also been considered a good game in terms of content, and its features and design are also excellent.
Discover this exciting game now!

MOD Info

  • Money increases when you spend it.

Fun design game

House Designer: Fix & Flip is released by Karate Goose Studio; this is an exciting simulation game and improved in many ways. If you are a fan of creative and design gameplay, it is impossible to ignore this fascinating game. Because this innovative game is designed to be eye-catching and harmonious, all ages, from children to adults, can participate in the experience. Feel free to build and create your own beautiful home according to your preferences. A game that is too interesting and you can download immediately at this very article and play on iOS or Android mobile platforms and computers.
When you come to House Designer: Fix & Flip, this is your chance to show off your design skills and create your own dream-like living space. Everything you do is built with realism, from styling your home, creating something unique, then going shopping for the furniture you love. A variety of interior items with various models and colours such as tables and chairs, cabinets, beds, bathtubs,... Not only decorate your home, but you can also decorate your garden. Do everything to your liking to get the most beautiful and satisfying living space. But before shopping for furniture, you also need to clean and clean everything in the house. Next need to clean and rebuild the garden and swimming pool to be cleaner.


Attractive features

Highlights of House Designer: Fix & Flip

The perspective in the game is fascinating and attractive. Specifically, you will have to buy a somewhat old and shabby house, so the price is very affordable, and your task is to repair and upgrade that house to be new, beautiful, and more modern. In particular, you can decide to live here or sell this house to someone else to get a decent profit. House Designer gives players a variety of different items to choose from to decorate the home more beautiful. Everything is old, and you need to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom,... become new and more attractive. With a variety of beautiful decorative items, you are sure to be able to create a wonderful home by yourself.


For users to have the smoothest and freshest experience, the game always has the latest updates. If you have questions or want to ask questions, you will be answered immediately through comments or meeting via Facebook message. An extensive world for you to enjoy, in addition to your beloved home, you can also design a swimming pool, a garden, and even grow a variety of plants. Surely fans of creative gameplay will be delighted with House Designer: Fix & Flip.

Ways to play

When you start exploring the game, you will be taken to a rather old-fashioned house that you just bought for a reasonable price. As soon as you step into the house, you will undoubtedly be surprised by a dusty and old space, not only that the interior of the house has been damaged and there is a lot of garbage around the house. Because everything is old, you need to start decorating, organizing, and tidying up everything to make the home more neat and new. To move these items, you can use the mouse to move the dots at the bottom of the screen, or you can use the gun to remove damaged and old items. After moving things that are going out of place, you need to clean those places before designing new furniture in that position.


If you find many holes in your wall, you need to use paint to fill those holes, making the wall flat again. To choose and shop for the latest furniture, go to the store, and you can comfortably enjoy and select the items that best suit your taste. House Designer offers a wide range of interiors with various styles, so you can choose from a wide range of things that feel right to you.
What do you think about the classic, luxurious, or simple style?
Feel free to choose your favorite style at House Designer, and you can rest in a luxurious house with a modern orientation with a combination of a swimming pool and many trees. In addition, the classic style also helps you get the most elegant and mysterious living space. If you are a simple person, then House Designer also has a lot of minimalist furniture just for you.

Guide to interior design in the beloved home

If you want a completely new color for your home, you can manually choose a new color to paint and decorate all the short and reasonable furniture. It's so wonderful to decorate a cozy bedroom, a beautiful kitchen, and more. In particular, the garden design and the parking space will help you have a more exciting feeling. A beautiful garden will help you get the most beautiful relaxing moments. To do this, you can choose a few sets of tables and chairs for the garden side and build a swimming pool next to it. The house will get fresher when you plant various plants and flowers to your liking, and remember to take care of them regularly!


With the attention to eye-catching and diverse graphics quality, House Designer: Fix & Flip is a game that many people love. Every little detail is paid attention to, such as tables and chairs, cabinets, scenes, walls to larger spaces such as gardens, rooms,... all bring authenticity and attractiveness to players.
A beautiful creative game!
Do not hesitate any longer without downloading House Designer: Fix & Flip right now!


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